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Better Than Drugs

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One deal with Satan changed his life as he became a slave under his command.But one mission sent him to something he never expected.Love.

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"I've complete my side of the bargain!Release me!"
"Oh,dear boy...has it really been aneternity already because I don't think it has."
The young man bared his teeth at the evil man before him.
The Devil.
"You bastard!"
"Silence!You will cokplete your side of the bargain which is to be under my command for an eternity.Until then,stay silent and know your place.Now go and do what I sent you to."
The boy stared at Satan with glaring eyes that burned as the hell that surrounded him,jaws and fists clenched.
He turned and stalked off to do what it said.He would listen...for now.

Leah Grey jumped in her seat and looked at her best friend in annoyance.
"Nat,can you not scare me like that?",she said and turned back to the computer.
"I'm sorry,jeesh.What you readin' 'bout anyways?",Natalie asked sitting beside her.
"Well,I don't really know why but I suddenly got interested in Lucifer."
"Lucifer??As in the D wird down there?",Natalie asking pointing to the ground.
"Yeps?Are you serious?"
"Well,what does it say?"
"It talks about deals with him.You make one,your side of the bargain is to let him have your soul for an eternity."
"That is so freakuily cool."
"That really is something only you would say...",Leah murmured with a chuckle.
"Whatever.Come on,lunch time.I'm starving and this belly will not take any longer of starvation."
"I'll meet you there in a second.",Leah murmured as she continued to read the web page.
"Leah,come on!Stop reading this depressing stuff.",Natalie whined.
"Nats,I said I'll meet you there.",Leah said,not looking at her friend.
"Fine,continue reading demon stuff.I'm going to lunch and don't think I'll save you a seat.",Natalie said and grabbed her stuff walking off.
Leah sighed and thought for a moment.
Natalie was right and her belly could also no longer take such starvation.She exited the webpage and stood up but suddenly came face to face with a guy.
A very handsome but unfamiliar guy.
"Umm,hi?Can I help you?",she asked.
"Where can I find Kaleb McCrady?",he spoke in a low voice.
"Ummm,what you need him for?",she asked.
"That is none of your concern.",he said.
She gulped as she sensed sudden danger.This guy...he's not so normal.Or maybe not normal in general.
"It is my concern.He's a friend.Who are you and what do you want?",Leah said.
"Listen,girl,I do not want to hurt you.Tell me where he is."
"No!",she said now getting annoyed.
He suddenly growled.Leah's eyes widened and she stubled backwards away from him.
His hand came in contact with her neck and he gripped it very hard.She gasped as he lifted her from the ground.
He slammed her body against the wall as she choked on his grip.
"You wish to play with me,huh?!",he yelled,his eyes a glistening complete black.No sign onf white.
She began to lose consciousness,her face becoming pale.
He then noticed the vulnerable look on her face as she stared seeing black spots.
He cursed and let her go,making her fall to the ground coughing loudly and uncontrolablly.
She looked up at him taking one last glance and then fell unconcious.
He bent down and sighed,now calm and ashamed.
"Might as well.",he said and picked her up in his arms.
She dangled there helplessly.
Suddenly,in a blink of an eye,he was gone with her.
At the same moment,Natalie came in.
"Leah?Leah,you still here?"

She shot up in her bed with a loud inhaling gasp of air.She coughed for a moment and grabbed at her neck.
She ran to her mirror an looked for any sign of choke.But nothing.No bruises,no marks,no nothing.
She then noticed where she was and looked around.
Was she dead?How did she end up in her room?
"What the-"
She then noticed the note on her bed.She ran to it and ripped it open and read it quickly.

I apologize.You are healed and perfectly fine.I really did not want to hurt you.
-Slave In Hell

"Slave in hell...The deals!",she said and her head shot up.
Did those deals really exist?Did this really happen?
Who was he?!
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