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Chapter 1

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"Miss Grey!"
Leah's head shot up as she was awoken from her sleeping.
"Yes?What?",she mumbled,her eyes barely opened.
"If you want,you could go sleep in the principal's office.",her teacher scolded.
Leah sighed and rubbed her eyes shaking her head.
"I'm sorry,Ms.Collins,won't happen again.",Leah said.The teacher took one last long look at her and then continued with her teachings.
Leah looked at Natalie who mouthed something at Leah.Leah motioned for Natalie to write a note.
Natalie did so and it soon was thrown on Leah's desk.
Leah unfolded it and read it.
What's the problem?And where did you go yesterday?
Leah sighed and wrote back.

"What do you mean you just decided to leave?",Natalie asked as she walked up to Leah.The bell had rung and they were going to their next class.
"I just did'nt feel good.",Leah lied.
"You sure?I only left for a couple minutes and you poofed away.You even left all your stuff.You're so lucky I didn't just leave it there.",Natalie said.
"I'm sure,Nats.I just have to get some rest and I'll be up and running again.",Leah said.
"Alright,if you say so.",Natalie said as they entered their math class and sat down at their assigned seats.
All of what Leah had said had been a lie.She doesn't know if it was a dream but she was so sure she had encounted a guy that worked for the Devil himself.
After the incident and after she had calmed down from suddenly appearing in her house and getting a mysterious note,she had researched more about it.All throughout the night,she looked up anything related to Satan.

Leah saw Kaleb and walked up to him quickly.
"Oh,hey Leah.How's it going?",Kaleb asked.
"Umm,I actually wanted to ask you something.",Leah said.
"Have you gotten any visits from a guy that was tall,very handsome,but seemed dangerous?",Leah asked.
"Umm,no?Am I supposed to?",Kaleb asked looking at her wierdly.
"I don't really know.Ummm,be sure not to go anywhere alone.Keep in sight of people.Okay?Bye.",Leah said and hurried away to the library.
She looked around and cleared her throat.
"Umm,anybody here?",she called out.
Nothing.Simply silence.
Until somebody stepped out from behind the bookcases.
It was him!The guy from yesterday!
"Umm,hi.",she murmured.He glared crossing his arms and walked slowly towards her.
"You again?Listen,I want no more games.I'm going to find the guy no matter what.He's here,I can feel him."
"Feel him,huh?Ummm,that's wierd for a guy to say.",she said nervously.
"I am very sure you know what I mean.After all,you practically know everything about Lucifer,do you not?"
Leah gulped and narrowed her eyes at him.
"Who are you?I mean,why do you want Kaleb so bad?What do you want with him?"
"I am ordered to retrieve something.So I'll retrieve and deliver.",he said now standing at least on feet away from her.
"What's your name?"
"I should tell you why?"
"Because you owe me at least that.",she murmured.He stared at her for a long moment before sighing.
"It's Justin."
"I'm Leah.Leah Grey."
"I know.I went around your room for a while before I left.",he said.
"You went through my stuff?",Leah asked.He gave a very small smirk.
"Yeah.Nice thongs."
Her face went bright red and she looked away quickly.
"Whatever.Now can you please explain why you want Kaleb so bad?",Leah asked.
"I was sent to get him.He's made a deal,he's got to keep to it or else he will be cursed with many terrible things until he finally dies."
"Ummm,you couldn't explain it a biit more non-violent?",Leah asked.
"No,now tell me where he is.",Justin said.Leah looked at him for a long time.
"I can't.If you want him,find him by yourself.I can't just give up my friend like that.",Leah murmured looking down.
Justin sighed and leaned on the table.
"Fine,I'll do just that.But do know,you got a lot coming at you now.",he said.
"What do you mean?",she asked looking back up at him.
He walked past her to the door,her watching him the whole time.
He then looked back at her and smirked.
"You know too much,Leah.",and with that,Justin left.
Leah's eyes widened and she stood there for what seemed to be a long time.
She knew too much....what will happen to those who know too much??
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