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Chapter 2

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The weekand:A Saturday.
Leah yawned as she walked into her room and fell on her bed with a happy sigh.
Leah's eyes shot open and she shot up from her bed holding up her arms defensively.
"You!What do you want?!",she yelled.
"Shhhh,or else your parents will hear.",Justin said and went to the door closing and locking it.
"What do you want?Why are you in my room?",she asked still in defensive mode.
He grabbed her arms and pushed them down.She let him and relaxed a bit.
"I have to talk with you.",he said.
"Well,speak.What is it?"
"I told you yesterday that you have a lot coming at you.",he said.
"Yeah?I was wondering about that for a very long time."
"Well,I'm warning you.No matter what,you have to forget about what you researched.Forget about McCrady.Forget about me."
"What?What are you talking about?"
"If you know too much,you're forced to die.No matter what?"
"Well,if I'm not allowed to not all the stuff,why is there websites full of info?"
"Trust me,the people that wrote it have already been delt with.",Justin said in a low voice.
Leah's eyes slightly widened and she gulped.
"The websites are erased by now."
"Well,I can't just forget all of this.There's no way I'll be able to.",she said.
He sighed and sat on the bed closing his eyes.
"Look,girl,you do not know how many people I've gone through hurting because of the monster I work for.I do not want to hurt anymore.I've decided to start with you-",Justin opened his eyes and narrowed them at Leah,"-so do not make me change my mind."
Leah looked down taking a deep breath to calm herself.He was really making her nervous.
She looked up at him and it was then when it finally occured to her of how handsome he was.
So very handsome!As if a God!
Tall,and obviously muscular.Mocha skin with coal,dark eyes.Spiked dark hair with no error in sign.
He was perfect.Way too perfect to be true...
Leah jumped and was pulled away from her thoughts of kissing him.
"What?",she asked.
"You're the one looking at me.",he defended.
She looked away and crossed her arms.
"Nothing.Look,I accept your decision on not hurting me.I am very happy about the fact.What I do not what to do is forget all of this like it's nothing."
Justin rolled his eyes and stood up,walking to her.
"Fine,but it's your choice.Do not blame me for what he throws at you.",he said and with that,suddenly disappeared in thin air.
" choice."
She walked to her mirror and stared at herself.She knew she was pretty,but his beauty topped hers,everybody she's ever known,and the most beautiful person in the world ever.
Leah had long,dark hair with bangs.Brown eyes with the slightest hazel that circled her pupils.Full,plump pink lips with light creamy skin.She also had a very great body.She would call herself sexy.Thing was,she never ever wore anything sexy in her entire life.She didn't expect to ever.
Leah pouted and went to her bed sitting down.
"This sucks!Now that I think about it,I really need a boyfriend.",she muttered and then fell back with a groan.

"Oh my gosh,these shoes are perfect!!"
"Nats,that's your eight pair.Calm it with the shoes.",Leah said.
"Shoes are a girl's life.",Natalie responded with a huge smile.
"I thought her hair was?"
"That too.",Nats said with a shrug.
"Then what about her clothes?"
"That too."
"Then what about her-"
"Look,everything that involves a girl looking super beautiful,is her life."
Leah smiled and nodded looking at the shoes she bought.She bought two pairs of Nikes,and one pair of white tennis shoes.
"Leah,if you're going to buy one more pair,buy some heels."
"Nats,you know I don't wear heels.",Leah muttered.
"Well,you're going to start.And these heels are perfect.",Nats said and handed her heels that were very tall.
"I think I'll break my ankle in these.",Leah muttered looking at the heels in horror.
"It's a start.We're also going to buy you the cutest outfits to go with your heels.Oh,and you need two more pairs of heels.",Nats said.
Leah rolled her eyes but nodded.
Leah had told Nats her problem of not having a boyfriend like Nats always does,and she wanted to be girlified.So Nats decided to help her and thought they should start with shopping.
As soon as their shopping was done,they went to Leah's empty house and dressed her in an outfit immediately.
"Oh.My.Gosh.You look so perfect!!!",Nats screamed as Leah walked out her room.
"Really?",Leah asked.
"Absolutely.Now look,I got a call from Jamie and he wants to go for some movies.You will wear that as we go.",Nats said.
"Are you sure?",Leah asked.
"Absolutely.Now,let's go!",Nats said and grabbed her by the arm pulling her for the front door.
"Woahhh!Careful,the heels!!"

As Leah walked in the movies with Nats,they got a couple wolf whistles and guys checking them out.
"Hey,babe.",Jamie,Nats current boyfriend,said and hugged Nats.
"Hey.",Nats murmured and gave him a peck on the lips.
"Hey,Leah.You look good today.",Jamie said.
"Thanks,Jamie.Ummm,I'm gonna go to the bathroom.Meet you in the theater.",Leah said.Nats nodded and her and Jamie walked off.
Leah went to the bathroom immediately and locked herself in there.She sat on the counter and pulled her leg up,rubbing her ankle.
"Jeesh,can heels be any more hurtful?",Leah muttered.
"Much more."
Leah's head shot up to see Justin and jumped slamming her back in the mirror.
"What are you doing here?Why are you in the girls bathroom?!",she yelled half-shocked,half-scared..
"Just decided to drop in.You look very sexy.What's with the sudden change of style?"
"Yesterday,you wore jeans and a t-shirt.Now a skirt and some heels.By the way,nice legs.",he said.
She quickly covered her legs with her hands.
"That's doesn't help much.",he chuckled.
"What do you want?Can't you go and bother some other girl,you perv!I get it,I've got my warning.",Leah said.
"It's not that.I'm bored and I have some free time.You're really the only girl that doesn't scream for help when I pop in so I'm going to hang with you.",Justin said leaning on the wall.
"Look,I'm happy to hear you feel like that but I don't think I want to hang around with a slave of hell.",Leah said through gritting teeth.
"Don't think of me as a demon.Think of me as later when can go to your house for real fun.",he said and disappeared.
"Perv!",she muttered and got of the counter.She walked out of the bathroom to see Justin waiting there.
"Look,as much as I'd want to date a guy like you,I can't just ignore the fact you work for-",she said and then pointed at the ground.
"A guy like me?And what kind of guy am I to you?",he asked.
"Well,don't get me wrong,you're veyr handsome.But you're kind...scary."
"In a goodish way.It freaks me out.",Leah whispered.
"Those words freaked me out.Now come,let us go watch a movie and eat some good human food.",Justin said and started to walk off.Leah stayed in place and watched as he walked off.
"This guy is so strange.Nothing I expected...",Leah murmured.Justin looked back.
"You coming?Let's go.",he said.Leah sighed and quickly walked up to him and walked by his side to the theater.
Nothing I expected...
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