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Face All The Pain

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I woke up incased in Rays arms, just as I had done the night before, but this time, it didn’t feel as comfortable and warm. Ray’s grip was slightly tighter on me, so I could tell he was awake.

“Ray?” I asked.

“Yes?” he whispered in my ear. I tapped on his arm and he loosened his grip, I turned in our bed to face him, I could see he was worried. “Baby?” I touched his cheek.

“Mikey.” he said. “Do you know that if I had not been there, you would have killed the boy?”


“I have never seen you so out of control before.” he continued, sitting up in bed.

“Ray, I didn’t mean to, it’s just his blood, it just does something to me, I crave more than ever once I have it.”

Ray ran his hand through his long fro. “You were so lost in the blood lust, I was actually alarmed.”

“Is Frank alright?” I panicked, but Ray took my hand to calm me.

“He is fine, thanks to Harley, she took good care of his wounds, but Mikey, we have to talk.”

“About?” I looked into his eyes and couldn’t read them.

“About us.” he said seriously. “I love you Michael James Way, but I think it’s clear we both are becoming attached to Frank.”

“Yeah,” I let out a slow sigh. “You might be right, but I love you so much.” I looked up into his dark eyes, I felt a tear run down my cheek, I loved this man so much, so why did I begin having feelings for Frank? Why was he having feelings for Frank? Would this ruin us? Several more tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Mikey don’t cry.” he brushed my tears away with his thumb. “I still want to be with you more than anything.”

“You too.” I said as he kissed my lips gently.

“Mikey, what if we extended our relationship, if we…..added Frank?”

“You…..are you sure….because…”

“Babe.” Ray smiled. “You have don’t to make a decision now, you have plenty of time.”


“But there is never enough time to kiss you.” he smirked and pressed his lips to mine, I worked my lips against his own as his body pressed down on mine.


I had Gerard’s scent permanently locked in my mind, now all I had to do was find him. I had traveled a good two hours last night before the sun had risen, and now I was on the road again, a barren one at that, but I had to think like Gerard, what would he do , where would he go? Gerard would stay away from crowds, and try to go unnoticed.

The road was fine, the night was calm, until I slammed on the breaks, and stopped alongside the body on the side of the road. Racing out of the car, and to the body, I knelt down and gasped when I saw who it was.

It was Lindsey! I’d met her several times over the years, I knew she was in love with Harley, but had a thing with Gerard, however now I knew the whole story, but why the hell was she out here?

“Lindsey!” I said shaking her, pulling her up. She looked extremely weak, like she had been starving herself for at least a week. She looked more thin and frail then ever before. “Lindsey?” I asked, her eyes fluttered open. “Come on!” I helped her off the ground.

“Nicole? What the hell?” she asked a little disoriented.

“Yes it’s me, but come on, you have to feed.” I urged her.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure it will be okay.” Frank encouraged me as we sat outside smoking.

“Frank, haven’t you learned that nothing is okay around here?” I laughed. “I just hope they both come back in one piece.”

“Me too.” Frank sighed. “With out Nicole, I might starve….well, no Mikey cooks too, granted he doesn’t try and rip out my throat again.”

“You know he didn’t really mean to.” I told him. “And you do like being bitten.”

“I do,” he nodded, attempting a smoke ring but failed. “But not when its so painful.”

“Well, basically when we bite you, it releases a shit load of endorphins to your brain, if we allow it, and it feels good.” I explained to him.

“Would you bite me?” He asked hopefully.

“Frank you lost a bunch of blood last night.” I pointed out.

He pouted. “You know, I think I’m going to go see what’s in the fridge, wanna come with?”

“Nah, go on ahead.” I told him and his small frame disappeared into the house.

I loved Gerard. What I did to him was wrong. But damn it, he is playing with my emotions so much! I took another drag, trying to calm my nerves, but nothing was going to change until I saw him again,


“Feeling better?” Nicole grinned at me as we looked down at the body, it was just a beggar in the streets, no one would ever miss him.

“So much.” I told her, I had been starving myself, for no other reason than depression, I had been alone and couldn’t stand it. I had briefly met Nicole years ago, but now it all seemed different.

“So, why the hell were you driving in the middle of nowhere?” I asked her.

“It’s Gerard and Harley.” She explained to me. “Everyone recently moved in, and those two are meant to be for each other, but Gerard is so dark and secretive with his emotions…..he left, I promised Harley I would find him and talk some sense into him.”

“Ohh.” She said. “That’s really nice of you, Gerard never really shared his emotions with me, our relationship was kinda built on sex, though a prefer women, what about you?”

I looked up at here, seeing she was a good 7 inches taller then me. “What do you mean?”

“Men, women, both , neither?” she laughed, listing the possibilities.

“Both, I suppose, but it depends on the situation.” I told her. I looked up at her and our eyes met, when I felt a flutter in my dead abdomen.


I looked up at the stars, and raised the amber bottle to my lips, taking a good swing, feeling it run through my body. I was laying between gravestones in a cemetery, I liked feeling the spiritual activity, the old cemetery where we lived before lack it, but this one was more alive- or should I say dead? Perhaps it was the energy that made me feel more alive.

Was anything worth it anymore? I had ran from the people who cared about , and the woman I loved. But I wasn’t right for her, she couldn’t love me, no one can, it was pointless. She had to me to leave her, basically pushing me away. Was that all it was ever going to be? Me being pushed away? If so, I was going to die alone, and it would never matter who I loved.

If I was going to die alone, why I am still existing?

I got up from where I had been lying on the ground, and made my way back down to the entrance of the cemetery, when I noticed a familiar car parked next to mine, but who-


I jumped, turning around to find Lindsey and Nicole standing side by side, what the fuck?

“Gerard, what are you doing here?”

“I think I should be asking you both that question.” I muttered, making my way to my car.

“We were looking for you.” Nicole stated.

“And why are you here Lindsey?” I said. “You never wanted me, you wanted Harley, we both did.”

“Gerard, I got over-”

“You got over her?” I sneered. “Well, then I’m damn fucking happy you could, because I can’t!” I shouted. “You want to know why am here? Because she told me to stay the fuck away from her! She doesn’t fucking want me!”

“Gerard, that’s not true!” Nicole told me.

“Yes, yes it is Nicole, if she had wanted me, I would be with her right now, she basically told me to stay away from her.”

“Gerard!” Lindsey stepped in-between us, and took either sides of my face gently in her hands. “I know how much you love that girl, if you don’t go back and see her, I don’t know what I’ll do with you or myself.”

I stepped back and away from her grasp. “And what will change when I do?” I asked coldly. “I’m going fucking mad I swear it!”

“Gerard.” She was begging me with her eyes. “If you love her, get back in your car, and go to her. Please.”

Well, i hope you like it!
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