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I watched her run off in a blur through the trees, as my lower regions roared in pain. A gulped a breath of air, the last time I was hit that hard was years ago, via Mikey.

The pain did subside, but the emotional pain only swelled. I did want her, Fuck, I was in love with her, I’d been denying it all these years, but it was the cold truth. I winced and removed myself from the ground, I was still sore but would make it, and a little blood would make the pain disappear.

Making my way back to the brick house, I entered through the back door, to find Frank watching out the window our eyes met, my fangs extended, I instantly craved his blood.

“Frank?” I asked smoothly, I knew the boy was developing an addiction for being bit, and I was going to take full advantage of it, after al I had been the first to bite him.

“Yes?” He asked, as I stepped closer.

“Could I have a taste of your blood?” I whispered, seeing the human desire flicker in his eyes, he slowly shook his head, and closed the distance between us, he tilted his neck up to me and-

“Gerard!” Mikey shouted, coming over and ripping him away from me. “You can’t just bite him!” he glared.

“And why not?” I returned the glare. “How is it any different from when you do it? He still gets the same pleasure out of it! It’s not like you can just protect him like a child!”

Mikey just glared at me. “Gerard, just shut the hell up and stop your fucking manipulating people.”

“Excuse you!” I demanded.

“You heard me.” he said. “The way you manipulate Harley is sickening to all of us, just leave her alone.”

“Fuck you.” I said. “You know what? Fuck all of you, I’m out of here!” I said, walking through the house and slamming the door behind me, I had my wallet ad keys in my jacket pocket, all that I needed. I started up the trans am and was gone.


“I hate him!” I said through tears to Nicole as I sat in her room on her bed, she had found me crying and brought me up to the attic to talk with her. “I hate him but I’m so in love with him!”

“I know, I know.” she sighed, pulling me against her shoulder as her arms wrapped around my waist. At first I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t remember the last time someone tried to comfort me, but I let my head fall on her shoulder as the rest of my tears leaked out of my eyes. Nicole smelled like vanilla, pleasant and calming. “I’ve known Gerard ever since Ray introduced me to him, he is really nice, but he has some dark shadows to him.”

“I know, we all have baggage, don’t we?” I sat up from the gentile embrace. “He kept telling me that I didn’t want to be with him and that he wasn’t good. I know he isn’t a saint but…..” a few more tears fell from my eyes, I looked to Nicole, whose expression was concerned and thoughtful.

“Harley, you two are clearly in love.”

“He doesn’t love me.” I whispered shakily.

“Yes, yes he does.” she took my hand and looked into my eyes, then glanced away. “He took off in his trans am, but you know what?”


“I’m bringing his ass back here.”

“What!” I gasped.

“You heard me Harley.” She smiled.


Mikey and I sat on the sofa, watching Night of the Living Dead, while the room was pitch black, I knew Mikey could see due to his vampire senses, but I couldn’t.

“Do you really like being bitten?” Mikey asked out of nowhere.

I looked at his pale face, the lights from the TV reflected of it. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

A small smile formed on his lips. “May I?” he asked, I nodded. His fingers grasped the hem of my shirt, I lifted my arms and he threw my shirt to the ground. I gasped as his cool fingers ran up my chest and to my shoulders, I tilted my neck for him, his lips kissed my neck, then his razor like sharp teeth sunk into my flesh. I flinched from the second of pain, then closed my eyes as the feeling of ecstasy settled in, to the steady slow rhythm of my blood being pulled into his lips, I moaned and gripped onto his hair. Nut soon his lips were gone.

“Frankie,” he breathed heavily in my ear. “I can’t take anymore from you.”

“It’s okay.” I let out a shaky breath, and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Frank, please no!” he groaned.

“What?” I asked confused and still dazed, I looked to see his fangs still fully extended.

“Frank, leave me alone please, go!” he begged me.

“Mikey I don’t-”

“Get the fuck away from me!” he shouted, I got off the couch and bolted for the door, only to run right into Ray’s chest.

“What’s going on?” Ray surveyed the scene. “Oh, Mikey.” he sighed and rushed over to his husband, but he didn’t get the reaction he wanted, instead Mikey growled and pushed him away, his eyes shifted to me, and I backed away, seeing true menace in them, one second he was there, the next I was slammed up against the wall, his face inches from mine, his hand around my neck.

“Mikey please!” I said through my closing throat, he was choking me, but then his hand released me, and replaced my his teeth. I screamed out from the pain, this didn’t feel good, it felt like hell and fire, but soon he was ripped away from me and I was free.

“No!” Ray bellowed at Mikey, while holding him tightly, right before my legs gave out, I felt myself falling into unconsciousness.

It's been a little while i know, what so you think?
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