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False Hearts

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I sighed as I woke up wrapped in Rays arms, this had to be the best possible place in the world. I brushed back his sleep ridden curly hair and kissed his cheek, before gently pulling out of his grasp. I pulled on some fresh clothes, ran a hand through my hair and followed the delicious scent of Frank into the kitchen.

There he sat, talking with Nicole, while he ate what appeared to be pancakes. Oh, he was so beautiful, I wanted to taste that blood though, no fair Ray had gotten to.

“Feeling better?” I asked him, he nodded, mouth full, I kissed his forehead sat on the counter, rubbing sleep from my eyes as my brother made his grand appearance into the room.

“Damn Gerard, could those pants get any tighter?” I asked, noticing his tight black leather pants.

“Oh, you know you love it.” he grinned, flipping his hair and lighting a cigarette. In all truth I did…………

“True.” I said, walking past him and slapping his ass. “ I-”

“Michael,” He whirled around, pressing me against the wall, my hand still on his ass, “You know that’s not nice, do I need to punish you?”

“Gerard you- oh god!” I whimpered as his mouth dove down and latched into the tender flesh of my neck, did he know I loved that? His knee slid up in-between my legs and he gently rubbed it into my crotch. “Gerard!” I gasped as he began to have an effect to my lower regions.


Gerard wasn’t in bed next to me when I woke up, but I was a late riser so I couldn’t really complain. I sorted through my messy suitcase, finding a pair of black drainpipes, a Misfits tee, and slipped into my boots. Raking a brush through my hair and applying a little make up, I went upstairs where all the noise seemed to be coming from.

“Hey Ray.” I said, running into him in the hallway, we both seemed to be going into the kitchen, but I don’t think either of us were prepared for the scene.

Frank and Nicole sat at the stop, while wide eyed at Gerard, who had Mikey pressed up against the wall, attacking his neck while using his knee to rub his brother through his jeans. Mikey was softly groaning while his hand had a good grip on Gerard’s ass.

“Gerard? Your brother?” I asked, walking into the room. They tore apart, Mikey a little short of breath. “Kinky.” I grinned.

“Mikey?” Ray asked in disbelief.

“What?” Mikey said, not even bothering to hide the huge bulge in his jeans, that I saw little innocent Frankie’s eyes wondering too.

“You were cheating on me with your own brother!” he roared.

“What?” Ray no it was-”

“First Frank, now Gerard?” Ray asked. “You know, I can’t hit a mortal, but damn it Gerard I should-”

“Wait a second!” Nicole got up from her seat, standing in the middle of all of us. “Mikey, you thought Ray was cheating on you with Frank. Ray thinks Mikey is cheating on him with Gerard, clear?” there was a short pause. “And its evident you both like Frank, and there isn’t ever going to be anything between the Way brothers, so would you all please calm down?”

“I…….I’m sorry.” Ray said quietly. “I just can’t lose you Mikey.”

“I don‘t want to lose you Ray.” Mikey said, “But I kind of need your help, right now, preferably in the bathroom?” Ray go the hint and followed his husband down the hall.

“Bathroom, now that’s kinky.” Gerard chuckled, slipping his arm around my waist. “Please tell me your not jealous?” he raised a dark eyebrow.

“Not at all.” I smiled. “It was hot.”’ I laughed, grabbing his ass through the tight leather of his trousers.

“I have got to find a man.” Nicole sighed, stealing Gerard’s cigarettes from his jacket pocket and lighting one.

“Sorry, gay.” Frank admitted.

Nicole laughed. “I know this, besides, you have two men.”

“What?” he cocked his head to the side, making him look adorable.

“Mikey and Ray, isn’t it obvious?” she asked, blowing a smoke ring to the ceiling. “Oh, Theo left before you guys got up.” she said looking at Gerard and I. “He said to tell you he would be back ASAP, but he went to go meet with someone about the werewolf that bit Alex, he might know who it was.”

“Asshole.” Gerard said. “He better not be bailing on me, or I will kick his ass.”

“You will not!” I told him, he just rolled his eyes, just as Ray and Mikey emerged from the bathroom.

“I think we’re going to go shopping.” Ray announced. “ Frank can’t keep living in Mikey’s clothes that are too long on him, so what do you say to a little shopping trip Frank?”

Frank looked stunned. “Your buying me clothes?”

“Yes Frank,” Mikey chuckled. “Don’t you want new things? You don’t have much.”

“Yes….” Frank said. “But no one ever buys me things.”

“Well, we are.” Ray said, “Now lets go, we don’t have all night.


“What would you say to a walk?” Gerard asked a little later, after we had talked to Nicole in the kitchen.

“Love to.” I told him, as he lead me out the back door, into the darkened woods lit by the full moon.

“Not that I don’t love my brother and our friends.” Gerard began, “But living in this big house with them……….I’m not sure if I like it, but we have always stayed together as a coven.”

“We can work it out.” I assured him. “It’s a crazy bunch, but I couldn’t imagine losing any of them.”

“Very true.” He said, pulling me down on his lap to sit on a large flat rock. “Are you sure you want to be with me?” He changed the subject seriously.

“Gerard,” I faced his now emotionless face. “Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?”

“Because, I’m not the man you think I am.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, concerned.

“If I told you……….” he whispered, his finger tracing the seam of my trouser. “I don’t know what you would think.”

“Gerard, I’m sure it’s nothing that-”

“I have killed innocent people Harley.” He whispered. “I enjoyed it. I enjoyed taking their blood, feeling it ooze onto my skin. I was a murder.”

“Of course, when you were first turned, we were all like that Gerard.” I corrected him.

“Oh, no , Har, this was years after I was turned, I developed quite a thing for it actually.”

I rolled my eyes. “Gerard, it’s on our nature and-”

“Harley!” He pushed me off him so I was forced to stand up. “ I’m not the person you want to be with.”

I could only stare at him in fascination. “Don’t you fucking say that!” I said, now becoming angry. “You have no fucking idea who I want to be with do you? Obviously not, because it’s been you for years! All those times I saw you with Lindsey, I wished to have her place.” I felt tears spring in my eyes, I started walking further into the woods, within seconds he caught my arm. “Get off!” I said angrily, but he didn’t, he whirled me around to face him, practically grabbing me, he pressed his lips to mine eagerly, and it took all I had not to melt into him, instead, I brought my knee up to his crotch.

“Motherfucker!” he gasped, dropping to the ground.

“Gerard, I thought you cared about me!” I said, tears running down my face, “You care about yourself, your self centered, and if you wanted to be with me, you wouldn’t be convincing me that your not the one I want! So just……..just stay the fuck away from me!” I shouted, and through bleary eyes I made my way back to the brick house.

Ha, I used Brittish words! Tell me what you think?
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