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“Raymond!” I shouted, causing him to break away from Frank’s neck, looking up at us innocently with bloody lips. “Get the fuck off him!” I yanked Ray by the arms, pulling him off Frank. Harley went to Frank’s side.

I looked at my brother, who looked to be on the verge or tears. When vampires drink from each other, its something even more intimate then sex, and Ray had definitely just fucked up.

“How could you!” Mikey’s voice quivered.

“Mikey, it’s not what-”

“Oh shut up!” Mikey yelled, which was surprisingly out of character for him. “You cheating bastard, for a mortal! A fucking mortal Ray!”

“Mikey you don’t-”

“I love you and after all theses years-

“STOP!” Nicole moved out from behind us. “Stop fighting now! We are all thirsty, and if we keep this up, things are going to get nasty!”

“Nasty?” Mikey snorted. “My husband cheated on me and-”

“He asked for it!” Ray roared. “He came to me, asking me to bite him because he liked the feeling!”

I looked back to the sofa, where Harley sat with a now unconscious Frank, very true, he smelt fucking amazing, and humans can become addicted to vampire bites, its heard of.

“I’m sorry Baby.” Ray said softly to Mikey, stepping closer to him. “I really am.”

Mikey glared up at Ray and stuck out his bottom lip. “Your getting the handcuffs later, just so you know.”

“Alright, enough you two!” I said loudly. “Now we all really need to feed, who is going to stay here with Frank?”

“Did you all forget me?” Theo asked, appearing from out of nowhere, dressed in his usual flamboyant clothing.


Riding with Gerard into the nearest town, following the others in Mikey’s car…….it all just seemed different. Well, being so close with Gerard seemed different, I knew what the touch of his lips felt like now, and I wanted to feel more. We reached the town, everyone splitting up, except Gerard decided to stay with me.

Before I could even speak, I saw a man and woman walking up the street with out a second thought, I pounced on the man, putting my hand on his mouth and biting into his neck, letting the mind boggling blood flow into my mouth, oh fuck, it was so good. He slowly become weak, dropping down to the side walk, I cradled his head, and released him, I didn’t want to kill him.

I looked up, to see Gerard holding the woman, while sucking from her neck, her arms were thrown around him, a little moan escaped her lips. The fuck!? And he said he had feelings for me? I left him there, and begin walking back to the car, which was about a block away.

“Harley!” He was instantly in front of me, his cheeks freshly flushed from the intake of blood. Before I could say anything, his hands slipped around my waist, his lips crashed down on mine.

I couldn’t have pulled away no matter how much I wanted to, I was dead but I had never felt so alive. I gave into his kiss, kissing him back, snaking my arms around his neck, feeling his body against my own.

“She was only food.” He said when he pulled away. “Nothing more then that, please calm down.” He smirked. “You have such a temper.”

“Oh, and you don’t?” I raised my eyebrow, he just smiled even more.

“Come on.” He said, heading down the sidewalk, in the direction of the car, once we got there I sat on the hood. “So, your planning on keep Frank?” he asked me. “Because in all defense, you did bring him here.”

“Of course I want him to stay with us, it’s just a shames Alex had to die.”

“Har,” he sighed and sat next to me, lightly putting his hand on my knee. “If we keep him with us, he’s just going to become dinner, besides, im sure he has a family-”

“If he does, he doesn’t want to go back.” I pointed out. “And he wouldn’t become food if you could control yourself.”

He laughed. “Harley, I do have quite the appetite, and come on, I was attacked by a motherfucking werewolf!”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, whatever.”

“Harley.” His fingertips ghosted down my cheek, I turned to meet his gorgeous hazel eyes, they looked right into mine. “I know I haven’t treated you properly in the past, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, but I promise I’m changing.”

“I………alright Gerard.” I breathed as his lips met mine, kissing softly.

“About fucking time!!!!”

We jumped apart to see Ray and Mikey standing in front of us, hand in hand smiling.

“Michael, do care to shut up.” Gerard said.

“Nope!” He laughed. “I’m just happy for you bro.”

“Erm, thanks, everyone finished? Where’s Nicole?” Gerard asked,

“Present!” She said, jogging up alongside Ray.


I never thought I would be here, with a house full of vampires, my boyfriend was dead! I looked out the kitchen window, at the moon, and to the fire below, now just a pile of ashes, of what had been Alex. A tear leaked down my cheek, then other. I remembered how good Ray’s strong arms had felt when they comforted me, and how Mikey had soothingly rubbed my back, I wanted them to do that again, I missed them.

It seemed like a couple hours, I think it might have been, but soon I saw the two vehicles park in the drive way. I opened the door, a cool wind blew on me, I did feel a little weak but-

“Frank?” Ray looked at me with concern, getting out of his vehicle, followed by Mikey. He walked over to me, I felt so weak and vulnerable, I put out my arms to him like a little kid. He picked me up so easily and I buried my face in his shoulder, which smelt amazing.

“Ray,” I could hear Mikey talking to him as I was carried inside. “He needs to eat, then maybe a hot bath and some sleep.”

“Your right.” Ray said. “Frankie, can you please eat something for us?

“I’ll go ask Nicole to make something.” Mikey said.


Seeing that Ray and Mikey were taking care of Frank, Gerard took my hand , leading me into the house, down through the basement, to the room I had fallen asleep in.

“It’s your room.” He told me.

“No, you don’t have anywhere.” I said, “We can share it if……that’s okay.”

“Fine with me.” He said, sitting on the bed. “As long as you realize we have to share this bed………..”

I studied him, just sitting there, looking perfect and sexy, and this time…..

“I’m perfectly aware.” I said, straddling his lap, his eyes widened the slightest, then his trademark sexy grin took over his face.

“Oh, you fucking better be,” He cupped my cheek and brought his lips to mine, I was expecting his gentle kisses, but this one was rough, more heated. I pressed against him, melting into to him as he parted my lips with his tongue, deepening the kiss.

I grabbed onto his shoulders as an electric shot ran down my spine. He flipped me over so that I lay on my back as we continued to kiss. His cool fingers danced under my shirt, I gasped as his hand cupped me through my bra.

“ You said they were too small.” I panted, pulling away from his lips.

“I lied.” He whispered, kissing down my neck, I tilted my head to give him more access. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for to do this.”

“Gerard, not sex!” I said quickly.

He pulled away and looked at me seriously. “I wasn’t planning on it Harley, I wouldn’t with all our friends upstairs.” He assured me. “I just want to be close like this.”

“Good, same here,” I pulled his lips back to mine.

hope you all like it, tell me what you think!
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