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Flavor Flav 1

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Riddle All Cake, Ye Who Enter Here

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(Tha Book of Flavor Flav was brought to thee by Microsoft. What hath Bill Gates in mind for the future of technology? Bend over, Peppy, and we shall show thee! )

Thru me is the way to the Aquarium of Gatekeeper.
Thru me is the way into the Sexy Way Station.
Thru me, the Way among the all-American below.

Righteousness didst my Slow Mutant on high constrain.
Me didst wonderful Overlook Hotel uprear;
Me didst Dipolar Nugget and Evil Diamond sustain.

Before I was, no things uncensored were, save the positronic,
And I doggedly move on.
Riddle all cake, ye who enter here…

( props The_Opal_Twins/the Green Mile )
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