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Hudson invites Gerard and Anna to a special party.

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For a brief moment a stunned silence that filled the small backstage area. Anna stood slowly and smiled, “Hello Hudson. It is nice to see you.”

Gerard instinctively moved to Anna’s side. “Uh, I didn’t realize you two knew each other.”

Hudson moved closer and took Anna’s hand in his. “It has been too long. You are looking wonderful.” He said looking her directly in the eyes. “Too long.”

Suddenly Gerard was not nearly as pleased Hudson Evans had chosen to come back stage. He noticed that the man had still not released Anna’s hand.

“It has been a long time.” Anna said softly.

Gerard instinctively put his arm around Anna’s waist.

Hudson smiled and released Anna’s hand. He turned and spotted Claire still standing slightly behind Bob. “And Claire.” He said walking towards her. “It’s good to see you too.”

Claire moved to Bob’s side. “Hello Hudson.” She said with a slight smile.

Bob reached down at took Claire’s hand.

Hudson broke his gaze with Claire then looked at Bob. “Don’t tell me Claire is off the market too?”

Bob started to speak but Claire beat him to it. “I was never on the market.”

Hudson gave her a shocked look then burst into laughter. “Claire I always knew you could be feisty. Glad to finally see that fire.”

“Hudson what has brought you to this area?” Anna asked.

He turned back to her. “I took a few months off just to travel and relax. Life is too short to work all the time. Next month I’m leaving for Europe to start a world tour.”

“A sold out world tour.” Ray said still in awe of the man.

Hudson shrugged, “Yeah, it’s sold out. But if all of you can make any of the dates I’d love for you to be my guests.”

The announcement was made for the band to get ready to take the stage.

“Well nice meeting you all.” Hudson said warmly looking around the room. “I’m looking forword to the show.”

Anna had sat back down and was watching the flurry of activity until Claire sat down next to her.

“What is he doing here?” She whispered to Anna.

Anna spoke softly. “He is here to see the show?”

Claire gave Anna a look of disbelief. “He never just appears without a reason.”

Gerard hurried over and took a seat. “Why didn’t you tell me you knew Hudson Evans?”

“It never came up.” Anna answered watching as Hudson and his entourage was escorted to the private box where they would view the show.

Gerard honestly couldn’t decide how he felt about this sudden turn of events. He’d been thrilled to meet Hudson but jealously was starting to take over. “So how long have you known him?”

Anna turned and looked directly into his eyes. “The first time I met him was in Paris. In 1922.” She waited until she saw the look of understanding reach his eyes then smiled.

“Holy shit.” Gerard muttered.

Anna nodded. “Yes.”

“Come on Gee.” Frank yelled from across the room.

Gerard gave Anna a quick kiss then quickly caught up with the rest of the guys.

The show was one of the best to date. Gerard put everything out of his mind and simply concentrated on the music and giving his best performance. As the band left the stage after the encore Gerard was met by one of Hudson’s people.

“Hudson wondered if he could have a word with you.” He said.

“Yeah, sure.” Gerard saw that the others were heading to the backstage area. He nodded at Frank indicating he’d be right there then turned to follow the man.

Right outside in a separate hallway Hudson was waiting.

“Great show, man.” He said in greeting. He got right to the point. “I don’t know how rough your schedule is but I’m having a little party tonight and I’d love for you and Anna to stop by.”

Gerard hedged unsure how to answer.

Hudson lowered his voice. “Sorry I can’t ask the others but I’m sure you understand why.”

Once again Gerard was at a loss for words. “Uh yeah.”

Hudson laughed, “I understand you didn’t realize when we first met but when you just saw me I could see in your eyes you knew.”

“Anna told me.” Gerard admitted.

Hudson tilted his head giving Gerard a closer look, “Ah, the bond is still fresh. Don’t worry in time you will know instinctively. So what do you say?”

Gerard wanted to talk to Anna about this. “Well the buses are gonna pull out soon but Anna and I could get a car and drive to the next venue later.”

“Excellent.” Hudson said smiling. He handed Gerard a card. “Here’s where I’m staying. We’ll be expecting you.”

Gerard took the card from his hand wondering if he’d done the right thing by agreeing to this.

Hudson spoke softly, “She needs to be seen among her own kind.” With that he turned and was quickly surrounded by his people as he made his way to the exit.

Anna saw the others come in but was surprised that Gerard was not among them. Frank saw her looking around.

“One of Hudson’s people was talking to him.” He explained.

She didn’t have time to worry because a few minutes later Gerard walked in. “Hey Sugar.” He greeted her.

“It was a great show.” Anna smiled.

He took her arm and led her away from the noise. “Uh we’re gonna get a car and drive to the next venue.”

“Gee, I thought we discussed this.” Anna said frowning. “We can not keep isolating ourselves from the others.”

He took a deep breath, “Well yeah but this is different. We’re gonna go to a party tonight.”

Anna stared at him. “A party?" She repeated fearing his answer.

Gerard made sure no one was listening. “Yeah, Hudson is having a party and he invited you and me.”

“Oh fuck.” Anna said crossed her arms in front of her. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Gerard was so shocked he wasn’t sure how to respond.

“No,” Anna said shaking her head. “We will not go.”

Something about the way Hudson had told him it was important that Anna be seen among her kind had rang true. “Anna I think we should. Hudson said it was important.”

“Damn him.” Anna hissed.

“Sugar it’s just a party.” He said trying to calm her.

“You do not understand.” Anna said slowly trying to get her emotions under control. “His parties are like nothing you have ever encountered.”

“Hey you think I can’t handle it?’ He asked feeling slightly hurt.

“Gee you do not understand.” Anna said again. “The moment I walk in there I will become a different person. I must become a different person. I must be like them and I do not know if that is something you are ready to handle.”

He gently took her hands in his. “I understand it is important you play nice with these people.”

“Nice? Oh they do not understand nice. You are not ready for this kind of a test and believe me that is what this will be.”

“I am ready.” He said. “I can handle anything if it will help you.”

Anna felt overwhelmed by despair. “You do not understand.” She whispered.

Fear was beginning to inch its way into his brain but he pushed it aside. “I told you before. We can get through anything together. Now I’m gonna shower then I’ll meet you over at the RV. We won’t tell the others anything about the party. I’ll just tell them we’re gonna drive to the next venue so we can spend some time alone.”

Anna’s gaze had dropped to the ground.

He gently reached out and with one finger lifted her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. “I will do whatever I have to do, Anna. I’ll do it because I love you.”

Tears threatened her eyes. “Promise you will not hate me.” She whispered.

“Hate you? I will never hate you.”

“Just promise.’ Anna pleaded.

Claire caught up to Anna as she was walking across the lot.

“What has happened?” She asked. She had been watching Gerard and Anna talking after the concert and knew she was upset.

“Where is Bob?” Anna asked ignoring her question.

“He is taking a shower at the venue.” Claire answered.

“Good.” Anna hurried her steps. “You must help me prepare.”

“Prepare for what, Anna?” Claire rushed to keep up. “I assume this has something to do with Hudson?”

They had reached the RV and Anna hurried inside. “He invited Gerard and I to a party.” Anna said angrily. “We are not telling the others.”

Claire understood. “Oh hell.”

“My word of choice was fuck when Gerard told me.” Anna said moving through the RV quickly to retrieve her bag. Suddenly she stopped and began to sob. “I can not do this.”

Claire rushed to take her in her arms. “You can because you must. Be strong Anna. You can do this.”

Anna shook her head. “What will he think?”

“Gerard loves you. He will understand.” Claire said softly. She paused a moment then said, “Perhaps this is a good thing. You know how respected Hudson is and that will work to your advantage. He has always let it be know that you are one of his favorites that is important.”

“He told Gerard it is important that I be seen among them.” Anna admitted.

Claire nodded, “Then I am right. Hudson is aware of your situation and he understands that situation.” She knew time was of the essence because Bob would be arriving soon. “I still have Alicia’s dress. That will look appropriate.” She said taking charge. She released Anna and went to the closet. “Slip this on.”

Anna was still clutching the bag. Her fingers shook as she unzipped it. “I will use more than usual.” She whispered to herself.

Claire grabbed the bag from her. “No you can not. You know how badly it will affect you if you inject more than your usual dose.”

“I refuse to loose control.” Anna yelled trying to grab the bag back.

“You already have.” Claire said taking a step back. “Anna stop.” She pleaded. “Think about this please. No matter how much you inject you know the hunger will return once you are there. You forget I was forced to witness one of these parties before. You will drink human blood tonight and there is no reason to deny that truth. If you do not you know what will happen.” Claire had never spoken so boldly to Anna but her love for her urged her on. “Now I will prepare the normal injection and it will help to ward of the hunger for a time. After that you will do what you must. You will do it because you want this life with Gerard you have chosen.”

Anna closed her eyes.

“You know I speak the truth.” Claire said. “I have seen you play the part before, Anna. But please know that even at your most savage moment I could see in your eyes you were not consumed by the savagery. You are so much stronger than you know. You are so much stronger because you retained your ability to love as a human. They do not understand this but I do.”

When Anna opened her eyes they were full of a new, stronger resolve. “Thank you, Claire.”

Claire nodded, “I would do anything in my power to help you. I know Gerard feels the same. We love you Anna.”

Gerard arrived at the RV before Bob. He walked in and was greeted by the sight of Anna who was ready to go.

“Holy shit, Sugar. You’re a knock out.”

Anna smiled, “Thank you.”

“Uh, you packed?”

“Eddie has already taken my bag to the car.” Anna informed him.

“Great I’ll just grab my stuff.” Within minutes he had his duffle bag ready. As he came back out of the bedroom he saw Claire and Anna talking in hushed tones. He assumed Claire knew what he and Anna were doing. His guess proved correct when they started to exit the RV. Anna went out first. As Gerard moved to follow her Claire grabbed his arm and whispered.

“Never forget how deeply she loves you.”

Gerard nodded, ‘I won’t” he promised. “Cause my love for her is just as deep.”

After he had pulled out into traffic Gerard lit a cigarette then glanced over at Anna. “You really look hot.”

Anna turned to look at him. “I will not be wearing this dress all evening.”

He gave her a shocked look, “What does that mean?”

Anna took a deep breath, “As I have said the party we are to attend is like nothing you have experienced before. It will begin like any other but by the end of the night…’ Her voice trailed off.

“Okay I think it’s time you tell me what’s gonna happen.”

“We live among the humans but at our core we remain more savage. These parties give us the opportunity to release what we keep contained deep inside in order to appear human.”

He took a deep drag off his cigarette, “Okay.” He said slowly. “First off tell me about Hudson.”

“He is a Pure, a very old and respected Pure.”

“Holy fuck. I thought they were into all this blending in and whatnot. The guy is world famous.”

“He is one of the senior members of the council. While he is not as old as Jacob he still wields as much power. At this time in history he has chosen to be Hudson Evans. Who he chooses to be next one can only guess. The first time I met him in Paris he was an artist.”

“In the 20’s right?”

Anna nodded, ‘Yes but at that time he chose to remain unknown. He painted and enjoyed a solitary life. Jacob introduced us. It was at a party.”

Gerard gave her a quick glance then turned back to the road, “Like the party we are going to?”

“Yes.” Anna said softly, “It was the first one I ever attended. Jacob knew he had sheltered me for as long as possible. He and Marcus, while not exactly close, share a common respect for each other.”


“Hudson is the name he goes by now. I believe his given name at birth was Marcus.”

“Okay so what’s your history with him?” Gerard asked trying not to let jealousy creep into his voice.

He failed because Anna heard. “You must control your jealousy. You must control every emotion tonight.” She warned.

He nodded, “Okay but I still want to know.”

“First I must explain something.” Anna said sadly, “The Pures demand respect because they are considered like royalty to us. The oldest command the most respect. Anything they desire is given to them. They can not be denied.”

Gerard heard something in her tone that frightened him. “So you went to this party and Hudson was there. What happened?”

“He wanted me.” Anna said softly.

Gerard’s head snapped around, “What the fuck does that mean?”

“Had I belonged to anyone else there I would have been given to him for his pleasure. The fact that I belonged to Jacob made the situation tense.”

“But you’re one of them.’ Gerard said trying to make sense of everything.

“I am not a Pure. I am beneath them. That is why so many like me choose to bind humans to them. It gives them a sense of power they do not have over the Pures.”

“Okay I get that. So what happened?”

“Marcus made his desires known to Jacob.” She paused a moment, “And Jacob granted his wish.” She whispered.

Gerard almost swerved off the road. “What the fuck? Anna, you really need to explain to me what you’re talking about.”

“Marcus wanted to taste my blood. He wanted to use my body.” Her tone was flat and lifeless.

“And Jacob gave you to him? What kind of shit is that?”

“You must understand Jacob knew he could not shield me from the others forever. He also understood that I was not adapting to our ways in an acceptable manner. He trusted Marcus not to harm me which had he chosen to would have been well within his rights.”

“Oh fuck this shit. We ain’t going. You’re right I don’t know enough about this at all.”

Anna reached over and touched his arm. “You accepted the invitation we must attend. If we do not it will be considered an insult and one does not insult a Pure. Believe me that would be a mistake.”

He gripped the steering wheel tightly and took a deep breath, “I know your were raped but you told me I was the first man…” he snapped his mouth shut when he glanced over and saw the look on pain on her face.

“I did not lie to you. Other than the man who raped me you are the only one who has ever taken my body.”

He relaxed slightly, “So what happened?”

Anna sat back and let her memories of that night take over. “Jacob had schooled me well. I held my emotions as was expected of me. In a show of kindness Marcus chose to take me in the privacy of a room and not in the presence of the others.”

“He chose to have sex with you in private not in front of a bunch of other mother fuckers and that’s supposed to be in kindness?”

Anna’s head dropped, “Yes that was a kindness. They do not feel shame there is no indecency to them. However Marcus could see the reluctance in my eyes so he led me to one of the bedrooms.”

Gerard took his hand off the wheel and grabbed hers. He squeezed her hand gently and waited for her to continue.

“He commanded me to undress.” Her tone was once again flat. “Then he bid me to sit on his lap while his hands roamed my body.”

“Sugar, just stop.”

“No you must hear this so you will understand.” Anna said, “His touch excited my body but my mind fought for control. The fact that I was resisting him made it all the more exciting for Marcus. He had never before encounter such resistance from our kind and I believe to him that made me all the more desirable. He smiled and told me that once the blood flowed there would be no more hesitation. As he sank his fangs into my neck I closed my eyes and my mind retreated to the memories of my childhood. I was home in the field with the sun beating down on my face.”

Gerard’s heart was breaking. “Oh Anna.” He whispered simply when words escaped him.

Anna knew she must continue. “The scent of the blood made my body respond just as Marcus had predicted. My fingers clawed at his clothing. We slid to the floor. As he stood over me removing his clothing I could hear him whispering about the sweetness of my blood. And then his body was poised over mine ready to take me.”

When Anna stopped speaking the car became silent as a tomb.

“Tell me.” Gerard finally whispered.

Anna’s voice was low yet calm, “He did not take me.”

“What stopped him?”

“I opened my eyes and he saw that they were filled with tears. Marcus realized at that moment that I am not like them. I am I suppose a freak but a freak that he later told me should be cherished.”

“He called you a freak?” Gerard asked roughly.

“No that word is my own. Marcus realized just as Jacob had that while I am a Healer, I am not truly. I do not belong to either world yet I must live as one of them.”

He let her words sink in a moment. “You are special.” He whispered. “And you are mine.”

“Yes.” Anna said carefully wiping her eyes. “I am yours but tonight I must be a part of their world. Tonight I am not yours you are simply mine. You are blood bound to me giving me complete control over you. You will do whatever I command without hesitation. Do you understand this?”

“Yeah, I understand.” He said softly.

“Once there I will not be the Anna you love. She will be locked deep inside my heart. The Anna you will see will be the one I must be. She will be strong, demanding and devoid of emotion towards you. Once we walk through the door you are nothing. That is how you will be viewed and you need to accept that. I pray Marcus will be the only Pure in attendance. I pray there will be no others who are older than I. If there are and one of them desires you I will allow them to use you. I must allow it.”

Gerard tightened his grip on her hand but remained silent.

“No matter what happens tonight, no matter what you see or hear you must submit to whatever command you receive. Do you understand this?”

He nodded just as they pulled up in front of the large stone house.

“Mostly I pray that tomorrow you still love me.” Anna said before opening her car door.
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