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He Is Yours

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The party begins.

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“Gerard, Annabelle glad you could make it.” Hudson greeted them warmly. “Come in.”

He closed the door and in one swift movement took Anna into his arms. “It has definitely been too long.” Hudson said just before lowering his lips to Anna’s.

Gerard clenched his fists at his side but remained still. Anna’s warnings still rang in his head. He would control every emotion he felt.

Hudson finally broke off the kiss then smiled over at Gerard. “You know it’s nice to have a fellow musician here. Come on we’re still waiting for several others.”

They followed him through the entry hall and into a huge room crowded with people.

“Anna you’ll know a lot of people here but I’m afraid Gerard will feel a little lost.” He stopped a waiter who was walking by and snagged two glass of champagne. “Here you go.”

Gerard took the glass from him but made no more to take a drink.

Hudson smiled, ‘It’s okay Gerard. Enjoy. Nothing that happens here will leave this place. I’m sure you have realized by now you are no longer an alcoholic and this is primo stuff.” The doorbell was barely heard over all the noise of the on going conversations. “Hey excuse me a minute.” Hudson said turning back towards the hallway.

Gerard took a small sip of the champagne. “He’s right it is good.”

Anna nodded, “Of course it is. He would only serve the best.”

“So it’s okay that I drink this?” Gerard asked softly.

“Yes, of course.”

“Annabelle.” An older woman suddenly joined them. “My dear it has been ages. How good to see you.”

“Hello Isabel.” Anna took a sip from her glass. “It is always a pleasure to see you.”

Isabel looked at Gerard and laughed, “She doesn’t mean that you know. I’m sure Annabelle would rather be anywhere but here.”

Gerard could see Anna tense beside him. He smiled, “Oh that’s not true. She was really happy that Hudson invited us.”

“Us?” Isabel’s tone suddenly grew cold.

Anna spoke quickly, “Hudson issued the invitation to Gerard. He is the lead singer of the band whose concert Hudson attended earlier this evening.”

“Oh really.” Isabel’s gaze traveled over Gerard. “How interesting.”

“Back.” Hudson said with a smile. He turned to Isabel, “I believe Eric was looking for you. He’s over by the fireplace.”

Isabel nodded then retreated across the room.

“What an old bat.” Hudson said watching her go.

Anna blinked a moment then unable to help herself giggled.

Hudson turned to face her. “Pretty funny huh? Old bat?”

Anna took a sip of her champagne. “You are amusing, Hudson.”

“Aw Annabelle you can call me Marcus here you know that.”

“And you can call me Anna.” She responded.

Gerard took another drink of champagne nervously.

Hudson glanced over at him, “So I was thinking maybe we could do some kind of benefit concert together in the future.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Gerard nodded. This whole scene was beginning to feel so unreal. Before he knew that truth about Hudson he would have jumped at the chance for the band to do something with the world famous Hudson Evans. Now however he just wanted to get the hell away from him.

“So Anna.” Hudson said with a smile, “I think you should mingle a bit.”

Anna locked eyes with him. “Is that a suggestion or a command?”

For a moment a shocked look crossed their hosts face then he once again smiled, “Oh you have changed. I like the change. Let’s just say it’s a friendly suggestion. I’ve spoken to Jacob so I’m aware of your situation. Go, mingle. I will keep Gerard company.”

Anna nodded and walked away without a glance in Gerard’s direction.

“Come on.” Hudson said once she was out of sight. “Lets go over to the bar where we can sit and chat. I’ll clue you in to who some of these people are.”

Gerard was mentally praying that Isabel was “younger” than Anna. He’s seen the look in her eye when she’d gazed at him. He’d suddenly known how a goldfish must feel being watched by a hungry cat.

Once they were seated Hudson leaned over. “So has Annabelle, I mean Anna, told you anything about our parties?”

Gerard remembered to keep her anger at bay. “She mentioned the one where she first met you.”

Hudson’s eyes narrowed. “Fuck that woman is something. You’re blood bonded to her and yet she doesn’t control your emotions. She could you know? She could control your emotions if she wanted.”

Gerard stared at him.

“Oh fuck she didn’t tell you that?” He shook his head. “What an interesting woman.” He took a sip from his glass, “So lets start at the beginning. Do you understand how I know she doesn’t control your emotions?’

Without thinking Gerard answered, “Because I hate your fuckin’ guts over what you did to her at that party and you can tell?”

Hudson smiled, “Oh Gerard you gotta lose that attitude. Yeah, that’s why but I knew the moment you walked through the door. I could sense you tense up when I kissed her. If you were blood bound to her like you should be that wouldn’t have happened. Those blood bound accept every action of their masters without question.”

Gerard pressed his lips together tightly.

“And they accept the term master to describe the one they are blood tied with pleasure. You my friend do not.”

Gerard was looking across the room at Anna. He realized Hudson was watching him so he looked away quickly.

“Oh that’s perfectly fine.” Hudson said. “Watching her, desiring her every moment is normal. You just have to learn that sharing her is something you must accept.”

“What if she doesn’t want to be shared?” Gerard asked looking him in the eyes.

Hudson pursed his lips. “Well now that depends on who it is that wants her. I’m sure by now she had explained about Pures.”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah, you’re one.”

“Yes.” Hudson grinned, “I am indeed. The oldest one here.”

“What about Isabel?’

“The old bat?” Hudson laughed, “Nope she’s not. And to put your mind at ease she is younger than Anna.”

“That’s a relief.’ Gerard muttered.

“Yes well you have more than her to worry about.” Hudson said his tone growing somber. “There are a few others here that are older than Anna. See I like to surround myself with newbies. They are really a lot more fun. But well…see that guy over there in the long black jacket?”

Gerard followed his gaze, “Yeah?”

“He’s older than Anna and he likes pretty boys. And you Gerard are a pretty boy.”

Gerard was speechless.

Hudson took another drink then sighed, “Yeah kinda sucks to be you.” Suddenly his face broke into a grin, “Sucks? Shit I’m on a roll.”

Gerard found no humor at all. “So if he wants me?” He asked his voice betraying his fear.

“Well if he does only someone who outranks him can call dibs.”

“Who outranks him?”

Hudson slapped Gerard on the shoulder, “That would be me.”

Lifting his glass Gerard finished his drink in one long swallow.

“Hey chill. Maybe he won’t find you to his liking but I have noticed him glancing at you a few times.” He moved closer and said softly, “Gerard listen to me because this is important. Annabelle is special to me. I know you don’t like it but that’s just how it is and because she is and because I know how she feels about you I’ll do what I can to help. When everyone arrives the party will really get started. You need to trust me. Do not let them see that Annabelle does not have control over you. Not for yourself but for her. I take it you love her?”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah I love her and she loves me.”

“Yeah well that’s another thing.” Hudson said looking around the room. “Keep that to yourself. The belief in soul mates is just a myth to most of those here. Some care for those they are bonded to but some simply bond to dominate. And when I say dominate I mean that in every sense of the word. But love? No. That’s not an emotion they believe in because they don’t feel it. They can’t.”

“What about you?” Gerard asked.

For once the smile completely fell from Hudson’s face. “I didn’t believe it could exist until I met Anna. I don’t love her but she made me realize that it is possible. She’s unique that’s for sure. I know Jacob filled her head with stories about soul mates, he told me. For a long time I just figured he was crazy but now I’m not so sure.”

The doorbell signaled the arrival of the final guests. Hudson finished his drink then slid off the barstool. “One final words of advice. Remember I am nothing like Anna. I am a Pure and I live by our laws happily. I feel no human emotions but I am amused by them. I will do my best to help you and Anna but you too must obey the laws.” He started to leave but then turned, “Smile a lot. Show no anger or fear. And remember if Mr. Long Jacket wants you I’m the only one who can stop him. But that means of course that you will be mine.”

Gerard was looking down into his empty glass when Anna gently touched his arm. “What was he saying to you?”

He looked up and tired to smile, “Oh just talking shit. Nothing much.”

“You are a poor liar.” Anna said sharply.

“Everyone can I have your attention?” Hudson had jumped on top of the marble table by the fireplace. “Everyone has arrived so it is time to let the games begin.” There was a loud roar of applause. “But first.” He raised his hand to silence the noise. “A drink. This is a very special vintage and I want all of you to wait until everyone has their glass.”

Suddenly a group of waiters appeared carrying trays laden with tall glasses. Gerard felt his heart began to race when he saw the liquid inside was dark red. Anna was handed a glass while Gerard was ignored.

After a few minutes Hudson spoke again, “Okay then. I think everyone has their glasses?

All those in the room had been given a glass held them high, including Anna who had turned her back to Gerard. He took several deep breaths trying to control the sudden feeling of fear he felt as he looked around the room and saw most of the partygoers draining their glasses. He also saw that as soon as the glasses were empty they were quickly being refilled.

Anna held her glass tightly as the waiter refilled it then turned back around to face Gerard. Her eyes were topaz, her fangs flashed when she smiled. “Now it begins.” She said with a laugh he’d never heard before. A chill ran down his spine.

Soon the whole atmosphere of the room changed as if the windows had been thrown open and a cold wind had blown in. All around him Gerard saw pairs of topaz eyes and the flash of white fangs against ruby stained lips. He stayed just where he was hoping to go unnoticed.

Suddenly the sound of a moan near by filled the air. A few stools down from where he sat he saw a young girl had been lifted up onto the bar. In front of her stood a distinguished man who roughly pushed her back then pushed up her shirt. Gerard tried to look away but a morbid curiosity kept him from doing so. As he watched the man moved closer and pulled her panties down her legs tossing them aside. Then he buried his face in her pussy. The girl moaned again and began to writhe.

“Interesting is it not?” Anna asked following Gerard’s gaze.

He tore his eyes away and looked at her. “So this turns into an orgy?”

Anna laughed, “No simply one who is young and has not learned to wait.”

The girl on the bar suddenly screamed causing Gerard to look at her. His stomach began to churn when he was the man’s fangs were now buried deep in her inner thigh.

“That is a very popular location.” Anna said talking another drink.

Gerard saw the man raise his head. Blood was dripping down his chin landing on his crisp white shirt.

“Oh Jonathan you’ve made a mess.” Hudson said walking up to the man. “You really should have waited.”

The man murmured what Gerard thought was an apology and moved away leaving the girl laying on the bar.

Gerard suddenly noticed that many of the people in the room seemed to be leaving. He wanted to ask why but thought it better to remain silent. It didn’t matter he found out the answer from Hudson.

“Annabelle, make sure you chose leather. Your beautiful soft white hair against the black will be stunning.”

She nodded then once again without a glance in Gerard’s direction walked away. Hudson moved over to stand next to him. “Okay so I enjoy leather.” He laughed. “I always insist my guests dress for the occasion.”

Gerard saw one of the women walk back into the room wearing a short plaid skirt and vest.

Hudson grinned, “The naughty school girl is always popular. Hey, you know you are welcome to change into something else if you’d like.”

Gerard stared at the man who until a few hours ago he’s almost idolized. Now before him he saw someone he didn’t recognize. No longer was he Hudson Evans he was something frightening. His eyes now topaz had taken on a wild look.

“Guess not.” Hudson shrugged. “Perhaps a wise choice. You in a leather thong would certainly attract Mr. Long Coat.”

Hudson walked away but Gerard was not alone for long. Isabel, who had returned to the room wearing a long sheer gown made her way over to him. “Gerard.” She purred running a long fingernail down his cheek, “Where is you Master?”

“I am right here.”

Gerard looked over at Anna and sucked in his breath. Her long legs were now bare, her body encased in a skin tight leather corset. A short leather skirt barely covering her sex and stilettos completed her look. She took another glass handed to her by a passing waiter then glared at Isobel.

Isobel laughed, “Still drinking from a glass?” She taunted. “I prefer mine warm.” Once again she ran her nail down Gerard’s cheek.

“He is mine.” Anna said in a calm voice.

“Other than that pathetic child you saved you have no other’s do you, Annabelle?”

“I need no others.” Anna said taking a menacing step closer. “I repeat he is mine and I do not share.”

Isobel shrugged, “Too bad. I have found musicians to be quiet entertaining.” She turned and walked away.

Gerard looked into Anna’s eyes praying to see something in her gaze. Her stare was empty and cold.

Suddenly the sound of shattering glass caught his attention. He looked across the room and saw that one of the waiters had dropped his tray. As Gerard watched a woman approached him and before the man could react she slapped him so hard that he sailed across the room landing on one of the sofas. She was on him in an instant sinking her fangs into his neck.

“Oh God.” Gerard whispered looking away.

“He will not be permanently harmed.” Anna said sliding up to Gerard. She reached up and touched his cheek, “Look again.”

Gerard looked over and saw that the man was now reclining on the sofa while the woman quickly undid his pants. He threw his head back and moaned when she lowered her head over his exposed dick.

“You see he will be given immense pleasure. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, Gerard.” As she said this she swiveled his bar stool around so that she was facing him then gently pushed his knees apart. Gerard held his breath as she lifted her leg on to the brass ring of the barstool allowing her to rub her crotch back and forth over his knee.

“Oh Anna.” He shut out the rest of the sounds in the room and concentrated only on her. He concentrated only on the feel of her sheer panties rubbing his leg. Soon her hot moisture penetrated through the material and he moaned. He didn’t care that they were in a room full of people. Nothing mattered as she continued to grind against him.


She stopped and turned.

Gerard felt his heart stop when he saw the tall man in the long black jacket standing inches away.

He smiled revealing long sharp fangs. “I am interested in this one.”

Anna took a step back and lowered her head.

Frantically Gerard’s eyes searched the room for Hudson. He spotted him leaning over a nude woman who was sprawled across his lap.

“I trust you don’t mind, do you?” The man said to Anna.

She looked up and for a brief moment she locked eyes with Gerard. “No, of course not William.” She said evenly. “If that is what you desire he is yours.”
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