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Tell Her

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Hudson takes control.

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Gerard held his breath as the man edged closer. He looked into Gerard’s eyes and smiled. “Hello” he said in a warm, deep tone. “I noticed you the moment Annabelle brought you into the room. She has excellent taste.” He reached out and touched Gerard’s cheek, “As I’m sure you do also.”

Gerard’s heart was pounding in his ears yet he remained still. He had promised he would endure anything for her.

William’s eyes roamed over Gerard’s face. “You look like an angel.” He said softly. “Annabelle?” He looked over at her. “Would you like to join us?”

She stood completely still, not breathing. There was no reason to breath anymore, after tonight in her heart she knew she would be dead to Gerard. “No,” She answered. Her mind now filled with bloodlust still realized she could not bear to watch. Nothing she could do would save Gerard from this.

William smiled, “Oh but Annabelle I desire you to join us. You are an exquisite creature. I have longed for you for years.”

Anna smiled, “If that is your wish, William.”

“Come then.” He said holding out his hand to Gerard.

“William I hate to disappoint one of my guests but I find I must. You see I have waited a very long time for Annabelle. Until now she’s always managed to slip through my fingers.”

William turned to Hudson, who had suddenly appeared at his side and hissed, “That is unfair.”

“That’s just how it is.” Hudson shrugged.

“Well at least grant me him.” He said glaring at Gerard.

Hudson looked at Gerard a moment, “Nope sorry. I like him. You don’t think you’re the only one here who can appreciate a pretty face.”

William regained his composure realized the folly of angering a Pure, “So be it. Perhaps I will see you later.” He turned, crossed the room and grabbed a thin young boy roughly pulling him towards one of the sofas.

“Well he’s not as pretty as you but then I don’t think William much cares at this point.” Hudson said to Gerard. “Told you you’d attract Mr. Long Coat.”

“Thanks. Man.” Gerard muttered.

Hudson’s whole expression changed. “Do not thank me Gerard. I told you I would be the wiser choice. See William has a mean streak and he loves to inflict pain. However you and Anna are both mine for the evening.” He grabbed Anna and pulled her to him roughly. “Too long Anna. Once I let you go but not tonight.”

Anna nodded, “I understand.”

“Good.” He let his arm drop then snaked his hand under her short skirt. His finger found her hot center. “Gerard has already made you wet.”

Gerard started to react but Hudson’s other arm shot out and knocked him back into his seat. “I have warned you.” He let Anna go and moved so that his face was inches from Gerard’s. “There are eyes on us at this moment just waiting for you to fuck up. Don’t do it.”

A smile was on his face as he took a step back and said loudly so that the others nearby could hear. “Annabelle bring your pet and come.”

Anna smiled and reached for Gerard’s hand. He stumbled off the stool as she roughly pulled him along. Together they silently followed Hudson through a doorway and down a long darkened hall.

Gerard’s eyes were drawn to the first room they passed. Inside a huge wooden X was suspended from the ceiling. A nude woman was strapped to the form moaning as a leather whip bit into her skin. He looked away but not before seeing two men licking the beaded blood from her skin.

“In here.” Hudson said turning and giving them one of the smiles that had landed him on the covers of countless magazines.

Gerard’s eyes darted around the room noting how sparsely it was furnished. There was only a tall, long, satin covered bench.

“I think since this is Gerard’s first time we should lavish our attention on him before we think of ourselves, don’t you agree Anna?”

“If you think that best.” Anna said. She released Gerard’s hand and moved away.

Hudson took a seat on the bench. “Okay then.” He clapped his hands with excitement. “Annabelle, undress him.”

Nervously Gerard’s eyes moved to the doorway.

Hudson’s eyes followed his gaze. “We do not hide our pleasure here.” He held up his hands and shrugged, “No doors.”

The sound of her stilettos echoed off the walls as Anna walked slowly towards Gerard. As she grew closer her eyes flashed and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Gerard stood silently as she worked the buttons of his shirt. The nearness to his bare skin as she slipped it from his shoulders caused her to body to shudder in anticipation. Urgently she undid his belt, unzipped his pants then pushed them to the floor. The sight of his nude body filled her with uncontrolled lust. The blood Hudson had served his guest sang through her veins but she needed more. She reached out and ran the palms of her hands over his chest.

“Slow down Annabelle.” Hudson said standing up and moving towards them.

Anna groaned but moved a step back.

“Gerard, raise your arms above your head.” Hudson commanded.

For a moment Gerard paused but the look in the man’s eyes was a warning. When Gerard lifted his arms his fingers touched something cold. He hadn’t seen but suspended from the ceiling were a pair of antique metal manacles. Smiling as if what was happening was an every day occurrence Hudson placed one around Gerard’s wrist then snapped it shut. As the second one closed around his wrist Gerard closed his eyes.

“No, no.” Hudson chided softly. “Don’t’ close your eyes. Come on look at her.” He said nodding to Anna when Gerard’s eyes reopened. “Have you ever seen a woman this beautiful?”

“She is beautiful.” Gerard whispered.

Hudson moved to stand by her. He gently leaned down and lifted her hair letting it fall through his fingertips. “You are a lucky man, Gerard,” he said looking down at Anna. His eyes flashed when he spoke to her. “Annabelle, help me undress.”

Anna did as she was told without pause. A moment later she was running her hands over Hudson’s nude body while leaning closer to inhale his scent. He smiled at Gerard, “Be patient, Annabelle and I will share blood then it will be your turn.”

Gerard watched in silence as Hudson bit into the wrist. As soon as his blood began to flow the sight and scent caused Anna to moan.

“Drink Annabelle.” Hudson’s voice was a caress.

Her mouth latched on to his wrist and as the blood flowed into her mouth he threw back his head with pleasure. As she continued to suck her body began to sway. Hudson put his other arm around her and pulled her closer. He leaned down and nuzzled the side of her neck a moment then sank his fangs into the soft flesh. Anna moaned loudly as did Hudson.

Gerard turned his head unable to watch. It was then he noticed that a woman was standing in the doorway. Her eyes were on Hudson and Anna. As Gerard watched she lowered her hand, thrust it inside her panties and began to frantically rub herself. He turned away for the sight feeling sickened.

“Gerard. I want your attention.” Hudson demanded.

Slowly Gerard turned his head and saw that they were no longer sharing blood. Anna was standing still as he unlaced the top of her corset. “Too beautiful to be hidden.” He said as he pulled apart the leather to reveal her breasts. “Don’t you agree Gerard?” He asked never taking his eyes off Anna.

Gerard remained silent. The sight of Hudson exposing Anna’s breasts sent a wave of anger coursing through him. He pulled on the shackles in vain.

“There now.” Hudson said taking a step back and looking at Anna. “That’s much better. No, wait.” He moved over to her again and yanked down her skirt revealing her sheer panties. “Now that’s perfect.” He held out his hand so she could step out of the skirt puddle at her feet.

Though filled with fury the sight of Anna standing before him ignited his desire. His dick twitched.

Hudson laughed, “It is impossible for the blood bound to deny the lust.” He moved away from Anna to stand before Gerard, their nude bodies only inches apart. “Do not even try to resist.” He whispered into Gerard’s ear.

“Please.’ Anna’s softly cried as she stood watching them.

“The blood is controlling her.” Hudson whispered. “You understand the feeling. You have felt its power.”

He suddenly turned and looked towards the doorway. “Ah William you have come to watch me take what is mine?”

William stood silently watching with desire filled eyes.

Hudson moved to stand directly in front of Gerard and looked deep into his eyes. His voice was low so that Gerard could only hear it. “What I do now I do to protect both of you.” He reached out and roughly turned Gerard’s head to expose his neck. Gerard closed his eyes as the fangs sank into his neck.

William grunted with excitement was he moved a step closer to get a better view.

Gerard’s mind exploded in a torrent of red soaked images. His breathing became ragged and he moaned with pleasure.

A moment later Hudson stepped back and licked his lips. Anna had moved to his side, her eyes begging him. He nodded and she immediately moved to press her lips against the wound on Gerard’s neck sucking the last bit of blood that still flowed down his neck.

“Such sweet blood.” Hudson smiled. He allowed Anna another moment then spoke. “Enough Annabelle. His body is on fire.

She turned to him. “It was not enough.”

Gerard tried to make his brain understand what they were saying. He saw that Hudson was caressing Anna’s cheek and smiling. “You will have more, Precious. But first you must help him. You know how overpowering the lust can be.”

She nodded in understanding.

As she dropped to her knees in front of him Gerard moaned.

Anna reached out gently and took his hard dick into her hands slowly stroking it from base to tip. Gerard moaned again unable to think only feel.

However when Hudson moved to his side and put his arm around his waist Gerard tensed. He lifted his arm and bit into the skin then placed the bleeding wound over Gerard’s mouth. “Drink” He commanded.

Gerard did so trying to ignore the feeling of Hudson’s nude body pressing into his. In a flash Gerard’s mind was filled with strange red images.

Hudson leaned close and pressed his lips to Gerard’s ear. “Don’t worry, I’m not really into dudes.” With that he removed his arm from Gerard’s lips.

Gerard realized at that moment he didn’t care. What Anna was doing to his dick was controlling his mind. Her hot mouth now held his throbbing dick and her tongue was swirling teasingly. He threw back his head feeling ready to explode but angry it was not happening.

“It is time, Annabelle.” Hudson said looking down at her.

Gerard briefly wondered what those words meant but a moment later he understood. Anna began sucking his dick harder. He could feel it coming. And then she stopped and sank her fangs into his inner thigh and began sucking his blood. He could feel his dick throbbing. Just as he began to cum she took his dick into her mouth again and he exploded. Anna sucked and swallowed until he was dry.

“Excellent.” Hudson said extending his hand to help her stand.

Gerard saw that her lips were covered with cum and blood.

“It is our turn.” He said to her.

Anna took several steps back and watched as Hudson released Gerard’s arms. However before he did he spoke a warning. Still panting Gerard nodded slightly to let Hudson know he understood.

“Come Annabelle.” Hudson took her arm and led her to the bench. He lifted her on to it and she instinctively laid back.

Gerard followed as he’d been instructed.

“Knell down and fondle her breasts.” Hudson said as he parted her legs letting them dangle on each side of the bench.

Anna closed her eyes.

Roughly Hudson pulled her body towards him. His fingers tore her sheer panties exposing her sex. Gently he caressed her hardened nub causing her to moan.

“So beautiful.” He whispered.

Gently Gerard began to caress her nipples trying to block what was about to happen from his mind. Instinctively he lowered his mouth and suckled.

Suddenly he heard a sound that filled him with fear. His head snapped up just in time to see Hudson hiss again. His fangs were bared. “You will never touch her.” He shouted. Gerard saw that William was cowering in fear. “You have forgotten your place William. See that it never happens again.”

William stepped back. “I am sorry Marcus.” He fled the room.

When Hudson turned his head Gerard saw that his eyes were wild. He reached down and taking his dick into his hand guided it to Anna’s opening. With one thrust he was buried deep inside her.

Anna’s arched her back and moaned.

Roughly Hudson began to thrust in and out in a frenzy.

Gerard started to look away but realized Anna had opened her eyes and was looking at him. The look on her face broke his heart. Her topaz eyes glistened with unshed tears.

Hudson grabbed her legs and pulled her even closer and his thrust grew even harder. He leaned over Anna and grabbed Gerard by the hair. Gerard came off his knees as Hudson pulled him so that he was inches from his face. Still thrusting into Anna his lips crashed down on Gerard’s in a brutal kiss.

Gerard did not fight him knowing to do so would be useless.

“Kiss her and tell her you love her.” Hudson whispered against Gerard’s mouth before shoving him back down on his knees.

Leaning over Gerard pressed his lips to Anna’s. “I love you.” He whispered. He then kissed her eyes taking with his lips her tears.

Hudson moaned and thrust once more into Anna before throwing back his head in ecstasy. As he did Anna shuddered as the orgasm washed over her.

Gerard sat back and let his head drop to his chest.

“That was wonderful.” Hudson said pulling out of Anna. He turned and left the room followed by the guests who had gathered to watch.

“Hudson it is late and we must be going.”

He nodded from his spot on the sofa were he was surrounded by several nude woman. “It’s a pity you can’t stay longer.”

Anna smiled, “Perhaps next time.”

Gerard followed Anna down the step as she walked towards the car. She had not uttered a word to him since it had happened. She had simply stood and left the room. He had thrown on his clothes and when he’d reached the living room saw that she was telling Hudson they were leaving.

He unlocked the door and she slid inside.

He started to round the vehicle to the driver’s side when he heard Hudson call out to him.

“I am glad you and Anna came tonight.” He said appearing out of the darkness.

Gerard stared at him.

Hudson suddenly looked like the man Gerard had believed he was before he known the truth. “Look I will admit I don’t truly understand human emotions and I sure as fuck don’t understand the way you think. What happened tonight is the norm for us. We don’t suffer through modesty, guilt, none of that.”

“You don’t understand love.” Gerard said roughly.

Hudson sighed, “No I suppose not. But I can care. What I did while you think it was brutal was done because I care about Annabelle.”

Gerard could no longer hold his anger, “So that’s why you fucked her?”

“I did fuck her.” Hudson said softly, “To protect her. Would you have rather she gone with William?”

“She is mine. I don’t want her to be with anyone but me. Why can’t you understand that?”

“Why can’t you understand that we don’t think like you do?” Hudson challenged. “If you really love her you gotta understand that she is one of us. What happened tonight will protect her and you. You and I now also share a blood bond. I am bound to protect you. I am one of the oldest Pures and tonight I marked Anna as mine. That mark will offer her a great degree of protection. What I did I should have done the first time I met her. Jacob realized this that is why he gave her to me. You need to stop thinking like a mortal.”

“Why isn’t Jacob’s protection enough? Gerard asked trying to understand.

“Because he is her Maker his devotion to her is natural. Having another Pure claim her means much more.”

Gerard shook his head, “I don’t know what to fuckin’ think anymore.”

Hudson glanced at the car and saw that Anna’s head was bowed. “She is unique and that is why I am drawn to her. That is why I want to protect her from herself. She will destroy herself Gerard if you let her. I realize she hates what she is but if others realize that they will want to destroy her and your love is the only thing that is keeping her from letting that happen.”

“I do love her.” Gerard whispered.

“Even after everything you saw tonight?”

Glancing at the car a moment he nodded, “Yeah.”

Hudson clasped his arm tightly, “Then make sure she knows that. Make sure she knows you understand and accept everything about her. She almost failed tonight.” Hudson said softly. When he saw Gerard’s puzzled look he explained, “Her tears. Once your blood began to flow through her she thought only of you. When I took her blood I was filled with her thought and was shocked. Her whole being cares about nothing but you. Her tears showed her sorrow and regret. Two emotions we do not possess. Two emotions that to us are a travesty. Had the others seen her tears she would have been branded as weak. Something that is not tolerated.

“That’s why you told me to kiss her and tell her I loved her.” Gerard said beginning to understand.

“She was crying because she was ready to give up. She believed she had lost your love.”

“That will never happen.” Gerard said softly.

“Good.” Hudson said with a smile. “Now get going. You’ve got a show tomorrow night.”

“Yeah.” Gerard turned and made his way to the car.

“Oh and Gerard…” Hudson waited until he turned around. “I’m really not a bad guy but I did lie. I am into dudes sometimes.” With that he turned and was swallowed by the darkness.
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