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Chapter 4

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It's halloween time again.... time for some more of this story. hopefully it turns out better than it was when I was younger... I lost some creativity though.... -fingers crossed-

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Laughter filled the room behind me as Pete moved to stand in front of me. I hit his arm so hard I;m sure it'll leave a bruise. (I hope it'll leave a bruise). "God, Pete, your such an ass!" Everyone laughed again as they circled around me. I glanced at Ami and she looked pretrified. Sure enough, though, Patrick was at her side, holding her protectively as they glanced around the huge, abandoned place. The inside looked creepier than the outside. Cobwebs hung in every corner of the house and all over the stairs. The bookshelf to the left was covered in dust and grime. It may not have been filled with ghosts, but the dirt was enough to make anyone afraid for their life.

I walked slowly to the stairs and gazed up them, slightly frightened at what could be up there. What if it was haunted after-all? Could the ghosts only be on the second floor? I moved away from the stairs quickly out of fear and bumped into Pete again. I didn't jump this time. Instead, I turned to face him and burried my head into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me softly, yet protectively. I looked up into his eyes then glanced at the door.

"Something about this place doesn't feel right. We should go." I turned us around so my back was to the door, then turned to leave before he stoopped me.

"Where are Patrick and Ami?" Pete asked warily as he looked around the room. I looked around as well and couldn't see them at all. Where had they disappeared to? I walked accross the room and through the kitched door, they were still no where in sight. I began to get worried and turned back to Pete with a lost look in my eyes.... I did NOT just lose my little sister. Mom was going to FREAK....


Patrick had his arms around me as we walked into the house. It felt so nice to be pretected in such a way. I know he was a little older than me but something about the way he walked with me just made my heart flutter a little. He whispered something in my ear that made me smile.

"Hey, Ami, do you wanna go see what's upstairs? Maybe we can scare Pete this time as well." He pulled back and smiled at me. The smile reached his eyes and I felt perfectly safe. I nodded and he walked ahead of me a little. I stayed put, scared again to ascend the rickity stairs. He turned back to see why I wasn't next to him. When he saw the 'I'm scared shitless' look on my face, he held his hand out and mouthed 'It'll be ok, I'm right here, come on," I nodded slowly and followed him to the stairs. Slowly and quietly, we took the journey up the stairs to see what lie before us on the higher level.

When we reached the top we found a series of very similar doors. The one at the end of the long hallway, however, was much much different. It was a deep red color with an intricate disign around the frame. Something about the door scared me, but was too intriguing to NOT walk toward it. I knew Patrick felt the same way when I felt his arm around my waste again as we slowly approached the door.

I gently pushed the door open and we both dropped our candy bags at the sight before us. It was unbelievable and unreal.... I couldn't even fathom what was before my eyes.........


So what do you think? The perfect installment for the story? I don't know.... maybe I should change some things.... this was all my idea since no one really reviewed with what they wanted to see happen so this time I wanna hear your thoughts this time kay? review and let me know what you wanna see this time. It'll def. make this story LOADS better.
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