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Silence on the Field

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A haiku I wrote in sixth grade. It's about an old... Friend, I guess.

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Silence on the field.
Lord knows how anyone lived.
Blood is everywhere.

Many lives were lost.
The survivors were numbered.
Somehow, they remained.

The battle is done.
In the middle of the field,
A boy on his knees.

A sword in one hand.
In the blood and destruction
He kneels, bows his head.

A single tear drops
First from my eye, then from his.
They fall together.

I look in his eyes.
I can see he's hiding pain.
And then I see the wound.

I kneel beside him,
Start to tend his broken arm
But he pulls away.

Slowly, he stands up.
Sword in his unbroken hand
He starts to tremble.

Then he falls back down.
He cries out, lost in the pain.
And then I see it.

I see what he hid
In those deep brown eyes of his.
Secrets of his life.

I help him get up.
For once, he doesn't protest.
Together, we leave.

Silence on the field
Creates love out of hatred.
Many lives were claimed.

But then one small boy
Brought the truth into my eyes
As he knelt in blood.

Holding back the pain,
Silent as ever, he was.
Silence on the field.
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