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A free verse I wrote in sixth grade.

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What is love?
Love is the feeling you get when you look at 'him.'
It's the misery that you feel every day
When you see him smile
At everyone
But you.
It's the light that fill your eyes
When you talk about
The things he's done.
It's the time you thought you saw it
In his eyes
It's the worry that overwhelms you
When he falls
Eight times
In one game.
It's the fact that you know
He can take care of himself.
But still
Fear that he's hurting inside
Controls your thoughts.
It's fear.
It's the fear
That he won't ever see you
For who you are.
It's the fear that something
Is happening to him
And no one notices
But you.
It's knowledge.
It's the knowledge
That he's avoiding you
And you shouldn't love him.
You should hate him.
Deep inside,
You know you can't hate him.
His actions
Are partially justified
Because of what you did.
But still,
You did it all
Out of love.
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