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What the Hell Was THAT!?

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“What tha Hell was THAT!?”
by Matt Koopa & Scott Springfield

she clubbed his ass
dick tha hed chef
cheeze giveth me gas
we sell quilts 4 di$count pri¢e
what else rhymeth with “ass”?

upchuck norris
every 1 else is stupid
sega sux
biggie-size it

a moment 4 deng
tha 2 most powaful tong
’twas all flung!
grunthos tha flatulent
kathy is a bung

worship tha neon monkey hed
watch those special fx
let’s all go kill ned
big international tuna like ryder
soon they’ll all B ded

old i have become
soon tha jets will win
money good, napsta BAD! um,
batteriez not included
i am also dumb

wida is betta
eLcArDo dEL eMeLiO
’twas a crappy letta
mine ass is on fire
& so is tha chedda

4get not tha cheeze
tha mustachioed 1 is strong
pozzessionz R fleeting
what took thee so long?
thou’rt no match 4 furious d

or tha powa of steel
sheep goeth 2 heaven
goats goeth 2 hell
tha red machine won’t look away
cometh tha dawn, tollz tha bell

cat loveth food, yeah, yeah
my pants R malfunctioning!
get thy throwdown swerve on!
when irish refrigeratorz R smiling
tha toastas will B long-gone
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