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What the Hell Was THAT? (Part II)

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how much foo
couldst a foo fighta fight
if a foo fighta couldst fight foo?
’gainst cheap tie fightas
tha evil empire is screw’d

orion’z belt no longa holdeth up his pants
mr censorship & his f*in’ v-chip
no dumbheehaw!s even asketh why
slang a bang! bang! on my hip
operatorz R standing by

it is filled with wax
frowny-face is a hothead
it is mouth plax
walka in tha name of god
it is kept in stacks

a 1000 neon monkeyz
powa of tha Jade Giraffe
they were eating chunkeyz
dorks smokin’ decaf
all those stupid donkeyz!

(next verse goeth here)

4 score & se7en yearz ago
tha Men in Tights
leggo my eggo!
exploding skylights
all over chicago

neva had to knock on wood
just 2 obey thy thirst
CDz all around R good
all of which art american dreamz
thou down wit’ da ’hood

there’z no return from 86
or tha softa side of searz
back at tha ranch
tha water is wet
didst thou see tha butt-munch?

2-string guitarz
dizney biteth ABC
too many moviez rated “R”
less think, more talk
Y won’t they let us drive carz?

blow it out uranus
hey, mr censorship
a law that was so heinous
ain’t flowas stupid?
what tha hell is “incanis”?

tha Hamma will whump it
let tha Buya beware
thou’rt such a dumbshit
i want my monkey-man
stop, goddammit!
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