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Chapter 22- The Weakest Link and I

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It took me awhile to realize what had just happened, but with Link the Goron, it only took a second. He started to scream at the top of his lungs as Volvagia slowly disappeared in the distance. Zucchini went berserk as well, trying to fly up; forgetting that his wings were unable to take him very far up. I understood with Zucchini why he was freaking out, but I just became utterly annoyed with Link the Goron.
“Will you just cool down?” I shouted. “Jesus, do you want Volvagia to come back and grab you too?”
Link the Goron shivered and began to tear up, so I said: “Okay, don’t start that shit again.” Link the Goron then tensed up, which I assumed was his method of holding back the tears, but it looked like he was just terribly constipated.
I sighed and said, “Now listen. Your name is Link and you’re the son of Darunia. You have double the courage that anyone should have. However, if you let that courage go to waste and just cry, you’ll never be as strong as your father. So, I need you to stand up straight and be the Goron man that I know you can be.”
Now reader, I did this all from scratch, so that shit up there wasn’t rehearsed. I would have to say that that is pretty impressive, especially for me. I just felt that Link the Goron needed some help with his ego. Out of everyone around, I was probably the best person to help him inflate it, since I had a huge ego myself. This little speech did seem to lift his spirits, thankfully, and I saw him puff out his chest a little bit.
“Now, I’m going to need your help,” I said. “I can easily get on a Pokemon I have and get into that volcano, but you know much more about Volvagia than I do.”
“Before you do anything,” Link the Goron said, “you need to get the Megaton Hammer.”
I remember him saying something about that hammer before. So, I asked him this: “Where is the hammer?”
“My father kept it in his throne room,” Link the Goron said, “but when he left, he took the hammer with him.”
“Great,” I said with a sigh. “Do you know exactly where he went?”
“He went into the Fire Temple, which lies in the volcano.”
I smiled and reach down to my side. I unlatched the Pokeball at my side and released Pasta. He came out of the ball and was standing tall and proud. I then unlatched Coffee Bean’s Pokeball and had her return. I looked over at Zucchini who was staring at the volcano.
“Hey Zucchini,” I said to him, which caught his attention. “See that volcano up there? We’ll be taking a trip inside of it, but I would like for you to stay in Goron Village. Link has your ball, so I can’t return you. Would you mind staying out of this?”
Zucchini looked at me and didn’t hesitate to nod his head and take off. He was extremely terrified of fire, and I didn’t blame him. He was a bug Pokemon after all and I didn’t think that bugs and fire went too well together. Once Zucchini was gone, I looked to Pasta.
“With you,” I began, “I need you to get me and Link here up to that volcano because the other Link and Volvagia are currently up there, or rather in there. Can you do that?”
“Char,” Pasta said and he nodded. He got down for Link the Goron, Lux, Growlithe, and I and we were all able to get on his scaly back. It was a tight fit of course, but we were able to do it. I had Lux in front of me, who gripped Pasta’s horns and Growlithe sat in front of Link the Goron, and Link held onto Pasta’s wings and had Growlithe comfortably fit between his big arms.
“Alright Pasta, let’s go,” I said with a smile and Pasta took off towards the sky.
While in the air and picking up speed, Link the Goron started to scream and he did so right in my ear. I yelled at him to stop, but with all his screaming and the wind knocking into our eardrums, he was unable to hear my shouting.
Pasta was going so fast that we reach the volcano in no time. The trip to the volcano wasn’t as rough as the trip down to the volcano. I don’t know why, but Pasta suddenly became more aggressive and he swooped down rather hard. I tightened my legs and arms around his think neck, but I was still barely able to hold on. The drop made my eyes water as Link the Goron’s screams became higher as Pasta moved faster and the atmosphere became hotter.
I swore to the Goddesses that we were going to crash into the bottom, but Pasta quickly lifted his body up and we went straight. He went straight down another drop off, which ultimately led to a small room with yet another drop off. Pasta then went upright and started to slow the pattern of his wings so he could slow down himself and not hit the ground too hard. Link the Goron was still screaming when we landed and Pasta hit the poor Goron off his back with this long, orange tail. Link landed on the ground with Growlithe still in his arms.
“Hey now!” Link shouted and he let Growlithe go. “What was that for, man?”
I jumped down and held out my arms for Lux who landed in them and looked up at me. He had water stains on the sides of his face and he also looked a bit tired, but thankful as well. With Lux in my arms, I walked to see Pasta and he had a determined expression on his face. Something was wrong. I looked forward and saw a small set of stairs and further was some scary looking totem things with fire in their mouths.
“So this is the Fire Temple?” I asked Link the Goron as he got up.
“Why yes, it is,” he said rather proudly. “This use to be a mine and the Gorons were forced to work underground here to excavate ores, gold, and silver. They even say that the Triforce’s gold was taken from this temple.”
The history of the Fire Temple seemed interesting, but I knew it wasn’t time to ask about the history of this place. What I needed to do was find that damn hammer and then find Volvagia. “Do you know where the hammer is?” I asked Link the Goron on the subject of the hammer.
“All I know is that it’s enclosed in a chest,” Link said. “The chest is actually more like a casket, honestly.”
“Alright,” I said.
“Oh, and I also know that the door on the left there,” Link said and he pointed at the door that was beyond the stairs, “is where Volvagia’s old throne room lies and I definitely know that the hammer isn’t in there.”
So, we walked up the stairs to enter the door on the right, but there was a slight delay because Pasta couldn’t exactly fit in the doors. I had to have him return for him to be able to follow us in the temple. It was a shame and he looked a little upset, but I couldn’t have him wait in the lobby the whole time. Who knew where Volvagia and Link were, and I didn’t want Pasta to split up from us if the event came that Volvagia wanted to challenge someone.
The room that we walked into made me sick to my stomach. I hated fire and intense heat almost as much as I hated spiders and ladders and below us was a huge pit of lava. What was also in front of us in this room was an old looking bridge and when I took one step on it, I heard the whole thing creak. I looked back at Link the Goron, who probably weighed five times as much as I did and started to panic. If he stepped on the bridge the same time I did, something would surely snap.
“Oh no, you just stay right there,” I said quickly as Link the Goron looked like he was going to walk across the bridge.
“Why?” he asked and I just said that it was for our own good. I told him to stay put until I crossed. I let Lux and Growlithe cross with me because they looked just as terrified of the lava pit below as I did.
To make matters worse, there were these annoying bats flying around with fire around their stupid, small rat bodies. They decided it was the right time to chase us, but I used my electric powers to shock those things and cause them to burn in the lava pit of doom below. Once we reach the other side, I gave Link thumbs up and he crossed the bridge with ease despite the fact that the bridge was shaking the whole time.
We walked into the next door which led to an even bigger area. In the middle was this pillar or some sort with a giant block going through it. I saw the block as being utterly pointless, but I would definitely need it later on. At that time, I thought nothing of it and had everyone follow me to the right of the room. What was at the right of the room were a bunch of brown pillars that were sticking out of the ground. I wasn’t sure what they were for, so I made the mistake of going towards them. This mistake caused me to be burned by a wall of fire. Luckily, it only burned my hand and a bit of my arm because I was holding it out to touch one of the pillars.
“What the hell?” I shouted and I grabbed my left wrist. The fingerless, leather glove I had on was actually alright, but my fingers were very red.
“Careful Ash,” Link the Goron said. “I’m sure that Ganondorf or Volvagia have set up traps in this temple. Gorons are immune to fire, so these traps must have been set for you.”
Wonderful, I thought as Link went between one of the pillars and flames engulfed his body. He showed no sign of pain as he stood there with a smile on his face. “I’ll lead us through this maze so you don’t suffer anymore burns,” he said and he had me follow him.
So, we went through this small maze rather quickly and had to stop here and there because of fire and junk, but we got through it and came to a ledge that had a door. Of course, this ledge was being blocked off by a firewall.
“What now?” I asked Link the Goron and he looked around for a bit. He must have been trying to find something, because he knew I couldn’t get through the wall. I would have used Pasta to fly over the thing, but the wall went all the way up to the ceiling.
“There we go,” Link the Goron said and he smiled at me. “I see a switch over there. I’m going to go press it and then I need you cross on to the ledge. I can get through the wall pretty easily.”
“What if the switch isn’t to deactivating the damn wall?” I said.
“If not,” Link the Goron said, “then you and I are screwed.”
Thankfully, the switch was actually for the wall, so I crossed with Lux and Growlithe. After Link saw us clear, he hobbled over to us, going straight through the new firewall that sprung up.
We went through the metal door that was on the ledge and entered this small, square room. In the middle of this room was a block that I was getting ready to step on until this huge, flame sprung up. I withdrew as soon as I could and saw that the flame turned into a body of some sort and I heard a laugh. It started to dance and jumped off the block and actually began to dance around the whole room. It was going to fast that I couldn’t follow it at all.
“What is this thing?” I said as I tried to follow its figure. Link the Goron just rolled into a ball and shook, so I took off my stupid hat and shook Max out of it. He was sleeping so I yelled his name really loud.
“What?!?” he shouted and hovered in front of my face.
“That thing,” I said and I point at the moving flame.
“Oh, that’s a Flaredancer,” Max said and then he sprung up because the thing ran right in to me. My whole body ached and burned, but I got up as soon as I could to yell at Max.
“What do I do then?” I shouted.
“Um, well…”Max said, and he trailed off.
“Well what?” I snapped, dodging the Flaredancer.
“I’m trying to remember what Navi told me about these things,” Max said.
I was tired of waiting, so I reach for my bomb bag on a whim and rubbed my two fingers together to make a spark, which lit the bomb. I then threw the bomb at the Flaredancer across the room. It exploded right on the thing and the flames disappeared.
“Where did it go?” I asked Max, who was still thinking. A second after I said that, a little black thing with stubbly legs was running in front of me. He noticed me and let out a yelp and quickly turned around. Growlithe and Lux took after it, so I chased it too. I made a huge, running jump to try and catch the thing, but before I landed on it, it jumped into the middle of the block. I hit the hard, stone ground and my face rubbed hard against it. A headache quickly came to me, but I had to get up.
In the middle of the block, the little black thing regained all of the flames that it had lost and jumped right back off. It continued to dance like it had before and just watching its moving body made my head hurt even more. I had to stop it, so I lit another bomb and threw it at the monster, which once again made the little black guy show up and run around. I took out my sword and began to chase it, and eventually stabbed it.
I held my sword’s blade up to a small tilt and watched the little black thing slide down a little. It was screaming as its stubbly legs kicked back and forth in the air. I held my hand out to touch it, but fire surrounded its body as some sort of defense mechanism, so I drew my hand back as soon as I felt the warmth the fire emitted. The fire wasn’t heating my blade or anything, so I didn’t worry about the blade melting. I held my hand opened and shocked the bugger, which made him let out a loud yelp and disappear.
I sighed when the guy was gone and looked back at Link the Goron, who was still curled up. I took my sword and poked him a little, which made him jump up.
“Whoa, you scared me,” Link said. “Is that Flaredancer gone?”
“Yeah, it is,” I said and I put my sword back in its sheath. “C’mon, we’ve still got to find that hammer.”
We walked up to the block in the middle of the room and we were lifted up to a small room. In that room was a metal door, so we went through it. We entered a huge room and in front of us was a long path that curved in the middle and went up to a balcony of sorts. I couldn’t see what was on that balcony for it was above us, so I began to walk up the path. It was a steep climb and at one point I looked below us to see a hot pit of lava and a bridge, so I had an idea of where we were.
Once we reach the balcony, I noticed there was a large, solid rectangular box, which did actually look like a coffin. I tried to remove the lid, but it was made of rather heavy rock, so I had Link the Goron help me move it. He could barely move it, but we were actually able to push it aside, but slowly.
What was in this coffin looking box was the Megaton Hammer, but also the remains of what looked to be a deceased Goron and a lot of bugs.
“What the hell?” I snapped. “Link, you told me there wasn’t going to be a body in this damn thing. What’s wrong with you?”
He wasn’t on my side, so I looked behind me to get his answer, but he was crying for some weird reason. I asked him what was wrong and he began to sob, but was able to get some words out.
“I-I can’t b-believe that t-the hammer is there!” he cried.
“What do you mean?” I asked. “You said it was supposed to be there, right?”
“M-my father was supposed t-to take th-that hammer before h-he fought Volva-Volvagia!” he cried. “Since it’s right th-there, he m-must have d-died before getting it. My father is dead!” And there cued the whole dramatic get on your hands and knees and cry thing, so I just stood by and watched. While I understood his grief, I guess I wasn’t sad because I pretty much assumed that his father would be the fire sage and that his father would be dead.
“Uh, well,” I said and I scrambled my brain to come up with something, “if we, uh, continue, we can avenge your father’s death.”
“Really?” Link the Goron said and he stood up and wiped the tears out of his eyes.
“Well, yeah,” I said and I put on a smile, which was very forced, but it was still a smile.
“Alright then!” Link the Goron yelled and he looked excited. “Let’s go avenge my poppa.”
I reach in the coffin to pry the Megaton Hammer from the dead Goron inside and I’ve got to say, that damn hammer was really heavy. I could barely lift that thing out of the coffin and once I did manage to get it out, I had to drop it on the ground. I had no idea how I was going to be able to fight Volvagia with the hammer, but I would have to figure that out later. I grabbed the handle and tried to hoist it over my shoulder, but eventually gave up and started to drag it.
Link the Goron just stood and watched this whole thing so I said, “Hey, do you want to help me with this?”
“Oh yeah, sure,” Link the Goron said and he smiled and took the hammer. He was able to hoist the thing over his shoulder so I didn’t feel too guilty for making him carry it. He was actually smiling while carrying the hammer, which I assumed was because he felt as tough as his own father. Luckily for him, he would probably get to use that hammer a lot, since I could barely carry the thing.
I decided that the next best thing to do was backtrack and figure out what we needed to do next. So, we ended up back in that huge room with the fire maze and all and, after some annoying switch hitting and standing. We walked up the slanted path that led back to the room with the rickety bridge, but Link the Goron stopped me.
“Before we, well, move on,” Link the Goron said, “I want to try this thing.”
“What do you mean by ‘try this’?” I asked.
“Well, you see that pillar over there?” Link the Goron said and he pointed to the pillar I had noticed before. “Anyway, I want to hit that block in the middle. It looks unstable, you know? I just want to try this thing so bad.”
I thought about it for a second, but didn’t really care. I basically assumed that Link wouldn’t be able to even move the block and, if he did, what harm could it do? “Sure,” I said with a smile and watched him jump over to the pillar. Before he hit the block, he looked at me for a quick glance of approval. I gave him quick thumbs up and a smile and he went on to use that hammer. What I didn’t know was that below that block was Volvagia, who had just tucked Link away in his lair.
At the moment that Link the Goron hit that block, there was a loud rumbling sound and the block fell down. I heard a loud boom and a screech and Link the Goron immediately curled into a ball. Out from the now hole in the ground came Volvagia who scooped up Link the Goron-ball and the Megaton Hammer. It didn’t take me long to realize this and get Pasta out of his Pokeball. I quickly made sure that Lux and Growlithe were ready and hopped on to Pasta and held on around his neck. I also hugged Lux and Growlithe, to make sure they didn’t fall off of Pasta.
“He’s down that hole, Pasta,” I said to him and he took off in a flash. The ride wasn’t as bumpy as the ride was to the inside of the volcano, but it was still fairly rough. He took us to what seemed like Volvagia’s throne room and a heavy door shut behind us. This was a trap.
In the middle of this lair was a round area that had little circles on the floor, which were filled with lava. Below was a pit of lava, just waiting for someone to fall into it. I dismounted Pasta and put down Growlithe, who immediately began to growl. The fur on his back was standing on end and his eyes were burning with hatred. Something was definitely about to happen.
In front of me, at the back of this round area was a brown wall. There were chains and stuff hanging from the wall and some actually had skeletons on them. It was then that I noticed a man was hanging from two of the chains and that man had to be Link. I couldn’t see the face for the man’s head was down, but I recognized him by the clothes. He didn’t look so good, so I walked up to him.
“Link?” I said and that caused him to move his head up slowly. He had cuts and burns all over his body, but his eyes were the most devastating. It looked like he was a zombie or something and the bright blue had escaped from his eyes. He’d only been with Volvagia for a little while, so he must have gone through horrible treatment. “Link,” I said again, “Link, wake up, buddy.” I touched the side of his face and used my fingers to pull his head up a little so he could look straight at me.
“Link, what happened?” I asked. “What did Volvagia do to you?”
Link shook his head. I didn’t know what that meant exactly, but someone else had to be in the volcano.
“Then Link, who did this?” and when I asked this, he lifted his head a little to motion me to look behind me. I turned around and there she was, Shannon.
“Well hey there,” she said and she was throwing a stone up and down in the air; flaunting it. I could tell it was the Firestone that I needed to awaken Darunia. “It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”
“It hasn’t been long enough,” I said. “What are you doing here? Was Papa too lazy to come here, or was he just too scared to fight me.”
“Oh please,” Shannon said and she rolled her eyes. “Father has much more important things to deal with than some bitch like you.”
“Oh snap!” I heard the subconscious black, Maury audience man say in my mind.
“If you say so,” I said and I took out my sword.
“You’re going to need a lot more than that stupid sword to take me down, honey,” Shannon said and she snapped her fingers. A loud screech then echoed through the lair and I heard a rumbling sound. Volvagia suddenly burst out of the top of the lair and came down behind Shannon. He floated there behind her, like he was her pet.
“Alright Pasta,” I said aloud, “time to do some work.” Pasta, who was behind Shannon and Volvagia, flew up and swoop down to me and I jumped on him.
“You’re a brave girl,” Shannon said, “brave, but utterly stupid.” She then jumped on Volvagia’s back and took off towards the top of the lair. I looked down at Lux and Growlithe and said, “You two stay here and make sure nothing happens to Link and also, keep an eye out for the other Link.”
“Raichu,” Lux said with some enthusiasm and I smiled.
“Alright Pasta,” I said, “let’s take down this bitch.” And, without a second to pause, Pasta took off into the sky. I held on to the base of his wing with my Master Sword in my right hand. I could see Volvagia actually outside of the lair and that’s when I noticed that the lair itself was a base of the volcano. We came out of the volcano and cool air hit my face as the colors around me went from red to dark blue, with some light from the moon here and there.
Shannon didn’t give us any time to prepare to battle, for she sent Volvagia’s snake like body right for us. I could see her rapier was already out, so I knew it was on. I gave Pasta a small kick on the sides and he shot upwards.
I was extremely scared, but once I heard the cling of Shannon’s sword and my sword, I snapped into the reality of what was actually happening. Pasta and Volvagia just wrapped around each other in the air as Shannon tried to hack away at me. I was able to block most of her slashes, thankfully, but at one point she hit me with the hilt of her rapier square in the face, which made me fall off of Pasta.
I wasn’t really out cold, but it was hard to see as I fell back down to the center of volcano. Thankfully, I was scooped up by Pasta’s stubbly arms and my sword was still in hand. Shannon didn’t give me any time to recover, however, so I was forced into battle immediately. Since I was being held on to by Pasta, I was at a different battle angle than before.
Pasta carried me over Volvagia and Shannon, so Shannon had to adjust to fight above her. What I noticed was that the hilt of her rapier was huge, which wasn’t odd, but she had trouble fighting above her head because of that hilt. It must have been heavy and she had a lady wrist, which are usually thin, so it was hard for her to swing her sword around and actually hit me. I saw the perfect opportunity, so I sheathed my sword and said, “Pasta, drop me.”
Pasta let go of me immediately and I pounced on Shannon’s head, which was fairly big for a lady head. I grasped on to her long, red hair for some of support and tried to figure out what to do with her. She had now basically given up and was swishing her rapier in the air wildly. I let go of her for a second and just kicked her off Volvagia, who was busy fighting Pasta and didn’t notice. Shannon started to scream as she fell and let go of her rapier and the Firestone. She let go of them rather early, so I was able to grab the Firestone.
Volvagia and Pasta were really getting into this battle, so shortly after I got the Firestone; I was knocked off of Volvagia as his long body made sharp turns. I was thankful to be off of Volvagia, but I was scared that Pasta wouldn’t notice that I was falling to my death. I began to yell his name, which did catch his attention, so he came after me…but so did Volvagia.
Pasta grabbed me quickly and dove towards the lair again and so did Volvagia. I had the Firestone now, so I just needed to use it on Growlithe and things would be a lot easier. However, Volvagia pounded into Pasta, which made Pasta let out a screech of pain. Pasta stopped beating his wings and turned over. I was now able to see Volvagia, who was following us. I thought that Pasta was putting me towards Volvagia to save him from getting hurt, but I suddenly felt a huge force slam on Pasta’s back, which is when I released that he turned over so he would hit the lair floor and not me.
Pasta let go of me, so I quickly jumped off of him. I checked him quickly, before Volvagia started to attack again. Pasta’s eyes were closed, but he was still breathing. I moved him a little, but he was unresponsive, so I knew that he was done.
Volvagia landed down on the floor and looked at me and let out a loud screech. I took out my sword, but I just knew that there was nothing I could do now. Link the Goron had the Megaton Hammer, Pasta was unconscious, Link was chained up, and Lux and Growlithe were actually nowhere in sight. I was screwed, reader, but I tried to stand there and look as confident as I could.
Volvagia screeched again, but then I heard, “Aw, just shut up, you little bitch.” I looked around for a second and I was terribly confused. Volvagia looked like he was as well, and he turned around and I saw Lux, Growlithe, and Link the Goron at the lair door and he was holding the Megaton Hammer.
“Lux,” Link the Goron said, “paralyze this guy.” And Lux let out many bolts of electricity and caused Volvagia to fall to the ground and he just laid there, screeching. It looked like he couldn’t move. Growlithe ran over to Link, the human one, and began to use his Fire to melt the chains that wrapped around him. Link fell to the ground and I ran over to him.
Link the Goron was actually kicking the shit out of Volvagia as he was paralyzed. It was a fantastic sight, but I had to help Link and get Growlithe hooked up with the Firestone I had, before I lost it, because that always seemed to happen somehow.
“Link, please wake up,” I said, trying to pat his cheeks and wake him up. He was extremely hurt and I needed to do something. He could be dead any second if I couldn’t get him back to health. I couldn’t lose him; it would break my heart. I dropped the Firestone while trying to wake him and I think that Growlithe went over to the stone, because I saw a bright light and Growlithe had grown ten times bigger than he was before. His fur was fluffier and long, his tail was huge, and his eyes were full of fiery motivation.
“Arcanine,” he said and growled low. I looked on his back and saw Darunia seated there. He looked at me with a confident smile and said, “He’ll be okay.” Then Darunia kicked Growlithe in the sides and he pounced on Volvagia and let out a huge power, that blinded me. All I remember was seeing Darunia and his son give a high five, and I blacked out.
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