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Chap 18: The captured Leppy.

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Leppy, who?

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Mayumi ran after the jet as the wind blew violently around her body, her long brown hair blowing in all directions. Toru held onto a latter while the jet moved quickly, a little boy over her shoulder and blood streaming down the back of his head.

"Toru, stop!" Mayumi yelled as she jumped roof to roof and after her sister, her legs moving faster and faster with every second passing by. A man opened the door to the jet and flashed his white fangs, a growl escaping his throat. (Saber Tooth.)

Toru smiled at her little sister and let out an amused laugh as she climbed to the top of the latter, the man pulling her in with the little boy. Mayumi looked closely inside of the jet and saw a teenage girl with long, blond hair and pink high lights sitting in the jet, her hands tied behind her back and her mouth taped shut, a wound stabbed deep into her shoulder with a knife, blood oozing out.

"Leppy." Mayumi whispered as she recognized the girl from her vision, her deep blue/green eyes filled with fear, pain, and worry.

Saber Tooth grabbed the teenage girl as she struggled to get away from him, a smile crossing his face as he grabbed the wound on her shoulder and squeezed it tightly, the girl silently screaming through the duck tape on her mouth. The teenage girl was extremely beautiful yet short, standing the size of at least five foot three.

"Come on Mayumi! Let's see what you've really got!" Toru yelled as Mayumi jumped, her finger only one inch away from the latter. Mayumi grabbed the bottom of it and held on for dear life as Toru grabbed the knife from the shoulder of the teenage girl and quickly ripped it out, a whimper to be heard.

"Come on Mayumi, are you trying to win, cause so far, this is pathetic. I'm starting to get board." Toru said as Mayumi hung onto the latter and watched her sister fiddle around with the knife.

"Listen to me Toru, this isn't you. Your not like this, your my sister, you're my best friend. So stop this while you still can." Toru let out a frustrated sigh and rolled her eyes.

"Just give it up Mayumi, you can't win and you can't convince me to stop." She said as she faced the teenage girl Saber Tooth held still, placing the knife near her neck.

"Toru, don't do it!" Mayumi called as Toru turned her head and glared, the knife already breaking skin. "You don't even know this girl Toru, what did she ever do to make you this mad?" Mayumi asked seriously as Toru just smile.

"You don't get it, do you Mayumi? I'm not going to kill her because I'm mad; I'm going to kill her because I'm board. Besides, why do you care?" Toru asked, her ears listening carefully and closely.

"Because she's innocent. You know that Toru, and you can't stand the guilt. It will eat you alive and you will never be able to live with your self ever again." Toru removed the knife from the girl and began to wipe the blood on her T-Shirt.

"I've already killed two others, one more won't faze me one bit." Mayumi was shocked. Everything was just falling apart. "Oh, and Mayumi, what fool do you take me for?" Toru asked as mayumi gave her a look of hate and confusion.

"Do you honestly think that pretending to date that loser was going to help any one." Toru stated, Mayumi's heart sinking. "How did you know about me and Kurt?" She asked, her deadly glare looking into hers.

"Oh please, if you're going to make a plan, don't make it so obvious. First you pretended to be his girlfriend, just so you two can get away from the rest of the X-Men, which was a huge mistake." Mayumi was getting angrier with each word that escaped her sister's lips, her hands gripping around the latter tightly.

"Second, you acted like the old you, so people would think it was just a regular date, so if we spied on you, we would have no real reason to attack you. But heres the mistake in that. I don't need a reason to attack. If I'm board, then hay, I'm going to attack you." Mayumi never seen this side of her sister before, it was shocking, and she didn't like it.

"And lastly, you separated from Kurt to try to get a hold of me to get revenge and use Kurt to open Rogues eyes. Too bad either of you are going to get what you want." Toru said as she said as she grabbed the girl from Saber Tooth's grip and pulled her to the edge.

CHANGE: "You like games, don't you Mayumi? How about this game, CATCH!" She said as she pushed the teenage girl off the jet. "NO!" She screamed as she jumped and caught the girl, but landed rather quickly... but on what?

Mayumi looked around her and noticed that they where caught in a mettal net. "What the...?" Mayumi looked up at her sister who let a small chukle of amusement, when suddenly... pain, then quickly, darkness... (If you didn't get this part, the net was electric, so knocked her out.)
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