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Start of Things

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Harry Potter is injured badly in the Chamber of Secerts and is rescued by Master Chief and becomes Spartan 219, crossover with Halo, Harry Potter, Firefly

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Chapter 02 Start of Things

They had made it to the barricks not long after, with Harry looking around like a wide eyed child on christmas. There was a running course, a firing range, climbing equipment, even what looked like training in vehicles, alittle off near the disitance.

He could see the Master Chief walking towards him and did a flimsy - straight to him - salute like he had seen the British soliders do. "At ease recruit." It wasn't the Master Chief who said that, it was a another man in a suit, A black one for that matter. He hadn't even noticed that the Master Chief was there. He was too busy trying to intimidate Harry. "And what makes you think that you are good enough to be one of us? Heh, you aren't even old enough to be that far out of highschool."

Harry at that moment, relised that in th mirror, he did infact look older than he was, but just stood there. The Master Chief nodded his head once and Harry responded. "I wish to be like my rescuer. I wish to be trained like him."

The man snorted, grabbed Harry by the front of his chest plate. "What makes you think that alittle punk like you is good enough, huh, punk?"

Trina sent a quick burst of thought through his mind, that the man wanted to see what he was made of. Harry agreed and without really much thought, grabbed the man's arm, spun alittle and through him down th hall to the right and out a small doorway. "Whoops," said Harry, as the Master Chief walked over to him, looking down the hall. "I may have put a bit of magic behind that," he muttered lowly.

'Thats more then 'a bit' Harry. You sent him flying for over 9ft before he hit that door at the halfway mark.' Trina smiled a cheeky smile at him for that.

"Thats okay. Atleast I got a demostration. I thought you needed a wand for it though." The master Chief hald asked, half stated that.

"So did I." Harry looked down at his wand. He couldn't feel the buzz he use to get from it, which ment it was just a stick now with runes carved into them. He relised he could understand what each and every rune said now too and make other things magical or sheilded or such, by carving runes on them. It was all alittle too much for him.

Taking Harry's silence as a 'leave it alone' case, Master Cheif changed the subject. "So, how do you like the changes?"

They had started to walk down another hallway, the sounds of someone swearing to high heaven about "I'mma get that little bastard!"

Harry smiled. "Well, so far, I like it." He looked up at the Master Chief, expecting to see the gold visor, but seeing it clear and a plain face with brown hair, starring back at him. "I have to admit, Sir, you aren't what I expected."

Master Chief smiled. "Thats okay, I get that alot actully. And call my John when we are alone."

Harry nodded. "So John. What am I to expect about the trainning?"

John smiled at him, and explained what would happen, after his week off. It ranged in most of what he had seen when he came, but it also covered tactics trainning, camoflage and just plain exercising. It didn't sound too bad, but Harry had a worrying feeling, when he mentioned that out loud, when Master Chief had smiled alittle sadisticly, and the way that he heard Trina cackled.

Six weeks later, Harry had been molded into a perfect solider, then broken and molded into the perfect Spartan. He could use a sniper rifle to shoot the dick off a humming bird form a distance of about double that of the weapons 'supossed' range, and that was without magic, with it, he didn't even have to touch it. He could take apart and reasemble several weapons, in their right order, blindfolded and had piloted several of the different ship designs, both human and alien, and with the added bonus of his magic - not interferring with the techm besides Trina which he thought as a person now, which he loved the most - he could cast stronger shields on the team he was with and other spells, so they could be kick some seroius Covenant arse.

While he had been off - twice a week the trainnees would get two days off, full days, unless they were called in for an op, which hardly ever happened, atleast not for Harry - he and the nurse Amy, had been going out. They had moved past the fact that he came to be there at only twelve years old, the lab tests has infact shown this aswell, but now the tests showed he was just over twenty, at twentyone years old. Trina had drummed that upto a magical growth spurt. Amy was younger, just nineteen, and they got on well together. They even went on dates at the small cinema that was set up in one of the ships of the officers and medics, for alittle relief. Amy had managed to swing a few favours a few times, getting what she called 'old and accient' movies, to play. Mainly, they were stuff from his time and he was surpised to find out, that what happened in hi world, tv and movie ways, was the say, up until he was last there. He could still remember when he told her when he was from and that he was magical:

Flashbck... Harry was sitting on the deck outside her room. She had recently moved to a more permant gousing area, when the ring and surrounding space had been cleared of the Covenant. He was looking out over the view. It was that of a waterfall not far away. It still amazed him that something could exist like this, even though he had understood how it was possible - being one of only a few Spartans who were classed as 'techies' because of that now - and was brought out of his thoughts by Amy, as he felt her arms wrap around him and her head rest against his back.

"What'cha thinking about Baby?" she asked.

It was a different pet name each time. It reminded him of that time he met Mr. Lovegood and all the different names he called Luna, most of those were often foods of flowers. "Just thinking about telling you another of my secerts. One that may scare you off." He turned in her arms and looked down at her, a small, worrying smile on his face.

She looked up at him. "Harry, you couldn't scare me off, no matter what you said." She leand up and kissed his lips, he smiled at that.

"Okay." He lent towards her ear and said, "I'm from the late 20th century, from another Earth infact and I am magical." He lent back, expecting to see and hear her call him a liar, but she didn't.

Instead she just asked. "Can I have another butterbeer?"

It was then he relised that she had infact seen him do magic and that she was fine with it, she didn't even care what century he was from, she just loved him for him. He nodded, chuckling alittle. "Sure, why not," he said, as he waved his hand at the table to her left and a carton appeared on it. Amy squeeed and ran to it, openning two and passing one to Harry. End Flashback

Harry was brought out of his flashback by the sound of the barrackis door being locked loudly from the inside and a mean sounding voice saying, "Its just you me and the fellas here now you little punk. No more Master Chief. He is away for a mission. So me and the boys get to 'rough' you up a bit. Heh Heh Heh." The other guys laughed at this as well. "And with your rate of healing, you'll be as fine as ever when Master Chief returns."

Harry was already up on his feet. Though he moved slowly, like he was bored, when intruth, he was talking to Trina. 'Trina, can you get the cameras in here to record the fight please? I just want alittle token to remind them of how badly they brought the hurt down on them.'

Trina smirked, 'Patching through now Harry. Gawd they are stupid, they hadn't even turned off the cameras.'

'Maybe that means they didn't know. I mean it would prove why this toss-pot Jet and his merry band of Yabs, Dennis and Ross have kept trying to egg me on as of late.' Harry had been wearing the full MJOLNIR armor since the last week of trainning. It wasn't as heavy as it use to be, infact - without spells - it was almost as light asthe trainee armor, well to him anyway.

'Just don't break anything that can't be fixed Harry... ateaslt you don't have the armor on, or you may kill them.'

Harry smirked, he was finally standing before them. "Come now gentlemen, can't we settle this like civilized people? No, okay then, have it your way." Harry got into a fighting stance.

'Go get 'em tiger,' said a chuckling Trina.

Dennis started off, coming from the right with a left hook, that only got himself, grabbed, twisted and flung back into Ross, before Ross hot the chance to finish the kick he started, while Harry blocked the rib swing that Yabs throw at his face.

Ross pushed Dennis off himself, muttering loudly and rather annoied, "I thought you said the punk was a weakling, Jet," he was looking at his friend, who was half slumped against a wall, slowly getting to his feet and rubbing the back of his head.

"HE IS!" he snapped, while muttering, "There is no way I am letting some little punk beat me."

Harry was having fun, they were swinging at him, jabbing at him and throwing all manner of kicks at him, but none had landed, not eceb Jet could land a punch and he practicly owned the boxing title for the Spartans. Harry smirked. "Come on Jet. You and your friends can still walk away from here and foeget this ever happened. Hell, I have't even broken a sweat." Harry smirked, he had just baited the man and Jet took it, hook line and sinker.

'You cheeky lil bugga,' said Trina.

Jet was seeing red, he even made a grasp to grab a blade off his chest plate armor, that he wasn't wearing, so no blade. That didn't go unnoticed by any of the other men there, or the dark look that crossed Harry's face and the hard look in his eyes.

"So, thats the way you want to play it." Harry's voice was like ice, infact the temp in the room was so low, the breath of the people in the room, was hanging in the air. The only to not notice this was Jet, as he flew at Harry with a fury of hits, kicks, elbows and even tried headbutting him. Harry just met it on everyfront and in the end, Harry had managed to get Jet in a sleeper hold, but vefore the man was out completely, Harry grabbed his left wrist and said in a nasty voice, "Just so you have something to remind you, to never EVER attack me again," and snapped his wrist, like it was nothing but a flimbsy stick and pushed the whimpering man to the floor. He had passed out not long after, rom the pain and the sleeper hold. Looking up at the others, he asked, "Is there any problems between us?"

They didn't move, but Ross mumbled, "Flipping hell he's strong," under his breath.

Harry sneered, such a sneer that Snape's toes would have curled and stepped forward a step. Marveling at the fact that the other three, fully grown, fully seasoned Spartans, took a step back. "Well?"

They all yelled with a responce that they would yell at the Master Cheif. "Yes Sir."

"Good." Harry turned back to his bunk and layed back down. "I'm going to go back to sleep. I suggest you leave and take that trash with you. I believe he needs a medic."

He heard the scurring of boots and the whimper of Jet, a sorry from Ross and a quick few words from Dennis, "Ain't no way I am trusting Jet again. First that chick Amy he said that couldn't get enough, who put him up on charges of abuse, and now this."

'So Jet's the guy that gave her the cracked rib,' he thought. 'Trina, please send a couple of the vidfeed to Amy, with alittle message from both of us. I'd like it to say something like, Revenge is sweet, but its better when its for a loved one. Please.'

'Will do Harry. If we had have known earlier or worked it out, he would have left with more then a snapped wrist.'

Harry just nodded. He knew he would get into some serious shit when it hit the fan, but frankly, at the moment, he would do a lap of the full Ring, and not complain about it, if it got him out of charges. Making himself more comftible, Harry drofted off to sleep.

A week later, Master Chief returned to the base. He'd been on one of the planets nearby, after Covenant warriors had landed on the surface, looking for God only knew what, but they never got it. As they had wiped out every last one and ended up having vacate the area, when one of the Covenant ships - it had been on a count down - exploded, tacking a sizeable chuck out of the ground with it. There wasn't even any chunks of the ship, big enough to fit in a hand.

The shit, did infact hit the fan when Master Chief found out about what happen. Not for Spartan-219 atleast. Trina had released the vidfeed of what happened, as soon as Master Chief had found out about it, with alittle heads of from Cortana. It had been sent on not only the militry wave length, but also the civilian, as well as back to Earth and their superiors. The uproar that it caused with the ones who ran the Spartan Programe made more of a noise than anything else. As one of their creations had, as many had said about Jet before, "Turned an already physcotic man into one with more power and skills."

In the end, Jet had been stripped of his Spartan rank, his implants and anything else related to the life of a Spartan. His fallback pention had been halved, with the other half going to Amy, not only for stress, but to make sure her current boyfriend, didn't deside to press charges, ofcause that last part was said, under the table, but it was as clear as day to Harry, as well as the fact he had been promoted at the same time. He could now command troops and was a step under Master Chief, but still by the name of his Spartan number '219'.

Harry wasn't too happy about the promotion, and he wasn't the only one. He had told them countless times he didn't want it, that he wasn't ready to lead and that there were many, many others that could take his role of command, and do the best job that anyone could ever do.

The only thing that kept him with that job, was the fact that Master Chief, had said earlier that day - it was only five days since it happened - to a rulling body, that had been broadcast to all on the Channel - which was live, even for Earth - that, "Spartan-219, is correct. There are others that can do the best job, more than anyone else." He looked around at the collected chamber and the cameras around the room. "But I also believe that Spartan-219, can also do it better."

One of the board stood up and asked, "And why do you think that someone so young, can do a better job then the rest of your men. Your seasoned men I might add?"

"Quite simply. He has proven himself to be a true-born leader. He has lead a great many squads into the training teriotory, set up snipers in the best spots, been able to find the quickest way out of a jam and frankly, has more weapons trainning then most of the Spartan, I have ever come across. Maybe seven of us all up." There was uproar about that, but that was etched into Harry's mind... as well as his shoulders, as a great many would slap him on the back and it didn't take long for large purple bruises to form.

Later the same day, Harry was wandering over toward Amy's appartment block, he could hear a scuffle on the inside, just inside the door and could hear Amy's voice, so he bolted into the room, seeing a man that had the same eyes and stance as her, with a woman by the side, with the same hair and hazel eyes, not even holding back the man, like they weren't going to do a thing. But what got him the worst, was a young man that looked nothing like then, had just slapped her down to the ground and it wasn't just a slap, but a hard kick to the ribs as well.

The only thing that the young man saw, was the flash of something red, and his world went black. Harry had hit him with a silent stunner and while leaning down to his ijured girlfriend, cast a series of medical charms to see what was wrong. He'd come across the beating of two hearts and the charms came back that it was his daughter.

Harry reached to his pocket and pulled out a small radio, one he had been given by the medics that 'knew' of his unique talents, calling them and an armed esscort for prisoners. "Dispatch, this is Spartan-219, request Medics and Pris-Escort. One pregnate female, one down civilian and what appears to be the non-caring family members that watched it all happen." He sent a death glare at the parents. The mother had noticed who he was, but the father looked like he was wanting to fight him for doing whatever he did to the young man.

"Right, Spartan-219. We have your signal and will be there in three. Base out."

Harry was still kneeling there when the Medics came into the building. He moved out of the way to talk with the head Guard, when one of the Medics muttered, "Good God, its Amy." He looked up at Harry. "We'll do what we can Sir." They got to it after that.

To the side of the small hall, Harry told the man what he'd seen and what he did in responce, "I hit him with a silent stunner. He'll wake up with a hell of a headache as it was full force and if anything happens to my unborn daughter, I will personally terminate him." The last part was said alittle louder, and he was looking at the parents when he said it.

The father seemed to finally relise how much shit he had brought onto his family.

Harry had hardly left Amy's side, since what had happened, and its were one of the guards from the day before found him. Said officer had come by the hospital, to talk with Harry. They were just outside the door, with Harry watching his girlfriend through the window. She had woken up an hour after the surgery from her wounds healing faster, which had been boosted by magic, as it was asked by, from the head Medic.

"Sir, I can't release the interigation footage to you for another month atleast, but I have been ordered to pass on something, that I would have anyway." Harry nodded for him to go on. "In the father's interogation, he had said that he thought he could get that extra money that was given to Amy. Saying that it was his 'right', because he had added to her birth, so she 'owed' him. The mother was of a similar standing point, but she said she wasn't going with the way her husband did. She said that she wanted her to marry, the 'nice young man' they had brought along with them for her. And totally denied the fact that he hit her, until we showed her fotage from the hallway and she said and I quote; 'She was disrespectful to her future husband and needed to be shown she couldn't get away with it', end quote."

Harry was fuming and he was clenching and unclenching his fists. "Are they still on the Ring?" his voice was cold, but atleast this time the room hadn't dropped in temp.

"Yes Sir. We were holding them for you and Amy to press charges or whatever you wanted done Sir." The officer hadn't been with the standard guards - basicly armed police - on the Ring for long, but Harry and the Master Chief, were two of the reasons he was here. He wanted to work with the best and he got it. "Just one thing before I go Sir. If you need any help. Call for me. My name is Officer Harper. Dean Harper." He pulled off a salute, recieving one in return and walked off.

Harry stayed at the window for a long time. He didn't know what he would do if he had walked into the room when he was in this mood, or more true, he didn't know what his magic would do. He'd had accidental bursts of magic before when he had been like this. The fight with Jet had been one of the lest bad. He'd managed to turn a fueltank on a warthog inside out once, which caused a rather large BOOM with shrapnal, and had also created a mini twister down at the assult course, on another fight with Jet, when he had tried beating him when they came to a non-camera area of the course. That one ended with Jet in the hospital, not remembering a thing.

Sighing, Harry walked over to the nurse's station and said to the nurse at the desk, "Trudy, give us a buzz when she wakes up again, I may have to add a layer." He looked at her meaningfuly.

She nodded her head. "I will Harry. See you soon."

Harry walked out of the hospital and wasn't really heading anywhere, just going for a general walk to cool off, so when he had came to a great lake, he knew he had been walking for more than ten hours. Way more, as the lake was directly above the base, on the other side of the Ring. Looking up, he could see how well definded the base looked and how small it really was. 'Well Trina, what do you think, Apparate back of walk?' he said it at a half joke.

Trina however, was more focused. Since they had bonded, she had been able to tap into his powers and was forever sending out little trendils of it, like a hair that sent out altra-sonic frequancies, constantly. 'Ah, no Harry, I think we should radio in for backup.'

'What, why?'

'I'm picking up the faint active signals of Covenant ships, beneath the surface of the lake. WAY more than a few and they look like they are waiting for something for an attack. Like a signal.'

'Okay,' Harry moved away from the lake, towards an area that was more succluded. 'Give me a secure line,' he felt the go head, "Base this is 219, please come in base. Come in please. Over."

There was the a rustle then a, "Reading you 219, whats the prob?" It sounded like a bored comms link man.

"There are bogies in the lake, I repeat, there are bogies in the lake!"

The voice wasn't much better and it was clear it wasn't being believed. "That is unlikely. That whole area was checked and nothing was found."

Harry was almost as pissed as he had been at the hospital. "Listen you DUMB SHIT. I am a superior officer to you and you WILL, connect me through to someone that can do a better job then you. Or so help me, when these fuckers attack, I will personally hunt you down and skin you alive!"

There was a gulp over the line and a squeaked, "RightawaySir."

"Go ahead, this is Spartan-117."

"Master Chief, this is 219. I'm at the lake and Trina picked up a shitload of Covenant ships, under the surface of the lake. The only way I can figure it is they are lower then the metal that makes up the Ring. Trina says there are enough to wipe us off the map and that they are waiting for something."

"Understood. Deploying troops now. Do you have weapons on you?"

"Just my sidearm and blade at the moment, but... hold on, there is movement by the surface near me... looks like I'm about to have a few more weapons." Harry watched as the Covenant soliders moved about. There was one of the middle sized - he hadn't got the names down yet, everything else he could get, just not the dang names - with seven of the little ones. Casting a wandless translation spell, he almost laughed at what they were saying.

"I swear, if you take any longer then you should, I'mma put my boot in your arse you little runt," growled the middle sized one.

One of the smaller ones just made an obsence gesture and bolted behind the bush with Harry. It didn't even get off a yelp. As Harry cast a Stunner, removed the weapons, skimmed hims mind then adjusted it, sending it back. He did however hear, "I um... stupid water, gets me every time." He heard the others laughing at him, as they headed back down.

When they were gone and it was clear, Trina telling him so, as well as his sences, he picked up the radio again, "117, I have weapons enough for three people, 6 plazma grenades and one of them melene blades." He looked around. "I'll be due south of the lake, by seven degress of the twin trees. Over." There were two clicks, meaning message recieved, before he headed to where he said he'd be.

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