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Forever Under the Sea

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Capture of Spartan 219 by covvies, finding Jayne Cobb and River Tam and then rescuing them.

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Chapter 03 Forever Under the Sea

"Come in 219, this is 117. Do you copy?" They had been trying to contact Harry for the last seven minutes. The craft and carries they had used had slipped around the exterior of the Ring, to come up around the side of the lake, dropping divers and some of the aqua-vehicles, while searching for their man. Only there had been an explosion, where he had said he'd be, and they hadn't heard anything from him. Not even seen a thing. Master Chief was fearing the worse. He'd started looking to Harry as a son and Harry to John, as second father.

About two minutes after that, there were a few clicks on the radio, before a muffled, "Sorry about that, looks like they found me before you guys got here. I think its their tech. They might have trackers in it or something." He coughed alittle, "You know what, dust up here tastes something awful. Anyhow, the attack would prove my theory, as they attacked where the weapons were and not me. Just be careful. These ones are smarter than the normal. Over."

"Roger. Out." Master Chief turned to those in the docking bay. "The enemy are beneath the lake. We will be dropping down in siuts and walking there along the bottom. 219 says these guys are smarter than the normal mob as they tracked their weapons, not his lifesigns. Be careful, if you grab their tech, set the self detonate and throw it at them." That got a few chuckles. They'd all done similar things in missions past and had found out the covvie guns go off with a wonderful little 'pop' with heated shrapnel.

As they descended, the cargo bay doors opened and they all dropped into the lake, sinking quickly to the bottom and starting to walk towards the ships right away. They'd been assigned different ships, from the intel that Trina supplied. Many had no clue how the trina model programe could give such accurate scans and other useful information for intel and the like, or more so, that Trina model, as others didn't have it, but there were a handful that did know. Luckily, Jet was never one of them, but Ross now knew and he was almost friends with Harry, and after a formal apology, Harry had simply asked him, "head or gut?" and it was solved with a whack to the gut.

"219, to 117, come back." Harry was moving about around the edge of the lake, like a true soilder would.

"I read you 219." Master Chief's team had stopped when one of the ships had powered up and started for the surface.

"I have movement up here, big movement. There is a shadow coming from the lake." Harry had stopped when first bubbles came, then a shape of a troop carrier for the Covenant had started to rise from the bottom.

"Be aware that none of our people are on it and that you are to not. I repeat NOT, allowed to give away your postion."

Harry twitched, he was only hidden by a small boulder and they would see him if they moved alittle more out of the water. "Thats not an easy thing to prevent Sir. I'm practicly in the open as is." He sighed and said over the comms, "Well, its about time we see if I'm trained as good as people think I am, huh. Out." He knew Master Chief would try to hale him if he still left the radio on, so he switched it off, as he moved out from behind the boulder. He was right, they did notice him, only they didn't attack.

'Looks like they want a prisoner Harry,' said Trina. Her voice was full of worry.

'I figuired as much. Try to connect with their computers, maybe set it to fly where we want... and send a signal to base, tell them a friendly is onboard. Don't want them shooting us out of the sky.'

'Will do Harry, just becareful, for both of us.'

Harry was lead toward what he only suspected was bridge of the ship. He hadn't seen the inside of ships like this so he was going by feel, and was made to kneel before one of the armor clad middle sized Covenant Generals. Casting a silent translation spell, he caught the end of, "... rtan scum," and recieved a slap across the face that felt like a bug bite.

"Now why is it that you can't even fight like a true worrior and have to resort to hiding and not fighting for your honor?" Harry had shocked them all, he could see it on their faces... what little some of them had.

"How... how is it that a human can know our langaue?" asked the General.

"Easy," Harry said, as he felt his cuffs being pulled up, stood to his feet. "I'm not like the others. I understand." He was looking the General in the eyes. He was wondering why the slap wasn't harder as well, and had the inkling that it was only cosmetic.

"You and you, take the human to my quarters." harry was dragged out of the room walked down a corridor, and pushed into another room, where his cuffs were removed. The guards even spoke with him.

"So, how is it that a Spartan is able to speak our words?" the first guard spoke.

"As I said, I'm not like the others." He was looking aorund the room. On a dresser, or what he thought was one, was photos, all human made photos, with humans in them and a few objects that were defiently human, like a pack of smokes, an unopened beercan, a doll and a few hair brushs.

The other guard. one of the runts, who looked to be armed to the teeth and covered in scars, asked, "Are you the new breed of Spartan?"

Harry shook his head. "No." He knew they were trying to get information out of him, but it was no use, Trina had signalled she was incontrol of the ship so he didn't have much to worry about. Turning to them, he said, "I'm just the standard class, hunter / killer model. Although I am also a techie and I must say, your systems here are pathetic... and I'd hold onto something if I were you," that last part was followed by a lurch to the side, then the pair of guards died, as Harry ended their lives with quick jabs to their unprotected - or in the case of the runt, protected by little more then tissuepaper - the areas ontop of their hearts, followed by another lurch, and Harry running down the corridor he had just vacated, before tageting a few of the other covvies and taking them out.

Trina was a great help at this, as she was busy also pointing out targets as he came upon certain areas. 'Three to your right, but I can lock the door if you'd like.'

'Do it, the less of them, the quicker we get out of here,' he said, as a large middle sized covvie went down in a mass of molten covvie gun, only being spared a single look, before Harry was around the next corner. He was headed for the bridge, mainly on a hunch, but that General, got him thinking and not exactly on things that were all that 'fine' with him.

Meanwhile, down with Master Chief and the others. Many of the other crews, found the ships that they were after, were working correctly, but had very small numbers of crew. Like they were only a show of force. Needless to say, there were many dead covvies, but thats before things started to go alittle wonky.

"This is Black Squad for Master Chief. We have found a small problem Sir."

"Master Chief here. So have we." The Master Chief was outside in the lakebed, with a few of the others. The ship they had just finished scanning, was attched to the Halo's hulk, with what looked like high explosives. "If you come across a device, do not. I repeat, DO NOT try to tamper with it. They appear to have attached their ship's selfdestruct to the Halo hulk."

Back onboard the large ship, Harry had just came around a corner and had to dive into an open room nearby, as there was a hail of weapons fire. "Atleast there is no plazma grenades," he muutered.

'Harry, you are only a deck above the prison cells. I think you should check them out.'

'And why's that?' he asked, as he blasted the wall apart, beside one of the Covenant warriors, hitting something in the wall and flooding the corridor with mist.

'Because I am picking up traces of the particles that were found on you, when the Master Chief brought you back from the Halo's port system.' There was a pause, then Trina spoke up again, in a more urgent voice. 'Harry, its a man and a young girl and they aren't in the best ways... take the door ahead of you and down the hall to the right, it heads to steps.'

'Right,' he said, as he took a dive for it.

Somewhere in the cell area, a young girl, with a mind that 'to most' seemed like it was full of holes, as she was coherant some days, while others she was truely lost. Her names River Tam. She was a Reader. A rather powerful Reader and was trained in many forms of fighting.

The other sharring the cell, was a shabby man, not so much in a look of a street bum, but that of a merc, for that is what he was, even if he was apart of a crew... or was. His names Jayne Cobb. Not too bright, foul and rude, but good with guns and able to hold his own in a fight. He couldn't remember how long the pair had been there, or how long those funny aliens had tried to get them to talk to them. He couldn't understand them and River, heh, she just sat there starring at them. He couldn't help but chuckle at the memory. She was able to fight off Reevers and live to tell the tale. Its not like those little aliens could do much to her.

River looked over at Jayne. "You might want to hold onto something," it was the only warning and Jayne was quick to grab one of the bunks, as he had ignored her the last time and went flying into the bars of the cell, promtly getting a new tan of strips, before the ship lurched again. River laughed at the face Jayne made, he had only managed to grab the bar, when the ship moved and he let out a squeal, so unlike him.

"I'mma put my foot up the pilots arse soon. This is ruttin crazy!"

"That would be harder then you believe, as the pilot isn't human," said a voice at the door of the cell. A distictly 'human voice', with a 'human body to boot'. Harry had just arrived at the last lurch, but was trying to disable the cell doors, as he listened to the bickering.

"Who the go se are you?" snapped a jittery Jayne. The figure before the bars was just over 6ft, with white hair, startiling green eyes and a build that could very well put him in a world of hurt. On top of that, he was only a youngen, covered in what he suspected was the aliens blood and had several weapons on himself, out of pockets and the like.

Before Harry could speak up, the strange girl, who reminded him of a friend of Ginny's named Luna Lovegood, came forward, "Hello Pronglet."

Harry arched an eyebrow at her. No one 'living' knew him by that name, as he only remembered the name from his dreams of his parents. 'Trina, did she just read my mind?'

'I believe so Harry. Be careful,' was the only reply. He could feel that Trina left him. What she was upto, he didn't know.

Pointing one of the weapons at the cell locking system, he fired, watching it overload, he smiled and stepped back from the cell, his face all business, as he held up a gun, "I trust you know how to use one of these? Point, pull the trigger."

Jayne nodded, taking the strange gun and looking it over. It wasn't his beloved Vera, but it was bulky and felt powerful. "I hope you can get us off this ruttin boat, so lead the way."

Harry nodded, about to pass the girl a gun as well, when she bent down double, grabbing the blade, that was attached to his left ancle. It wasn't a small blade either, having been about a foot long. He looked up at her and seen the determind look in her eyes, before he moved up and took point.

They were out and down the hall in a matter of seconds. They hadn't come across anyone and Trina was quite, which alarmed Harry greatly, as she hadn't been quiet like this in such a long time, it made him feel quite alone. Shaking it from his mind, they moved through towards the bridge again. Only the General was there. His people, or what was left of them, were laying around his feet.

"I hereby surrender myself!" he through down his weapons and caught the pair of staisus cuffs that Harry throw to him, fixing them to him wrists.

Harry wasn't to happy with how this went. It all felt too easy to him. Also the fact that for those ships to be in the lake, to get by the techies without being seen, they would have had to been pretty deep, as well as been there since the humans first found this Ring, being over a year and a half ago. It was the closest Ring to Earth and it had a planet with a livable atmosphere as well. It just felt too conveniant, that the General surrended so easily.

'Harry,' Trina spoke up, her presence finally coming back to Harry. 'I found something in the database that may cause alarm.'

'What is Trina?' Harry asked. For somethingto cause alarm, could mean any of a dozen things. And for Trina to half go around it like she has, it wasn't going to be something he liked.

'The ships in the lake are hooked up in a way that if they aren't removed properly, they will explode and the Ring will go with them.' Trina showed him the data and external footage, inside one of the 'rooms' inside his mind.

'Ah cripes,' was his only responce to her. The devices looked similar to the setups for what the UNSC bombers used to deploy the plazma rounds. Actully it looked just like them, which ment that they had stolen tech.

Taking tho steps towards the General, he pulled his fist back at socked him hard enough to knock him to the ground, breaking one of his low hanging jaw parts. As he stood over the fallen covvie, he asked in a deathly voice, "Reight you covvie scuzball, how do I deactivate the devices on the lakebed?"

The general let out a raspy laugh, as he reached up and massaged his throbing jaw. "We would I tell you, Human." He had spoken in fluent English.

"Simple." Harry said, as he took out his sidearm and shit the General in the foot, enticing a scream from the covvie and a muttering from the man behind him. "Each time you don't tell me, I move upto the next joint."

The General looked up at the man before him. This wasn't going at all the way he planned. He had a device set into his flesh that would cause the devices to detornate the second he was taken from the ship, but he didn't count on such a Human as this, to start with torture right away, let alone like this. Humans weren't known for being this sadistic, not with the whole 'Rights of Prisoners' line they seem to work too.

Harry's patience were growing thin. First it was the thing with Amy's parents and that ass that struck her. Than it was the discovery of the ship. Than the prisoners that Trina told him arribed the same way he did, which ment the Covenant stole them from their own universe as well. An now this and he was about to do something bad if this covvie didn't speak up soon. 'Oh screw this!' He moved the gun up and blew out the right kneecap of the General. "TALK!"

The General was withering on the ground, well aware the Human was wearing thin and would indeed kill him slowly if he didn't respond. So, speaking in a slightly breathy voice, "Th-theres a s-small becon imbedded in m-my flesh that will t-trigger the devices and d-destroy the Ring."

Harry's left eye twitched. He rasied the gun up and blew out the joint on the General's right wrist, another squeal emitting from the downed officer and Jayne moved in, stopping anymore. "His down. Stop now." Jayne had been watching hte look that crossed the young man's face. Jayne wasn't what people would call a smart man, but he knew the look of someone who was on the edge and could fall off it if pushed.

Harry nodded. "How do we turn the devices off?"

Looking up at him, the General was shaking, he was truely scared for the first time in his sevice of the Covenant. "R-remove the becon and d-destroy it." He pointed to the large flashing circle on his right arm, just above where his wrist use to be.

River was the one to move forward. She looked so at ease, as shstepped on the side of the arm and used the foot long blade to cut into the arm and remove the becon, before she promptly crushed it under her boot.

Harry smirked at her. She wasn't exactly what he was expecting and she did seem able to take care of herself. The idea of her being a Spartan canidate, also came to mind. He was glad to see that the Program did infact run for both male and females. Turning to his left, he grabbed a small device off one of the dead covvies, it was a small medical plazma-cutter, similar to what would be used to cut open a doorway, but could be used for welding. He grabbed one of the plates froma console nearby, placed it over the General and, ignoring his whimpers and questions, proceeded to weld the plate down, trapping him to the metalic floor. "Just so you can't go anywhere," he said with a smile that never reached his eyes. This day just seemed to be going to shit, every damn second.

'Harry, incoming message from Master Chief. I'm routing it to the man screen,' said Trina.

An image of Master Chief flared into life on a large screen before them, with several others of their people in the background, as well as a few extra covvie prisoners. "Report 219," was the simple order.

"Right Sir," he did a half hearted salute. He wasn't in a mood for being all offical, as he still had Amy on his mind. "I was taken aboard after our last talk. The General on the floor behind sent two of his officers to take me to another room. After a small disagreement involving a few well placed hits, Trina hacked their system to warn base that friendies are on borad."

"Yes, we recieved message about that." He looked to the two humans standing behind Harry. "Who are they?"

Harry smiled, looking back. "Trina found particle signatures, the same that came with me when the basilisk and I turned up." He looked back at them. "The covvies had them in a cell. From wat Trina could grab, the man is named Jayne Cobb and the girl is River Tam and if I may sir, I suggest atleast the girl be given the chance at out unit." Speaking to Trina he said, 'Trina, contact Cortana and share the fact thegirl may be like me.'

'Already doing it Harry.'

The Master Chief nodded. "Thats a good job. All of you." Someone spoke at his side. "219, the techies are down here now, land the ship and return to base. Amy has awoken."

"Yes Sir," he saluted properly this time.

A short time later, the odd little trio were landing the ship, close to the trainning grounds, where it was boarded, prisnors removed and the three left, towards the hospital.

Jayne was wide eyed and looking everywhere. 'Damn. I hope this ain't know Alliance go se.'

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