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Five first

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Other person claims another Kids Next Door member.

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Yeah, um, I hope you figured out this is AU. It takes place in a Comic book. Seriously.

“I really thought that Lincoln kid was going to die”
Numbuh two broke the spellbound silence.
“Did anyone else feel...”
“Like we’re in the comic while we’re reading? I did, Numbuh three.”
Numbuh one sighed.
“Wow. Cousin” Numbuh four breathed.
“Yeah. Wow. How can Numbuh 59 deal with all this?” Numbuh five said.
Numbuh four laughed and said “If Holly were here, she’d say she deals with skill.”

Sector V took the comic back with them to the clubhouse.
Somehow, it made them feel like everything was slightly more okay.
In the comic, Numbuh 59 had survived.
But she didn’t how to get home.
“I mean, Holly doesn’t have any Froot Loops. Holly can’t function without Froot Loops” Numbuh four worried as he paced back and forth.
Numbuh five heard something gurgle from somewhere inside the clubhouse. “Did anybody hear that?” Numbuh five asked. “Did you hear something?” Numbuh two immediately jumped to her side.
Numbuh five smiled. Numbuh two was sweet. A little stupid, but sweet.
“Yeah. I thought I heard something, but it was nothing”
Numbuh five smiled back at Numbuh two, who smiled wider.
“Gross” Muttered Numbuh four.

That night, Numbuh five was having trouble sleeping. She was either too hot, or too cold.
Numbuh five blamed Cree.
She was about to jump out of bed when she heard something.
Something gurgled deep inside her house.
No. No way.
Numbuh five pulled the blankets up to her shoulders.
She thought about Numbuh 59, who got beat up right before she disappeared. She thought about the thin scratches on Numbuh 59‘s neck, and on her face and arms.
I’ll see y’all real soon.
Is what she said. Now is soon, isn’t it?

Numbuh five took a deep breath. Calm down. Chill a little. So the house is making noises. No big deal. It’s nothing.


That one wasn’t the house. Where did that come from? Numbuh five remembered the sharp nails of Other Holly.
No. No she was too young. She-
SHUT UP. Numbuh five can deal with this.

Numbuh five leapt out of bed. She was not going to be taken down by something spooky that looked like her. No way!
Numbuh five grabbed her hat and jammed it onto her head.
Then she started looking.

“C’mon, otha me. I ain’t afraid of you. Show up already!”
Numbuh five sneaked through her house in her bare feet.
“I ain’t afraid of you!” Numbuh five snarled to her invisible foe.
“Who you gonna call?”
Numbuh five whipped around. That voice came from right behind her!
But nobody was there.
“You can’t hide forever” Numbuh five whispered.
“Watch this, sweetie”
Sweetie. No doubt about it that Other Abby was here. But where?

Numbuh five did a tuck-and-roll into her living room. No sign of life. Well, except for herself.
This was getting ridiculous. Numbuh five’s house wasn’t that big. WHERE WAS OTHER ABBY?
Numbuh five sighed in frustration.
She stood up and started to walk back to her room.
“Giving up already, are we?”
This time, Numbuh five didn’t turn all the way around. She looked behind her.
And there was Other Abby.

Other Abby’s nails slid out with a soft shcck.
Numbuh five aimed a kick at Other Abby’s stomach.
Other Abby blocked it and said “You’re not good enough for him”
“Shut up! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Numbuh five snarled as she tried to punch her double.
“He doesn’t love you”
Numbuh five’s stomach flipped.
“You are totally wrong! He loves me.....I’m totally sure!”
Other Abby’s eyes narrowed.
“Oh, you’re a stupid girl. He looks right through you. He will never love you ever” Other Abby singsonged as she dug her nail into the wall.
“That...that’s not true! That’s....a lie.....Numbuh two cares about me! I’m sure!” Numbuh five desperately tried to kick out Other Abby’s knees, but she missed.
Other Abby snarled as she slashed her nails across Numbuh five’s arm.
Numbuh five felt fear, cold fear, seep through her. No. No. Not her. She couldn’t. Not her. Control it. Control it.
Other Abby sighed.
“I’m really disappointed in you, Numbuh five”
She said, and tipped Numbuh five’s head back.
Other Abby sank her teeth into Numbuh five’s neck.
Numbuh five’s eyes opened wide, then fell shut.
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