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Big City Dreams

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The meeting

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Okay so this story goes to my besty katm288 because she is writing me a story called 'Luv Ya 5' about me and Christofer Drew, which includes her and her husband, so I decided to write her part of the story. In all honesty,I think this first chapter kinda sucked. I did my best.'s the story. I hope you like it Kaitie!

OH! Here is the link to her original story...PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! It's amazing :)


Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster. Let's get these teen hearts beating fasteeer. Kaitie sat on the bus waiting for her stop while the sounds of the dearly missed Panic! At The Disco blared through her ear phones. She sat in the last double seater in the back, hoping that a creep won't sit next to her...or anyone at all, blocking her from making a quick exit when they arrive at her stop because we all know how annoying that is.

Where was her destination? Universal Studios. She got a summer job there working as a ride operator for Jurassic Park. Although it could be boring at times, it had its perks.

As the riders came and went, she watched, making sure no creeps got anywhere near her. But she was starting to zone out, and she didn't notice as the cute guy boarded and sat next to her. So when she was tapped on the shoulder, she freaked. She paused the song playing and turned to this guy, a little nervous of who it might have been. But she was relieved to see it was a normal dude.

"Hi." "Ummm hey." "I have a quick question." "Yeah?" "This bus goes to Universal Studios right?" Why would you get in a bus not knowing if it's the one you need to go on. "Ummm, yeah." "Okay good. See, I'm new here. I just moved here from New York 'cause I landed an internship here at Universal." "Oh cool. What for?" "I wanna be a film maker. So what better place to start then at Universal right?" "Awesome." "Oh, by the way, my name is Eric." "Kaite. Nice to meet you."

Kaitie and Eric spent the rest of the bus ride talking. Slowly but surely, and without it evenyoccurring to Kaitie what he was doing, Eric was sneaking his arm around her. Acting as if he was gonna pull the chord to stop the bus, but instead placed it on the bar behind her, occasionally tapping her shoulder, creating closeness. But then it hit Eric, what he was doing. What if she has a boyfriend? He doesn't want any problems, so he pulled his arm back. Well, if she does have one, we'll just be friends. Put in a good word for myself haha ^___^.

They continued talking. " she threw her shoe at me. Never wake up my best friend while she's dreaming of Chris Drew otherwise you're gonna get a face full of converse at 9 in the morning." Eric laughed, "good to know. I'll make a mental note to stay away from the crazy one." Kaitie laughed.

Before they knew it, they had arrived at their stop. They walked and laughed all the way up the hill till they reached the point where they had to separate. "Well Kaitie, it looks like this is the end of the line." "Yeah." Kaitie couldn't help but feel sad. She had a really fun time with him. "But that doesn't mean we don't get to hang. My buddy told me about this place in Glendale called 'Giamelas' that he said was really good. How bout you give me your number and I'll take you. Maybe after work?" Kaitie couldn't help but smile. "Okay!" They exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes before walking away in different directions. Neither of them new this, but this was the start of one hell of a life together.

Hope you liked!

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