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The Adventure

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Rated PG-13 for language.

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So, this is the second chapter to these cheesy story. It's quite random. I'm not sure if I like it all that much. One part in here was just a little out there xD
I promise it'll get better once the two main characters become a bit more,er, exclusive.
Alright, I hope you like!

OH! Here is the link to katm288's original story...PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! It's amazing :)


Today just seemed to drag on. I wanted it to go fast so I can go on my dinner-date...or whatever it is…with Eric.
Finally, the time came to clockout.
After I grabbed my things from the employee lockers, I headed out to the big ball thing in front of the main entrance, where we said we would meet.
I walked towards it and saw him sitting on the edge, playing with his phone. When he looked up and smiled, my heart melted.

“Hey, I half expected you not to show up.” I frowned, “I would never. You’re too cool to skip out on.” He smiled again. “So how was work?” “Oh. My. God!...”
We talked all the way to the bus stop, well, me actually. I was telling him about my day, “So this little kid kept trying to cut in line, so what else was I to do? He was pissing me off, so I kicked him out. I would’ve literally kicked him out, but then I’d get fired. He was so annoying. My kids better not be like that!”
Eric laughed, “I’m never calling you if I ever need a babysitter.” “Ha ha ha, very funny.”

Once we got to the restaurant and sat down, I was felling really curious about his internship. “So what do they have you doing?” “You really wanna know?” “Yea.” “They have me make coffee runs and file paperwork.” “That’s it? Nothing cool?” “Weeell…I get to watch as they’re filming.” “:o lucky bitch!”
Eric looked at me and stuck his tongue out. I can honestly say that I am, legit, jealous of him.
“Man I wish I had your job.” “At least you’re getting paid!” “Yea, true. Aha sucka!”

Soon, our dinner came. Now, being that we are in California, you never when something rather...spontaneous yet pretty normal will happen. As soon as he started enjoying our nice Italian dinner, the table started trembling…along with the floor. “Shit! Oh my god!”
Before I knew it, Eric was at my side, protecting me from any falling dubree…such as the plants above the shelf we were sitting under that almost hit us. Although it only lasted about 5-10 seconds, it felt like it lasted over an hour. I was pretty freaked.
“Are you okay?” I looked up at the man holding me and nodded. “Man, last time there was an earthquake, I was lying in bed. I’d rather die comfortably than at a restaurant.” Eric laughed, “of course you would say that.”
As soon as that was over, we quickly left.
But it’s California…and that was not it. We’ve been waiting for The Big One for quite a few years, I think that time has come.
As soon as we stepped out into the streets, there was a big rumble that sounded like thunder…then came the massive shaking.
This one lasted a bit longer than the first one. It was about a minute long, and in earthquake terms…that’s long. I didn’t even notice when Eric pushed us into an area that would be clear of anything harmful...well not really. We didn’t exactly notice the big glass window that was right next to us. Stupid right? How could we not notice?
I heard it shatter behind me. That’s when Eric flipped us so instead of the shards hitting me, they hit him.
There were only a few that hit him, but it’s still glass that hit him.
As soon as the earthquake was over, we rushed to the hospital. He said he was fine, but I wanted to make sure.
A few hours later, we left the white building. Turns out, he was perfectly fine…minus the few scratches he got.

By the time we got back to my place, it was already 2 AM.
Granted, my mom was pretty pissed. But after I explained what happened, she was (mildly) lenient. I forgot to call, so that wasn’t let go.
I turned to Eric and chuckled, “well this has been quite the day, don’t you think?”
He, too, chuckled, “I’ll say.”
Once we said our goodbyes, I headed straight to my bedroom. I was tired as fuck.
I checked my phone only to find a number of missed calls and texts. Oops, ma bad!
One, in particular stood out to me. It was from my best friend Toni. I laughed while reading it.
‘OH. MA. GAWD! Kaitie I got us tickets to see Never Shout Never in about 6 months!!!’
Of course she would…but 6 months from now? Seems so far away.


It’s been a few weeks since the earthquake. Right now, that’s at the back of my mind.
I’ve been hanging out with Eric a lot. And I mean a lot. Btw…it was so funny when he met Toni. She scared him with her threatening to beat him with a stick she found just ‘cause he compared Christofer Drew’s looks to Justin Beiber (…which we all know is a lie!)
It was so freakin hilarious to see her chasing him with a stick and he running around in circles screaming like a girl!
But that’s not my point!
My point is I think I’m starting to get weird feelings…you know, those feelings.
But I don’t know what to do about them.

So today, we decided to do something spontaneous after work (he finally got a car so I carpool with him everywhere).
We went to the park…to play hide ‘n seek!
“…9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!” I yelled as I looked for Eric.
As I passed the little tube thing, I heard some laughter. Hmmmm. “Oh man, I wonder where he could be hiding?”
I walked over…quietly…to the tube and banged my hands in it as loud as I could.
As I did, an ear-piercing scream came out of it and a body soon flew out and ran around in circles.
I laughed as I chased him, nearly toppling over all the hidden beach pales hiding in the sand from that day’s childish activities.
I soon caught up and tackled him to the floor. “I got you now bitch!”
I opened my eyes after the laughter had subsided only to notice that we were merely three inches away from each other.
Before anything could happen, an authorative voice broke our silence. “Hey! What are you doing!? You can’t be here!”
As soon as a light was flashed on us, I took Eric’s hand and ran for it, “shit! Run!”

We got back to my house and I found out that he lives a few blocks down…why was I barely figuring that out now? I don’t know…
“Well this day has been, er, fun.” I smiled, “yea.”
He gave me one awkward hug before leaving.
I just stood there, not knowing what to feel about what (almost) happened. “Shiiiiiz. I gotta talk to Toni!”
I ran to my room, prepared to spill my guts to my best friend.

Alright, all finished.

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