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Now or Never

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...a step further...

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...alright, I'm gonna keep putting up the link to Kaitie's story, Luv ya 5 since it's the one that gave me the inspiration to write this one....and our stories are kinda intertwined, like the next chapter for example and her chapter First Dance ...

Luv ya 5:

alright, enjoy :)


Six months have gone by and both Kaitie and Eric can't deny their feelings for each other, now it's just a matter of telling one another.
Kaitie was thinking about it and decided that she isn't bold enough to ask him out.
Now Eric, on the other hand, decided that he would go for it.
What's the worst that would happen? She'd say no.
But, what if it makes our relationship awkward? What if-- he shook the thoughts out of his head.
He's not gonna let it ruin something that could potentially be the the rest of his life.

That night, Kaitie received a text from Eric.
Hey, meet me at the Del Taco down the street from your house in about 10 minutes. I need your advice.
She laughed and replied kinky...I need a taco ;).
To which he replied shut up :P

When Kaitie got there, Eric was sitting at the table. "What's up?"
"I have a question. If you wanted a guy to ask you out..actually, let's say Jared Leto comes in and asks you would you want him to ask?"
Kaitie felt a little upset, "you wanna ask a girl out?"
"I do actually, but I don't know how to ask. So I'm asking a girl how she would want to be asked."
Her heart was shattering, but she answered none-the-less. "Well, it would be cute if he came in and handed me a piece of paper that asked 'will you go out with me?' with choices of 'yes' or 'no'."
"Alright, cool. Thanks. I'll be right back, don't leave."

Kaitie sat there alone at the table, watching the man she loved walk out of her life. Once he was gone, into the parking lot, she threw her head down, ignoring all the odd stares, feeling defeated.
Five minutes later, she felt somebody standing next to the table.
Then she felt a piece of paper being thrown at her and some laughter.
She opened the note addressed to her and read it: "Will you go out with me?? Yes. No."
She looked up at the person who gave it to her...Eric. He just looked down at her and smiled. Kaitie smiled back.
She looked down at the note, responded and gave it back to him.
Eric opened it and saw the heart drawn around 'Yes'. They both looked at each other and smiled.

Without a single word, they walked out of the Del Taco, both as content as can be. As they walked out, they both thought my life is gonna be great.
They have no idea what lies ahead for them.

All finished...hope you liked it :)

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SYKE! that wasn't the complete end. I was gonna add this as another chapter, but I figured it's not as important so I'll just do bullet points for it at the end of this one.

** A week later...Never Shout Never concert.
** As soon as I get pulled to the bathroom and Chris jumps off looking for me, Kaitie calls Eric.
** She's freaking out, almost screaming into the phone while Eric is trying to calm her down.
** Eric shows up at the venue ready to beat the shit out of someone.
** 10 minutes later a security guard comes to get Kaitie and brings her backstage with me and Chris.
** I tell her Chris asked me out on a date

** Alright, that's it. Not much. Just thought there would be something missing if I didn't mention it. Alright, Peace my loves!

PS! :O Should I add another chapter tonight??? HINT HINT! :)
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