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Camping trip anyone?

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:O Another chapter? Two chapters in one day?? Yea, I better be loved! hehe
I was in my History of Spain class and I didn't feel like paying attention (like always) so I wrote this...helped pass the time...and I already had Now or Never written out. I'm on a roll!

Luv ya 5:



Kaitie and Toni were out to lunch one day because they were bored and their men were off, busy with their work.
As they sat and ate, Kaitie got a brilliant idea and gasped, scaring Toni.
"We...should go...CAMPING!"
"Um sure...with who?"
"Us! And Chris and Eric obviously. They can finally meet after a whole six months of...not meeting!" It's not their faults Chris was on the road a lot and when he wasn't Eric was too busy at work. That's why they haven't met...
"Yea, that sounds epic!"
This trip will be fun :)
~End Flashback~

Kaitie woke up to the sound of Toni. All she could think was how'd you get into my house? She forgot she had spent the night.
"Kaitie, wake up. We have to get ready to leave. The boys are gonna be here at 9."
Kaitie did as she was told knowing what Toni was capable of when she didn't follow orders.
Soon enough, they were ready. Eric was at the house by 8:45. Toni had to call Chris just to make sure he wasn't lost.
Soon enough, he arrived...just on time might I add...and as soon as they had the car packed, they were off to start their adventure.

Once they got to the campsite and quickly set up camp, they were ready for the activities. By this time, Chris and Eric had formed a Bromance. They had hit it off real quick.
So when it came to parterning up for everything, there was no problem when it was decided that it would be boys against girls.
The first activity they played, a scavenger hunt.
Oh boy, both kaitie and Toni learned never to leave the two guys alone with a walkie-talkie.
"Chris to Kaitie, you're a Half Squat Sluthoe! Over."
"Eric to Toni...YOU'RE BOYFRIEND IS GAY!" "Hey!"
The two girls couldn't hold back their laughter.
Once it was decided that the game was hopeless to finish because of the boy's short attention spans, they headed back to their campsite.
Kaitie and Toni reached the site first.
After about five minutes of waiting for their men, they heard a girlish scream...something about a spider...someone singing, and soon they saw the boys coming back...with Chris on Eric's back, yelling "my horsey is the best horsey ever!"
All Kaitie and Toni could do was a facepalm and shake their heads thinking oh god, what kind of monsters have we created?

After dinner, it was time for the "alone time" part of the day.
Chris and Eric were in the tent, telling each other their plans.
"So what do you plan on doing Chris?"
"I wrote a song for her and learned how to dance. I'm gonna sing it for her and get her to dance with me."
"Shut up! Like yours is any cooler! You're just jealous I can sing :P."
So as Chris and Toni started walking over to the lake, hand-in-hand, Kaitie and Eric headed over to the campfire.
He grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around them as kaitie sat on his lap and put her arms around him.
"So you and Chris get along well? You better, I have a feeling you guys will be around each other for a very long time."
Eric smiled and replied "of course" before giving her a kiss.
When they pulled apart, Eric just stared at her.
After a few seconds he asked "what do you wanna do before you die?"
Kaitie thought about it for a while, there were too many to choose from. "Um, I wanna have a family someday."
Eric smiled.
"What about you?"
he looked at her and with the utmost truth, he replied "marry you."
Kaitie blushed.
After that moment, they just stayed there, in the same position, cuddling and loving the moment they were sharing.

Chris and Toni soon came back, but instead of joining them, they went straight to the girl's tent.
Kaitie yelled "KEEP IT CLEAN!", earning herself a hand poking out of the tent showing the middle finger and a very faint 'fuck you' was heard. She giggled.
A short amount of time passed, and Kaitie wanted her I-pod to show Eric a song so she sent him to go get it.
He walked in on Chris and Toni having some fun (fully clothed people!), although Toni's small body could hardly be seen because of it being covered by Chris'.
The two broke apart and threw a flashlight at him, "GET OUT! We don't interrupt you!"
Eric ran back out to Kaitie laughing.
"What happened?"
"Nothing Nothing."
Do I see a cock-block war between the two boys throughout the next few years? Maybe so...

Anyways, Chris and Toni joined the other two shortly after. They wanted smores and didn't want Eric and Kaitie to eat them all.
This was gonna be one hell of a weekend...

I had some fun writing this chapter haha.

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