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Playing Hero

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The kitchen was total chaos, broken glass from cabinets was everywhere, dishes were broken, a dent in the wall, but why the hell had I not heard any of this taking place?

Then I heard a loud crashing noise from outside, I got to the door in record time, throwing it open, I was not prepared for what I saw. In the front yard, Mikey and Ray were battling a fully grown werewolf, with a platinum blonde coat. Ray had blood on his shirt, he was absorbing most of the fight, not about to let Mikey get hurt, but he was a full werewolves for fucks sake and-

“Gerard!” Harley raced up the basement stairs. “ There’s-”

“Stay the fuck here!” I growled at her, no way would I let her come close to that thing out there, and no way was I going to let him get Mikey or Ray. I knew the ways of killing a werewolf, I knew I couldn’t do it alone, but I could stop the motherfucker for awhile.

Putting every thought but the one at hand into my mind, I raced across the yard, sprung, and landed with a thud atop its fury back.

“Gerard!” Mikey screamed, the thing thrashed, and I was thrown to the ground.

“Fucker.” I groaned, right before its paw collided with my side, tossing me several feet across the yard, and its pounding footsteps followed. With a sharp breath, I gripped my side, feeling the blood ooze from my shirt, Ray stepped between us. “No!” I shoved him as hard as I could out of the way, which gave me no time to dodge the wolves next move, its paw hit my chest with full force, and its metallic claws dug into my flesh. “You motherfucker.” I breathed through the pain, I felt my rage build tripling by each millisecond, the world was no longer color, it was only black and white. My teeth were fully extended, I leapt, gripping fur and sunk my teeth into the beast for all it was worth.

It roared and howled, the massive body shuddered, and I slipped into darkness.


The wolf collapsed to the ground and I watched in amazement as it shrunk back into the nude body of a man, Gerard’s body fell to the ground next to the werewolf and it didn’t move. In the midst of it all, Mikey and a bloody Ray were trying to help Gerard, and Frank was shaking in the doorway.

“No, I’ve got him!” I said to Mikey. “Get Ray inside, clean up his wounds!” I ordered, rushing over to Gerard, Nicole and Lindsey, appeared, dragging the werewolf off to the back yard. Gerard’s face and chest were coated on blood, I scooped him up, though I wasn’t as strong tonight, but I managed to get him inside, lying him on the carpet, not wanting to get blood stains on the furniture.

“Gerard! Gerard can you hear me!” I demanded, ripping his blood soaked shirt off him.

“Here!” Nicole handed me a towel, I cleaned up Gerard’s chest, now seeing his gashing wounds, I looked over at Ray and Mikey, Ray was in much better condition. I gasped when beneath me, Gerard’s body began to convulse.

“Fuck!” Nicole gasped. “The wolf venom! The toxins are spreading into his body.”

“Fucccck!” I growled, I wasn’t going to let this happen. I couldn’t reverse the toxins, but I could give him something to help fight them off. Taking my right wrist and biting down, tearing the skin, blood oozed out and I pressed it to Gerard’s slack mouth. “Please drink it!” I begged, when to my amazement, his lips opened to my wrist, I pressed the blood into his mouth, slowly his lips begun to suck up the blood.

The feeling was slightly painful but bearable, it was nothing like what sharing blood between two vampires is, this was simply giving blood. His hand grasped my wrist and he began sucking harder, I closed my eyes, it was alright, he need this. When it got to be painful, I yanked my wrist back from him, feeling weak, but I sunk my head down to his wounds, they would never hear unless I coated them in vampire saliva, which I quickly did, and fell back on my knees.

“Har.” He said in a tired voice, pulling himself up off the floor, cursing from his wounds. He helped me up, but I swayed. “You need blood.” he sighed. “ Damn it this is my fault.”

“No, I’m fine.” I argued, when Frank stepped closer to me, pulling his hair away from his neck.

“You need it, just do it.” He said softly.

With my weakness and desire for blood building, and with Frank so damned close and smelling delicious, I pulled his small frame against me and sunk my teeth into his soft neck. He let out a little moan and let me drink, I pulled away when I had enough, Mikey then took him into the kitchen, probably to give him something to get his blood sugar back up, Gerard slumped next to Ray on the couch, just as Lindsey busted into the door with an excited look in her eyes.

“I know that look.” Gerard said, while pulling me down on his lap. “What did you do?”

She grinned. “I just may have tied a naked werewolf to a tree.” she said.

“Nice.” Gerard said, pressing his lips to my neck in a kiss and turning to Ray. “What the fuck happened man?

“Mikey, Frank and I were just in the kitchen, talking, and the guy bangs on the door, demanding to know where his creation ism we told him to leave, then he goes all fucking beast on us.”

“Shit.” Gerard cursed under his breath, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket and lighting up. “Alex is dead, and what the hell are we going to do with a naked werewolf tied to a tree?”

“Well, I need to contact Theodore, and tell him we have what he’s looking for.” Ray I said as I took Gerard’s cig, stealing a drag before giving it back to him.

“Silver greatly weakens werewolves, I put his hands in them, so I don’t see him breaking free any time soon.” Lindsey said.


“I’m so sorry Mikey.” Frank said weakly, sitting on the counter.

“Frank, you don’t need to be sorry.” I said, stroking his warm cheek.

“Yes I do!” he said. “If you never knew me, no one would be hurt, there wouldn’t be a psycho killer werewolf in the back yard, Ray and Gerard wouldn’t be hurt!”

“Shh, no Frankie, no.” I said, putting my arms around him. “It’s not your fault, you are wonderful, and you have brought all of us closer.”

“How?” he blinked.

“Well, think of it, if you hadn’t come along, our existence would not have changed so much, Gerard and Harley would have never gotten together, and Ray and I……….you made us understand our love for each other even more, and our fondness to you.”

“Fond of me?” he breathed.

“Yes Frankie.” I pushed his hair out of his eyes. I cupped his cheek and slowly pressed my lips to his warm soft ones, I pulled away to stare back into his eyes, so big and brown.

“But Ray-”

I laughed. “We want to share you.” I told him, kissing his forehead. “it will be just fine, now lets go join the others.”


“Are you sure your alright?” Harley asked me, her face concerned as she looked over my wounds once we were down in our bedroom.

“Fine, just tired.” I sighed, laying down on the bed, I was all ready shirtless. “Your blood is like heaven by the way.” I said, looking up at her.

“Thank you.” She sat down next to me. “Thanks for going out and trying to play hero, but you scared the shit out of me.”

“Trying to play hero?” I asked. “Harley, would you have wanted the fucking werewolf do attack everyone? I wasn’t going to let anyone get hurt when I knew damned well I could take care of it!”

She frowned slightly, and looked away, had I been rude? Intimidated her? Shit. “Harley.” I said softly, touching her arm. “I didn’t mean to snap, I’m sorry.”

She shook her head and looked me in the eyes. “Gerard, I just can’t lose you, not after all this time.”

“Ah, come here.” I pulled her body next to mine so we both lay on the bed facing one another. “I’m not going anywhere, understand?” I kissed her lips. “I’d never want to leave you.”

“Alright.” she said, kissing me again, I could feel passion this time, but my body just wasn’t up for it. I gave her a gentle kiss before pulling the blankets around us. “Sugar, I’m so sorry, but I’m tired.” I put my arm around her waist. “And It seems like you keep healing me, I’m going to have to make this all up to you.”

“No Gerard, you don’t owe me a thing, I love you, that’s why I heal you and stay by your side.” she touched my shoulder. “I don’t expect a thing in return, except your love.”

I chuckled, growing more tired by the minute. “Well Sugar, I’ve got plenty of love for you, but-” I moved closer to whisper. “I will make it up to you, and when I do, I’m gonna rock your world baby.”

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