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Murder and Sex Go Together Just Fine

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“Oh, hey.” I said, greeting Lindsey in the kitchen, she sat on the counter, looking out the window while a glass of crimson liquid sat in her hand. Usually I was the first one to wake, but I guess we were both early risers.

“Good evening,” she flashed me a smile. “The mutt is sleeping.” she said, looking outside to the werewolf man who was still nude and tied to the tree, just slumped in sleep.

“I have no idea what were going to do with him.” I said, taking a seat next to her on the counter, because who needs chairs right?

“I’m sure the guys will figure out something.” she said. “Want some?” she offered me her glass.

“Thanks,” I said, the thirst in the back of my throat burned. I took too big of a gulp, and a little blood spilled out of the glass and seeped down my lip. In a flash of an eye, Lindsey’s head dipped down and licked the blood off my lip, I took a deep breath, and stared back in her eyes, which wasn’t hard because her face was already so close to mine. She closed the distance between us once more and pressed her lips to mine. A little jolt passed from her lips to mine, and I molded my lips to hers.

“That’s pleasant.”

We tore apart to the sound of Mikey’s voice. He stood fully clothed and presentable in the middle of the kitchen.

“How long have you been standing there?” Lindsey demanded.

“Not long,” he said, making his way to the refrigerator. “But it’s not like I get off on it, just surprised.”

“Mikey.” I said. “I don’t judge what you and Ray and Frank have.”

He poured himself a glass of blood. “Oh, I’m not judging, just surprised, is Frank awake?”

I shook my head no and he went down the hall to Frank’s room.

“Nicole?” Lindsey touched my cheek. “I’m sorry, that was out of line.”

“No, it’s fine, I…..I liked it.”

Her ruby red lips formed a smile. “Me too, I just………..I don’t want to jump into anything, I don’t want a relationship like the one I had with Gerard, I want to be sure that there are real feelings being shared.”

“Lindsey.” I took her cold hand in mine. “I know you were hurt when you fell for Harley, but I feel the same way about you.”


“Are you sure you feel alright?” I asked Gerard, we had just woken up and we lay in bed talking, my head on his chest and his arms encircled me.

“I’m just sore.” he said above my head. “Nothing to worry about I will heal, but we might want to get up and see what the others are up to.”

“Now why would we want to do that, when we are so comfy down here?” I teased, running my hand up his chest.

“Well, love, as much as I would love to stay in this bed all night and have my way with you, we can’t.” he informed me, while getting up and pulling me with him. We dressed, I smirked as I watched him wiggle his cute ass into some very tight leather jeans.

“What?” he asked.

“Your too damn sexy for your own good.” I told him.

He shook his head, in a flash he was next to me, hand on the back of my head, passionately capturing my lips, making me feel weak at the knees.

“When we get the time,” he said in a husky breath, is forehead pressed to mine, his hazel eyes looking deep into my eyes. “I will have my way with you, I fucking love you Harley.”

“I love you too.” I breathed, kissing his lips one last time before we left the bedroom and joined the others in the upper part of the house. To find Ray and Mikey outside with the mutt, a naked mutt.


“Can’t someone put some clothes on him?” I mumbled as we joined them.

“You morons took my damned clothes!” the werewolf grunted, looking back up at us.

“No name calling.” I kicked him in the ribs, shutting him up. “Tell me why you are here?”

“I want my creation.” he demanded. “The boy I changed, I want him.”

“He’s dead.” I said, protectively putting my arm around Harley. “Such a transformation took a toll on his teenage body.”

The man let out a low growl. “Then I want his mate!”

“Fuck you!” Harley pulled out from my arm and took a step closer to him. “You won’t touch him.”

“Harley.” I reached out to her but she pushed my arm back, the wolf was obviously getting madder, and she was underestimating his capability to break out of those chains if he got mad enough.

“I said I want him, he’s mine.” The man said, baring human teeth at the moment.

“Listen.” I put myself in between the two of them. “Seeing as you have no reason to be here, other then killing our friend, why should we keep you alive? You already are responsible for one death around here.” I felt my temper rise and the ache in the back of my throat, I needed to feed tonight.

“What’s going on?” Ray’s voice said, not far behind me, I looked around to see my brother and Frank coming towards us, the werewolf growled and ripped at his chains.

“Fuck.” I growled, this wasn’t going to hold forever. “Harley?”

“Yes?” she asked, I caught a slight tone of annoyance in her voice.

“Would you please go down to our bedroom, in the very bottom of my suitcase, I have a pistol, get it.”

She nodded and disappeared into a blur in the house.

“Your just going to shoot him?” Frank protested, taking Harley’s space next to me.

“Yes, he want’s your life, not to mention killed your boyfriend.” I reasoned with him.

“So you are going to kill him?” Frank crossed his arms, I was growing impatient.

“Frank, listen to me!” I growled. “You are a mortal teenager! Your mental reasoning skills are not even fully developed, you have no fucking say in this, so keep out and get the hell back inside!”

Frank’s bottom lip quivered. “No.” he said.

With my temper, my fangs began to elongate, and his blood was so inviting. “Frank, listen here.” I got closer to him. “I could really use some blood right now, you don’t have enough to spare, so I suggest you shut the fuck up!”

“Gerard!” Harley’s hand suddenly gripped my arm, pulling me away from Frank. “Don’t you dare threaten him! He’s scared enough!”

“I….fuck I’m sorry Frank.” I said, I took the pistol from Harley’s hand, making sure there was a bullet in it. I looked around at all the faces of my friends and the woman I loved, I couldn’t let them see me kill someone, I couldn’t do it!

“Gerard?” Harley whispered next to me. I had told her I had killed people before, I didn’t want her to see me kill again. “It’s okay to do it.” she said. “He deserves it.”

I took a step, lined the bullet up with his heart, right before I pulled the trigger he leapt, breaking out in fur and wolf body, I aimed higher and shot, he gave a little defeated howl as his body hurled back down to the ground, right on Frank.

“Frank!” we all seemed to shout at once, Ray, Mikey and I dove, lifting the dead mutt off him, the furry body smacked into a tree.

“Frankie!” Ray took the small boy into his arms, holding him tight.

“Ow!” Frank groaned, looking around somewhat disoriented.

“What hurts?” Ray asked him.

“My chest.” he grunted in pain.

“He probably broke some ribs.” Nicole said. “Lets take him inside so I can tend to him.”

I watched as they all went inside, except Harley, I looked to her, and she put her arms around my waist and her face to my chest. “You did the right thing.” she looked up into my eyes. “Frank will be fine.”

“You just saw me kill someone.” I said.

“He deserved it.” she said simply, leaning up to kiss me. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” I said. “Now lets get this mutt burned.”


“That better?” Nicole asked when she was done bandaging my ribs.

“Yes, thank you.” I said, still very sore. “You don’t have any painkillers do you?”

Nicole shook her head. “Sorry, they don’t work on the supernatural, I could go to the store and-”

“You won’t have to.” Mikey butted into the conversation. “Some of us are going to feed, including me, I can stop in at the nearest town and get you whatever you need Frank?”

I smiled. “Think’s Mikey, just some off the shelf pain relievers will work, and if you brought me back skittles.”

He nodded. “No problem Frankie.” and he bent down to kiss my cheek while I snuggled into Ray’s big arms, he kissed Rays lips and was out the door, Gerard and Harley shuffled through the house, smelling faintly like smoke, then they were gone as well, and wherever Nicole and Lindsey were, I hoped they were having fun…………

“Your so warm.” Ray sighed, turning on the TV. “Will you be alright, I’m not hurting you am I?”

“No Ray, your not hurting me.” I said, I’ve never been close to him like this, only Mikey. Ray was broader than Mikey, had muscular arms and a torso, He also has extra poofy hair I wanted to run my fingers through , so I did, earning a strange look from Ray.

“I’m sorry.” I moved off his lap. “I know you don’t really like me.”

“I never said that.” he frowned.

“You get jealous whenever I’m with Mikey.”

He shook his head. “Mikey and I wanted to include you in our relationship.” he pulled me back to sit on him like I was nothing. “I like you too Frank.” he kissed my cheek. And put his attention back on the TV screen, but my eyes wondered back up to his lips, thinking of how they would feel to kiss, but it didn’t look like Ray wanted that right now.


I giggled as Gerard approached me, after we had gone our separate ways to feed. He had a little bit of blood running from his lips, I leaned up and licked the blood off, followed soon by his lips crashing down on mine, for several blissful seconds.

“Feeling better?” I asked him.

“Very much so.” he took my hand and lead me back to the car. “I also passed a nice little house for sale, tomorrow, I want to go check it out.”

“Really? How we you afford-”

“Harley.” he laughed. “I have plenty of money, I just don’t flaunt it.”

When we reached the house, Gerard seemed down to business, getting down to our bedroom, he locked the door and gave me a very passionate and eager kiss on the lips, knotting his fingers in my pixie cut hair. His hands ran down my spine to my ass, squeezing it then pulling me up to wrap my legs around his waist as we kissed and my arms clung to his neck.

He pulled me to the bed his weight came down on me as we fell onto the mattress, but it didn’t bother me. He began kissing down my neck, then latching his mouth onto skin above my collar bone and a moan passed through my lips.

“You like the sugar?” he growled in my ear, dragging his wet tongue across it.

“Yes!” I shuddered, feeling my body come alive beneath him. I leaned up to kiss his perfect lips, gaining control and getting his jacket off, then his shirt. I lost control then, running my hands down his chest, feeling the flesh underneath.

“Oh Harley,” he groaned. “You killing me babe!” he said, pulling me against his chest and kissing my hard on the lips, my hands wondered all the way down his chest, past his belt buckle, and brushed over the growing bulge in his pants. “Fuck!” he cursed and I found myself on my back against the pillows, the fabric of my shirt being ripped and discarded to lay on the floor, leaving me in a black and red lace bra for his eyes to drink in, of which he did exactly.

He came closer and lowering, kissing me sweetly this time and running his hands under my back to unclasp my bra, I lifted my arms as he pulled it off, but his eyes never left mine. I gasped as our bare chests touched, the flesh on flesh feeling was delicious and sent little shocks through me. His lips found my neck again, biting and sucking, I couldn’t take anymore of this sweet torture much longer, he was driving me mad.

“Gerard!” I groaned.

“Yes love.”

“Touch me, please.” I begged, never have I begged.

“As you wish!” he grinned before his mouth dove down, capturing one of my nipples in his mouth causing me to say his name and arch my back up from the bed, he took his time, then released his mouth and begun placing light kisses down my flat stomach, until he reached the top of my pants, he practically tore off my belt, unzipped my jeans and swiftly pulled them down my legs, letting the pants fall to the floor. His hands moved up my legs to my inner thighs, I gasped and closed my eyes, he was so close.

“Gerard?” I gasped, almost hurt when he left the bed, but it was only to remove his jeans and shoes.

“Sugar.” he chuckled as he kissed my lips. “Did you really think I was leaving you like this?” he said as his finger slipped under the elastic of my panties.

“Gerard!” I gasped from his touch.

“That’s my name baby.” he hooked his finger on the thin material and pulled the fabric down my legs and let that fall to the floor to. I lay on the bed completely naked beneath him, I reached for him, to take his boxers off.

“No.” he said softly, stopping m hand. “Not yet Harley.” he murmured, spreading my legs open with his hands. “Have I told you that recently how god damned beautiful you are? He whispered.

Before I had time to even think about replying, his tongue delved into me, sending bolts of pleasure though my body. My hands tangled in his raven locks, pulling gently but urging him on. It had been so many years since I had received such a treatment like this, and Gerard was by far the best.

Then suddenly he pulled away from me, I whimpered from the disconnection, I seriously needed him right now.

“You taste so fucking good.” he whispered seductively in my ear, running chills down my spine.

“Gerard.” I said, running my hands down his back and looking deep into his eyes, I found the elastic band of his boxers, and pulled them down is smooth ass, he took the off his ankles as I caught full sight him, damn, I became both excited and nervous. I reached out and wrapped my fingers gently around his length.

“Harley, fuck!” he moaned, pleasure was clear on his face. “No Sugar.” he reluctantly un wrapped my fingers. “Don’t do that, or I’ll fucking come right now.”

“Sorry.” I said meekly while my own need throbbed.

“Don’t apologize.” he said taking me in his arms, pressing his forehead to mine. “Ready love?”

“Yes.” I breathed, and he slowly pushed into me. I grabbed his shoulders, he was big, but it wasn’t painful, just a second or two of getting adjusted. Moments late, he began slowly trusting, I closed me eyes and dug my nails involuntarily into his skin as I started trusting upwards to him, in dire need of him.

“Harley, stop.” he panted above me, I opened my eyes to see his beautiful face, sweaty sew hair and all. “You can moan and dig your nails in all you want, but baby please, I want to see your eyes, don’t close them?”

“Alright.” I told him, and he slammed into me. “Gerard!” I yelled, and he continued to do so, it became animalistic, hard and fast and so fucking good, until I felt my insides tighten, my fingers grasping for any part of his body, my back arched and his shout echoed in my ear, as he filled me and my orgasm washed over me.

“Fuck Harley.” he panted, collapsing on top of me and lazily rolling off onto the mattress, his arm around my waist. My body trembled form the aftermath of the mind blowing orgasm he has just given me.

“Yes?” I asked, looking into his big hazel eyes.

“Your amazing.” he whispered, brushing hair out of my eyes. “I can’t believe we spent so many years hiding what we felt.”

“Yes, such a waste of years.” I cuddled up to him. “I’ve never had sex with another vampire though.”

“Really?” He raised a dark eyebrow. “What did you think?”

“Better than any mortal.” I told him. “Or maybe because it was you?”

“Sugar,” he chuckled. “Mortals-humans can’t compete, vampires, oh its good, but with you, it’s simply perfect, because I love you.” he kissed my lips. “But I must say, you wear me out.”

I laughed. “Hey, how about the typical Hollywood smoke after sex?”

“Sounds good.” he grinned, getting out of bed to retrieve his cigarettes form his jacket pocket, when I gasped at the sight of his back. “What?” he turned around. “I know my ass isn’t good to look at but-”

“No, it’s…..fine, but I really dug into your back!” I told him as he sat back on the bed, his back was coated in long claw marks from my fingernails.

He lit a cigarette and blew out smoke. “It didn’t really hurt, besides a little sexual pain never hurts.” he passed me the cigarette.

“Thanks.” I took a drag. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Like I said, you didn’t.” he yawned, pulling me closer.

“Tired?” I asked.

“You bet.” he said, taking the cigarette and putting it out on the ashtray at his nightstand and flicking off the lamp. “Goodnight love.”

Alright, there you have it!
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