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“Ray?” I asked nervously. This evening after we had gotten up and showered and dressed, he was quiet, very quit, he hadn’t even kissed me once.

“Yes?” He looked up, I could see the sadness in his eyes green eyes.

“Babe? What’s wrong?” I sat down in his lap, playing with his fro.

“I’m leaving.” he whispered.

“WHAT?” I demanded.

“Mikey, I’m leaving.” he repeated. “You don’t need me anymore, so, I’m going.”

“Ray please!”: I shrieked. “Your talking non sense! I love you!”

“You love me like you love the rain, and comics, all of which you can easily leave without! Ever since Frank came along I’m nothing to you anymore!”

“That’s not true!” I growled, my vampiric temper setting in. “I fucking love you Ray! Always have always will! Damn it! You think that little mortal means shit to me!”


I could see he was getting furious, but I knew he was lying, Frank did mean something to him.

“Your lying.” I said flatly.

“Really?” Mikey’s eyes were menacing. “When I rip his throat out you’ll see that I’m not!” and in a blur he was out of the room.

Damn it! I raced down the hall just in time to Mikey literally through Frank out of his bed and onto the floor.

“What the fuck!” Frank yelled, looking up to Mikey, I in a flash Mikey sunk his fangs into Frank’s jugular, Frank gave a scream and I heard other footsteps coming down the hall.

“Mikey!” I roared, but it was too late, his head jerked, tearing Frank’s throat open, blood spilled everywhere. I threw Mikey off Frank, Gerard appeared and took him out of the room. Frank lay gurgling on the floor, trying to speak no words coming out. “No!” I screamed. “Fuck Frank, fuck!” and I made a snap decision. He had already lost plenty of blood, he just needed blood now, vampire blood. I bit into my wrist, allowing a small flow of my own blood, then I lowered it over Frank’s mouth. “Frank drink, please drink!” I encouraged him. But seconds later, his lips did fix around the gash at my wrist, and he began to swallow down the blood, despite the fact he was loosing some of it due to his ripped throat. Then he began to suck at the wound, I knew he wanted it now, and I was almost positive he would make it. His dull human teeth gnawed at my immortal flesh, pulling the blood from it, but he had enough, and I took my arm away, he stared up at me, almost hurt, with the loss of my wrist.

Blood dribbled down his full lips, I wanted to lick it off so bad, but then his body gave a sudden convulsion, he gasped, sucking in air, and fell back to the ground, the change was working, he was turning. I scooped him up and held him in my arms, trying to make this as least painful as possible.

His shaking stopped, and I looked down to see the gash In his neck healing itself, his skin was turning luminescent white and flawless. His chocolate brown hair got a little more volume and shine, his lashes became more defined as his eyes closed. I pressed my ear to his chest, and heard no heartbeat. He was changed, Frank was now a vampire.

I looked down at his little body in horror, I don’t want this for him, but Mikey had left me no choice. How could Mikey have reacted like that? What was wrong with him? The Mikey I fell in love with would never do this! I felt cold tears ooze from my eyes , I can’t remember the last time I cried. Mikey had taken Frank’s life, and I had just given him immortality.

“Ray?” a soft, silvery voice whispered. I looked down to see Frank open his eyes. The honey chocolate color seemed to glow, his eyes looked so beautiful. “Don’t cry.” he whispered, wiping the tears off my face. “You saved me.”

“I………….I….-” Frank gently pressed his lips to mine in a sweet little kiss that made my lips tingle.

“Thank you Ray.” he smiled.

Ok, hope you like it!

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