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(to G's relief) Frank and Gerard get busy in the bedroom... Do go on.

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FRANK: I would give Gerard anything he wanted in that moment. I didn't care, I belonged to him for all it mattered. I myself had never felt such a flutter through my heart knowing what was going to happen next, this was sure to go somewhere. What was best though was that this couldn't be any more different from time I had been violated. This was a sexual experience to really enjoy. It never felt so good, grinding our hips like crazy and know it's going somewhere instead of Gerard shying away.
Gee rubbed my collarbone and spread his legs apart to lower himself down onto my body. He nuzzled my jawline, now crouching over me.

"Frankie," Gee kissed up to my ear in a slow luscious line. He knew his hot breath was making me go insane!
"Nmm, Frankie. You know what we both want, don'tcha?" he pressed my head into his chest.He was heaving deep breaths and sighs.

"Will you give yourself to me?" He asked. I stretched up painfully to kiss his chin. Every word was making me shudder happily.
"Well? Will you?" he asked once more, running his hands in a ghostly-light way through my hair.

He pushed me to sit up and Gerard wrapped his legs around me tightly, rocking us back and forth just the tiniest bit.
"Yes. Anything you want, I want too!" I breathed, drawing close to join our lips but was left within inches from Gerard. His grip loosened. I stroked up one of his thighs to maybe show my point. He kissed me, his cool tongue waging war on mine, licking and nibbling my lips. His thigh was cool and relatively smooth and it felt good to just stroke up and down to a slow rhythm.

We stayed in that position for ages, silver and grey from the moonlight, tinted with reds and blues from the city. Gerard backed away, grinning each time I was to kiss him, only to let our lips collide in the middle. I was in for the teasing, I was in for anything.
Gee clasped his hands behind my neck as I had mine around his waist. He ground his hips down into mine with monumentous pressure, pushing groans out of me. As soon as I arched my neck to cry out he'd attack my neck instead, his tongue tickling me further and triggering my skin into hot blushing flame.

I whined, dragging my nails down Gerard's spine as he teased me even more, fingers dipping under the waistband of my undies, lifting it only slightly to snap back onto me. He guided my hands down to his own boxer-shorts where I played distractedly with the material, unable to tear it off to my annoyance.

It seemed very sudden when Gerard unwrapped himself from me.
He pushed me quite hard into the bed and told me to get on all fours in an unidentifyable tone, sounding acidic yet kind. I did as instructed and faced the headboard. We'd had enough of the kind lead-up.
My hands and knees were comfy being absorbed into the thick hotel matress and I tensed up with pleasure at the next anticipated move on Gerard's part. This was it, the beginning of something to never regret.

GERARD: This, our first time, would be something never to forget. I'd never forgive myself if I made it too rough for Frankie. This night was his, he was getting my everything. I had to be on the kinder side and then after that - anything goes. I'll see how far he'll allow me to go first before making any further decisions. Sure, my cautions could fly out the window once I was there but I hoped I'd have the sense not to tear him up.

I'm such a giver, aren't I?

"Relax baby." I soothed, rubbing his leg with a thumb. "Now, I'm only testing your limit." I cautioned warily in a soft tone though I was anxious to get it over and done with so the real fun could begin.
"Okay. Just go slow Gee." Frank whispered. I nodded despite he couldn't hear.
I slipped down his underwear after I took off mine and knelt there, so very tempted to give Frank a handjob there and then. I restrained myself, mind set on the delight before me and waited until Frank's shoulders relaxed before sucking on 3 of my fingers, ready to test his limits.

FRANK: Gerard slipped a finger into my entrance and held it still before slowly adjusting it's place. I tensed up a little, and tried to relax again. It stang but I managed to arch my back and get used to it relatively quick. We both wanted this so much. It'd secure our place with each other even further. Bound, forever.

He pushed in deeper in short stages until I could feel the rest of his hand against me. Gerard moved his finger from side to side and I groaned from the unexpected pleasure gained from it. I was surprised how easy it was at first. Of course, that was before Gerard pulled back to let another one in.

He added another slender finger where I took a short hiss, then another finger followed it quickly. I arched my back even more, unsure wheather he wanted me to make a sound yet.
"That okay?" Gee asked. I nodded in reply, biting my lips. He sighed deeply then pulled out fast. I couldn't let him know if it really hurt or not, I was scared he might go too easy on me. I was crwzed for something rough, though if I had any idea how 'rough' Gerard could be...

I stared into the headboard before me, suddenly scared as hell. There was nothing to tell me what it would really feel like, despite my previous experience. It was uncomfortable but I was not going to back out. This was gonna be fucking, breathtakingly amazing for us both! There was no stopping it.

"Right, Frank you stay relaxed now." Gerard instructed with a purr. "Let me do the work."
I could hear the dark smile in his voice. So dominant of him. He spat again on his hands.
I grinned darkly and clutched the bedsheets.
Gerard went forth and I felt the very tip of his member coming into contact with me. I took a sharp intake of breath, preparing for anything. Then he just plunged in without further warning.

I screeched with the sudden and unexpected sensation. Gerard sat still for a few moments before moving in deeper. Gerard's body was on my back and he ran his hands up and down my sides, before grasping the ends of my hair. Gee pulled it back slightly, moved back, then hammered hard into my prostate. I flinched, only making it tighter on myself, yet intensifying the pleasure, making me pant hopelessly, trying to to focus on something. I moved with Gerard, but squeeled. Three fingers were not enough to prepare me for this! Not even 6 would've been satisfactory by the feel of it. The pleasure countered the pain though and even with Gerard stretching me so far I let out another shudder at the contact.

"My name Frankie? " Gerard said through gritted teeth, starting to move out slowly. Excrutiatingly so.
"Gee!" My eyes were sealed shut, all my senses focussed in on Gerard.

"Again!" he hammered me harder, a second time, jolting me forwards.
"Ughh, God! Gerard!!" I wanted to tear the sheets that I gripped so tight. He pulled on my hair harder now, hopefully unintentionally. I tipped my head back and caught a glimpse of those dark eyes. I pretty much screamed, but I enjoyed it at heart.

"GERARD!!" Now I was actually smiling. "Faster!" I urged daringly the word dancing off my tongue, wishing away the word as soon as I said it. Gerard tugged at my hair, pulling me to face right and left, matching the pivoting of his hips, pushing me, digging into me.

Gerard slammed into me repetatively over and over. It hurt so much at first, there was no telling if I'd get used to it at all! I felt raging tears roll down in burning lines down my cheek but was still smiling.
Fortunately I did get used to him, but not so much that it didn't feel so good. My mind slid from the pain, to the immense pleasure in an instant. I cherished every movement of Gerard on me.

"Oh! Ung, Oh God yes Frank.... Agh!" Gerard froze for a second and raised his hips up, bringing me with him. He yelled and I felt something explode inside me. Gerard had come, and that only made me even more crazy.

Gee's nails raked my ribs, growling and swearing under his breath as he went. He seemed very angry for something so beautiful. He worked with hard, deep thrusts, each deeper than the last. I was pretty much being swung back and forth with him.

"Louder Frankie." he hissed, nuzzling my back, nipping sfotly with his teeth.
Then it hit me, I knew it. That familiar feeling, multiplied by one hundred. I was going to cum. But if I lifted a hand, we'd both collapse. I didn't want to ditch my load on the bed but there was nothing I was able to do about it.

"Gerard! I-I'm about to -" As normal, I mentioned something to late. My stomach got splattered with my own cum, but that didn't stop the ride. All my feelings elavated with the orgasm and I jolted around even more with Gerard and moaned twice as loud. It was just a seconds panic.

"We're changin' hun." Gerard muttered. I had no idea what he meant until he grabbed at my hips and he flipped me with one, quick motion onto my back. I let out a strained cry with the obvious pain involved with such a change. At least I was on my back, but Gerard being Gerard, it was not to be simple. He shuffled up closer to my face, up my body. My legs were bent so that my knees were almost down to my head, my ribs being pushed down as Gerard did his work. On my back it felt even better, the pain slightly eased off from my insides to the rest of my body. He managed to go deeper too, which would have seemed unimaginable only moments previously.

I began to pull at my own hair as well as Gerard did his thing. It was too sore though, I knew it would be. It was getting to be too much. Though I had only spent mintues on my back, I was scared of what it could be doing to me.

I arched my back and felt my arms and legs get heavier and I noticed just how badly my ribs ached, restricting the air I could take in.
Gerard's sweaty hair stuck to my shoulders as he rolled his head from side to side.
"Ugh ... motherfuckin'....Mi-! " Gerard sounded so angry, and I could felt it too.
I was aching, my joints, tired. I really tried to keep going, but couldn't. I could see everything get out of focus as the pain set in. I howled louder than anything when I started to want it to stop.
I begged for Gee to stop many times before he took notice. My knees were about to turn to dust as well as crush my ribs inward.

"Gee! Stop!!" I wheezed one last time. He left me quickly. As soon as Gerard withdrew I let my legs snap down so I was lying noramally on my back with him between my legs. The waves of orgasm still washing over me. I rolled over, relieved and euphoric.
I had no idea how long we'd been at it but it seemed like forever. Over an hour perhaps. The endless pulling of my hair, change of position and Gerard's constant hammering seemed to throw off my internal clock.
We caught our breath and Gee lay beside me. I let my eyes slide shut.

"Ow." I stretched out to get my underwear but to no prevail.
"You like that?" Gerard propped himself up on an elbow, surveying me through sweaty hair.
"Loved it. Fuckin'.... Amazing!" I whispered, so badly out of breath I could barely speak right.
"Mmmm" he settled beside me on is side and buried his face in my neck.
"I so own you. Happy birthday gorgeous." Gerard croaked, his voice dry and scratchy.
Gee played with my hair idly for a while with weak hands. My head hurt a little but I didn't care. "So pretty...Sorry about that Frank." He was referring to when he was pulling at it.

He was stupid. He had just made me the happiest guy on Earth! Why would he need to say sorry?
I just felt weightless and done out of my mind!
"Love you, Gerard"
Hey, I didn't even care we were both still naked. I was tired and happy, both reasons not to put on clothes again.
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