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The best present he could give...

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because it was so hard to keep it secret for so long. in other words, SEXY TIME! well almost >.>

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FRANK: In the time I had to think clearly between Mikey going and Gerard coming I regretted at once giving Mikey my number in the park the way I did. Shane hugged me and slipped the paper in my pocket so I did the same to Mikey, to see if it'd work....
Although I entered Shane's number in 'contacts' right away, I still had the slip of paper around. Somewhere...

As it was Hallowe'en, children were trick or treating and when the doorbell rang, I shivered.
"Trick or treat?" A small girl chirped. She was dressed as a witch, her cheeks were rosy and shiny: she was really young. She had cute tight curly hair as well but the cuteness factor rerely 'gets' me.
"Treat." Before she and her possee replied I thrust the bowl of candy at them, eager to get them out the way.
"3 each.' I reminded. They left, giggling, probably about to tell all the other kid how "The short funny guy gives you free candy!"

The doorbell rang again and I was already fed up.
"Dad! Come here!" I yelled. Hopefuly he would take up pacifier duty. He's good to other kids.
He came right away so I opened up the door.

"Gee!!" I squealed, cuddling him inside.
"Ah, sweetie!" he glanced at Dad.
"Your room then?" He began following me up but Dad stopped him.
Dad whispered something, Gerard nodded then he came upstairs again. I stopped halfway up the stairs to wait for Gerard to cathc up.

"What did he say?" I asked, concerned a little.
"It's to do with the main present from us all. But, open this."
Curiously, I opened the neat, squishy package. Rippy jeans!
"Tha-!" Gee got me on the bed, on all-fours above me in the preffered position.
"Wanna know the other present?" Gerard grinned.
"Yeah!" He held my wrists that lay on either side of my head. He drew in teasingly close to a kiss.
"The Misfits." he licked my chin briefly, Gerard was shaking from contained excitement, "Knitting Factory, New York, tommorrow night."
"Who...?" I wanted to sit upright but Gee had me well and truly pinned.
"Us! And, best of all, we're staying in a hotel tonight." He let me kiss him in a hurry. He laughed happily.
"Whu-, ch-, FUCK!!" I threw him off, unsure of what else to do. I needed space to celabrate crazily, jump around, have a one person party.

"We really... We're all alone too? Tonight we're... Oh yes! Gee...!" I took his hand and held it tightly, nothing could show how exhilarated I was about this.
"Better pack, my Mom's taking us to the train station at 9:30." Gerard sat on the floor to watch my insane reactions as they carried on.
As fast as I could I tossed all sorts of clothes into a small suitcase then tackled Gerard again.
"Gerard!! I so fucking LOVE you!" I didn't know what else to say! I kissed him all over his face making loud 'M-wah!' sound effects as I went along. Not caring where they landed as long as it was some place on Gerard.

"Gonna see the Misfits!" I exclaimed so loudly that Ray next door might hear.

As we went out the house Dad handed me some money.
"Separate rooms. He's only going beause he wants to take you remember. Don't you do anything... Shady Frank." I smiled, wanting to give him the old 'one-fingered salute'. Separate rooms! Hahaha! It was awesome, that feeling. It was like being swept up in a hurricane of only the best emotions.
In the car I simply held onto Gerard's arm. He smiled down at me, knowing how fast this all was. I just had to take it in all at once. It couldn't be a dream, really.

It wasn't - as soon as we werre on the busy train I knew it wasn't. I practically dancesd through security. I held Gee's hand, talking random shit until I nodded off.
At one time I announced to the whole carriage: "I'm seeing the Misfits with THIS guy!".
It was worth the odd looks. Anything was!

GERARD: I was so happy as well. I watched the changing scenery outside. Freeways, fields, skyscrapers getting ever taller. We were so fucking close I could taste it!
The train stopped with a screech, surprising Frank. He looked worried until he saw we were at our stop. I could sense the buzz between us, and mine was ever higher as I knew what would happen tonight.
We both got a thorough taste of New York trying to hail a taxi. It took 20 minutes. When we finally got inside the cab the driver spoke barely any English so I braced myself for ending up at the wrong place. We were silent as we passed Time Square, watching the lights splash the sky with a bright glow.
Thankfully, we ended up at the right hotel, 'The High-Rise, 3 star'

"Reservation sir?" The concierge asked in a bored and bland nasal tone.
"Gerard Way and Frank..." she peered at thecomputer screen, "Iero?"
"Yeah, that's us."
"Frank-fucking-WAY!" Frank sang, still hyped up. As was I! The lady ignored him, like he was either a tall child or strange teen. I took up his hand once more to feel the powerful buzzing sensation when we connected. I was plotting the actions I'd take later on.

"Room 529. Enjoy your stay." She handed me the room keys.
We took the stairs to floor 5 and hunted down our room. I was going through what I'd do. It wouldn't be too hard for Frank to understand what I wanted. I knew he wanted it too.
"Smells like hotels." I remarked, still shaking a little with anticipation. You have no idea how hard I found it to hold off sex for so long. I was fighting ever urge in my body to tackle him to the ground and reminded myself of how much better it would be with some form of foreplay beforehand. It better be worth it ~
"We're in a hotel...!" Frank said. Each comment was as dumb as the other.

"529!" I slotted the keycard in and opened the door. The setting of our first night truly alone was to be revealed.
Excitement jolted down my spine in jagged waves of relief and content.
"King size!!" Frank ran into the decent sized room, getting onto the bed. I shut the door behind me and took a proper look.

At the foot of the springy bed was a TV.
I noticed the bed was springy when Frank jumped on it and landed on the sofa beside it.
Sure the wallpaper was peeling a little, but to me, it was perfect! Anyplace with a bed and Frank and being alone was just the perfect setting for his secret birthday present.

"Ah! Balcony, Gerard!" Frank opened the glass door with a 'whir'. Stepping onto the little balcony was stunning! I stood in behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist. All of New Yorks' lights, shining brightly onto the tiny balcony. Frank looked up at me smiling in a realtively controlled manner, I think he understood what mood I was trying to eminate. He leant further into me then mumble about being too cold and went inside, a smile on his smug face.

I did too when I heard a burst of music. Frank was on the bed, already watching TV, his eys seeming barely able to take in whatever was going on. He was deep in thought. Most of all, he had calmed down. I wasn't sure how to ask though, I wasn't sure if he'd feel intimidated if I asked too burtually.
"Well, nothing's on, so...Sleep?" Frank decided, rolling onto his back. I happily obliged, too aware of my sweating for my liking. I stripped to my underwear sparing no time.
Frank turned out the lights and climbed into bed with me

FRANK: A little shyly and unsure of myself, I lay my head on Gerard's pillow. I wanted to be closer than ever. This time we were more focussed, more serious. I could see Gerard had this determination in his eye.
Although we'd shared beds before, this was different. We were more close, in more ways than one.
My legs interlocked with his and Gerard's hand coursed my back. He let out soft moans.
With my arms around him, I whisperd goodnight and rolled onto my back, sighing and praying that something would initiate from this.

I stayed awake, thoughts rushing through my head. A few minutes later I saw Gerard's silhouette sit up. I saw the glimmer in his eye. It was one of pure sex-fuelled... mania. A glare that pierced me through the heart and left me gagging for more. This was one look he had spared me and I wanted some actions as a follow up.

He reached out to touch my hair then got on his hands and knees, a wry and gorgeous little smile just showing up on his focussed face. I knew what I was gonig to get. I prayed he'd give me what I wanted. I was ready to give consent, and had been for some time though only in those deathly fleeting horny moments. This time, I was ready to give myself to him for more. Though it was primarily just because I ached to have him, this had a hint of romance tied in too.

"Mmm, Fra-ankie..." he croaked.
All of a sudden, without warning, Gee straddled me. He rolled his hips back and forth on mine. He knew what I wanted.
It felt impossibly great! What felt better was knowing that more would have to follow.
"Oh, god." Before I could let out more moans he put a hand on my mouth, smothering me.
"Just call me Gerard, sugar." Nice one.
I gently removed Gerard's hand and kissed each finger longingly, nuzzling his palm. By this point I was so turned on!
I dragged my lips across his hand, assuming a look of serious-ness. I pushed his damp hands into my chest and I moaned more as he just pushed into me, rolling his hips.
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