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Gerard and his storytime

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Gerard tells Mikey the gory details about what he plans with Frankie ;)

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MIKEY: Why didn't Frank just tell me his number? He just gave me this little scrap of paper instead. The secrecy made me a little suspicious. Come to think of it, Frank can be quite... pushy with me. I mean, pushing himsefl onto me. In the park for example he kept bringing up such odd topics and was so affectionate. Not that I have a problem. I should but I don't.

I considered telling Gerard the number but he never uses his mobile really and he should already have Frank's number. And he might hit me if I turned out to have Frank's number too. Well, there was so doubt some punishment would be involved. The last thing I needed was more dripping wax...

Gerard's getting angry and voilent again, I know he'd peak again. When Jimmy left school, then a year or so after, Ray went, that was when he got to his worst. He'd relentlessly batter me around. I'd always forgive him and hug him tight afterwards, tell him I was still there, that I love him. But his violence calmed when he met Frankie, for a while. I had no big bruises anymore. Plus Gee is happier, and that's what I want. I'd do anything for us to be happy. Something we've never had without this violence between us.

I sent a text to Frank's number [or is it...] saying, "Hi. Testing, testing..."
I got a reply straight away strangely:
"Hi baby. Haha! U know, I think u needa look around a bit more. U could b missing out on a perfect chance right in front of ya face!"
I stared at the small screen, barely believing what I saw. Just, why was he hinting something like that? I thought he didn't want me in that way! And I surely couldn't disobey Gerard or hurt him in any way. But nor could Frank! And the wording... it amde no sense wahtsoever.

"You're not gonna try to steal my friends again, are you? Besides, you are all I really need."
I remembered Gee hugging me, 3 years ago after I had talked to Ray once while he was at our house.

I made Ray laugh lots with my little jokes but Gerard told me it was selfish. It was true. Without him guiding me I am selfish and bad. Thats just one reason why I love Gerard so much. He wants to make me an even better person.

Even still, this situation is different, Frank likes me more than I like him, it seemed. He liked me more than I could like him back. That much was pretty much confirmed. Well, liked me in a different way, perhaps? Maybe I need more independance from Gerard's rules? If I didn't let him know about things Frank implies or what I tried on Frank, we're all okay.

Still, I felt an increased buzz for the next day. Though I knew what Gerard had planned for the night. He wouldn't stop talking about the 'romanticity' of it all and what they were gonna do... I bet he wouldn't have the guts to be so lusty and bondage-y when they did it. He's too sweet inside. He was going on, grinning as he told of how he'd 'drill a hole in him' etc but I knew he's too nice for al that, not when it's someone so special to him.

31st October ~ Frank's birthday
All day, right up until the point I was at Frank's door I felt anxious, exhilarated and confused slightly.
Frank's door opened before me.
"Happy Birthday!!" I announed, handingank the card. He opened it and let me inside.
"Come to my room, oh, $20! Thanks!" He pocketed the cash and put the card on his desk.
"So, what'cha want to do?" Frank asked. I put a gloved hand on my collar and closed it to a fist.
"Okay, to a cafe?"
"I'll pay!" I added quickly.
"You don't have to."
"I will!" I insisted.
The decent caf�s were full so we got a Diet Coke, cookie on a stick and Lemonade to go. We sat at a bus stop alone.

I had to bite my lip to stop myself pissing myself with laugher as Frank thoughtfully and deliberately munched the cookie. He chewed so slowly!
"Mmm, crumbly, yet...Soft." he commented seriously, like a proper critic.
Frank polished the cookie off and shuffled up to me. I slung an arm over him.
"What's the time?" he whispered.
"Oh, oh! Let's go!" Frank encouraged.
"You're so excited aren't you?" I smiled at him.
"Yeah! But you are just as fun as Gee!"
He must have said that out of pity.

I noticeably shuddered at the thought of the night they were going to share...
Gerard's body curved around Frank's as they peacefully slept. "My everything." Gee would have Frank in his arms as his own. I would seem so irrelevant to them both. I'd be a 'nothing' once more.
"Y-You have fun tonight." I said, whipping out my phone.
"Oh, what's your number Mikey?" Frank suddenly asked.
"Don't -, didn't you..." I babbled.
"No? Spill!" Frank urged.
I read my number off the screen.
So, the number I got from Frank first wasn't his. Otherwise he'd of seen my number with the text I sent. Therefore, not needing mine. So why'd he give me another number?! Something really was wrong.

SHANE: "Hey 'babe'. Howre you? Frank" Wow, Frank was an eager one, a sweet one too. Had he changed his number though? It was him both texts, definately! Hmm, But he's so small, would he last me if I got him...?
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