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Onwards! To October

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Ah, October. Which holds dear Frankie's birthday. You know what THAT means...

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We now skip to October in our love-tastic tale. Ah, October, the month Gerard has awaited for so long ~ Things can only get dirtier from here. (At long last!)

GERARD: Our relationship was as strong as ever, Frank and I. Between his work at the newsagents and mine at a cafe we met up. Which was a lot of course, since our work didn't exactly last a full day anyway.
I was only working at this cafe as a temporary job though.
But it did seem to me that even on October 30th, the night I'd give Frank my present was years away.
I had been a very good boy, holding off any sexy things but getting reasonably close was no easy matter. It was getting so outrageous that even having Frank sit on me made me go crazy and want to just ~ to put it nicely ~ rip off my clothes, Hulk style, minus the convenient shorts. Oh, he'd notice. And he wouldn't help either. For a while he had a nasty habit of whenever he felt me get hard, instead of getting up and making excuses, he'd slowly grind his hips on mine.

We'd felt up each other through our clothes a bit, groped and everything but the most naked we had ever got was into our undies. Frank would drop hints now and then but I simply changed the subject, knowing how easy it'd be to give in. Frank was gonna have one hell of ride on the 31st. It was going to be a relief though, he kept asking me or hinting he wanted something more and it annoyed the hell outta me. I have been seriously so close to submitting and just flipping myself out my pants.
Seriously, his other present also benefitted me.

I remember only 2 nights ago I had Frank staying over where we had had one of those longing moments that turned into something else entirely. (thankfully)

We were holding hands rather idly on the bed. I'd recently got a new jacket which I never took off. It had warm, long sleeves to tuck my fingers into. It was getting cold anyway by that time of year.
Frank asked why I didn't ever wear a different jacket.
"Well." I began, turning to face him. "What would you like to see me in?" My lips twitched at the edges when I looked at him.
He instantly caught on. He got closer to me. "Or not." I added.
"Maybe a..." he slid a hand along my body and rubbed the elastic line of my undies, stroking tantalisingly from side to side.

"Nothing?" he said, his hand slowly moving down.
"What, nothing as in, like this?" I teased, kneeling up. I shurgged off my jacket, then peeled off my shirt.
"Less!" Frankie giggled, lying at my feet. I undid my belt with, painstakingly slow and let it hang undone while I got to unzipping, staring Frank's happy grin down until it was a hungry excitement. He jeered me on until I was in my boxers.
His eyes were big and he barely whispered, "Strip, Gee." the playfullness turning into something else.
"All fours, and close your eyes." I said, seriously. I flicked off the lights and pounced on Frank. He knew I wasn't naked. I overcame various urges by venting it all by tickling him, drowning us in his high little giggle.
"Ughn, yeah, take it!" I joked, barely trusting myself to thrust without getting too crazy.
"Gee." Frank collapsed. "It doesn't work with clothes on."

30th October

I already had the jeans for Frank's present and Mom said she had the tickets and everything else sorted out for us. I had blown a lot on the surprise, just about all of it was directly from my wallet.
I was so excited, the present was gonna be great, for the both of us! I went out to get a card on my own, knowing Mikey would likely be home when I got back from wherever he went. Usually I don't like him to go out on his own, but I was in such a great mood I waved him off.
The park and sidewalk had piles of different colour leaves all over, so I kicked them up childishly - just for the hell of it.
went to Joe's Dad's minimarket and picked up a Hellboy comic and Frankie's card.
On my way home through the park I saw someone like Frank outside the bathrooms. I passed it off as being a mere illusion, seeing as my mind was full of thoughts of Frank anyway.

Surely it wasn't Frankie though, so I thought nothing of it.
Mom watched me in my crappy attemts to gift wrap Frank's jeans. I kept ripping the paper in my futile attempts.
"He's meant to rip it, not you." she joked. After she wrapped it neatly in a flash she sat me down to go over soem ground rules, "Okay Gerard, tomorrow, you know what I'm going to say, yes?"
I whined, unable to hold back a grin when I even thought of that date.
"Yes mom, nothing 'immoral' shall go on, I'll take care of him and not let him out my sight." I vowed, supressing laughter as I pictured us doing what I had pretty much promised not to do.
"Good, and don't do anything either you or his parents would disapprove of. We're trusting you here!" I smiled sincerely, still a little shocked she had agreed to all this. It was all so perfect I had to pinch myself.

Mikey came back at 5pm, which was weird of him to be out alone for so long.
What if something had happened?! I almost kicked myself for trusting him like that so soon...

He shut the front door and gave me a long questioning look and said slowly, "Frank was at the park y'know. It was just us but..."
He flinched as soon as the words left his mouth. I opened my mouth to let loose but he cut in, "Sorry! Gee, if I knew you wanted to see him, I'd of got you!"
"And why didn't you?! Mikey! How could you even fucking...!"
"I... I dunno, it was fun and I had forgotten. If you wanted to see him, why didn't you....?" Mikey pressed himself against the door, away from me. All it needed was a little coaxing to get him into my arms.
"He's my boyfriend!! Of course I'd of wanted to see him!!" I raised my voice. Selfish, stupid brother, doing stuff like this behind my back!
"You're so fuckin' ....! I bet you bore him half to death too."
"I-I don't think I did. I'm going to his tommorrow Gee..." Mikey mumbled. This couldn't be right. I was going to Frank's tommorrow, alone. Not Mikey, he's never involved 1 on 1 like that. Ever. Especially not with my Frank!
"What?!" I hissed, glaring, figuring out what to do with him. Mikey looked terrified and pale. I was inches from him and saw him tremble slightly. He thought I would hit him.

I sighed slowly, no hitting, not in the hall, not just yet. "Mikey, you've done something very wrong..." I tried to sound appologetic and waited for an appology back. And a damn satisfactory one too!
"No Gee -" He pushed his way past me, defiant but scared at the same time. I sprinted after him up to his room, bursting through the door but shutting it quietly with a deathly calm so as not to alarm anyone else.
I leaned on the door, and Mikey slumped on his beanie-bag in the corner. I was so easily riled up, maybe it was just becuase of the fact I was both excited for the next night and the fact my little idea for Mikey involved something that at least I considered very hot, both literlally and pleasingly. To me at least. All week I had been edgy, a bit wound up, mainly beucase Frank had been exhibiting himself at all possibilities to me and I just had to say no. This just set me off though, I needed a damn release. Unfortunately, this was perfect.
"Mikes, I'm sorry, it's ALL my fault..." I gave little effort to sound realistic, letting my victorious smile slide over my face. "No no, it was me who tried to mess up a relationship. And lie to his brother and go behind his back..."

"Gerard!" his eyes were going red. "I...I'm sorry! Don't... please don't do anything."

"Oh Mikey, you know I don't do anything unnesessary, don't ya?" Mikey nodded slowly, tensing up where he sat.
"Gee-Gee! I'm sorry -"
"What?" I out a hand to my ear. Soon he'd be in my arms. "I didn't hear anything."
"Sorry for being so stupid!"
"And? Did I hear an 'and' in there?" I approached him slowly, knowing just what I'd do.
"And... And for not getting you to see Frank?" Mikey offered, bouncing his foot on the floor in an agitated manner.

"It's okay, you only need a little correction this time. Come here." Although I said it, I went right up to him. I planted myself in his lap, preparing to haul him up. He hugged me weakly, the occasional whimper making it's way to my ear.
"Mmmm, good boy." I whispered. "Only five minutes in my room and all will be forgiven." I promised, an odd mix of my teen horniness and well-rooted annoyance welling up inside. It was right, it needed to be done.

Mikey was still lying on my bed when I came back upstairs. He had done as he was told and had shut the blinds. I had been to the kitchen to get a couple candles and a cigarette lighter. I didn't like the look of it when Mikey once had been burnt by me, so I thought this method would be kinder and a little more effective. Not to mention I could relieve some of my pent up sexual tension, even if only a tiny bit, even if I just imagine it's not to hurt and it's Frankie under me. This time I was aiming to be kind about it instead of scary. He had appologised already so this was only to get it into his mind about his wrongdoing.

I lit 3 dark coloured candles and placed them on my nightstand, switching off the lights so the room was only slightly illuminated. Mikey shuffled up to press himself against the headboard when I sat at the the foot of the bed. He had seen me put the lighter in my pocket so naturally assumed I'd burn him. No Mikey, not like that ~

"Shhh Mikey, I'm not pulling the lighter on you. Just lie down for me." I soothed, hand hovering over the candles, fingers dancing through the flames. Mikey looked at me, begging silently and did as he was told, sliding to lie down submissively. I got up and shifted to straddle his hips. It was crucial I could get to the whole of his torso for this.
"Now I'm just going to lift this. Don't flinch, okay?" I lifted up his shirt and he held it up for me, strainging his eyes to watch me carefully. I picked up one of the longest candles and brought it between us.
"You trust me, right?" I checked, smile gone from my face.
"Yeah Gee. If this is gonna make it better for us, then yeah."
"Good. Now, don't squirm. This'll sting a little." The smile rekindled when I tilted the candle to the side, directly over his breastbone until the molten hot wax dripped onto him. Mikey's body jerked beneath me but he knew better than to make a sound. I held his shoulder down and let the wax drip down in a slow line from chest to the more tender thin skin below the belly button.
"Gerard! Ow - s-stop...!" Mikey hissed, body still out of control. I changed the candle for a shorter, fatter one, wax ready for me to pour off. I extinguished the already-used one rahter dramatically, licking my finers and pinching out the tiny flame, the sting quickly forgotten despite the black, greasy residue left behind.
"Shhh, it's almost over now." I whispered, tipping it slightly. Mikey whined, tipping his head back, chest heaving, that ribcage going crazy. He was learning.

When my work was done and the red wax had solidified I blew out the last candle I had been using to signify the pain was over. Mikey hissed sharply as I peeled off the red splodges that covered even redder skin. I rested my head on his chest and Mikey made no protest to me. It was okay now, it was okay... I kissed his cheek with a quick movement, shooting up his body and got off to tidy up. I hate to leave incriminating evidence in the room.

Come to think of it, how could I miss it? I've NEVER seen anybody LIKE Frank ever...

Yes. Gerard still could find a way to get anything.

MIKEY: On my walk around the park I noticed Frank sitting on a bench, messing with his phone. I wanted to go say hi, but he belonged to Gerard... I had been categorically told so even.
"Mikey?! Yaaay!" Frank had spotted meband was speeding towards me. He slammed into me for an unexpected hug.

"Hey!" I ruffled Frank's hair slightly then he stood back. "How are ya?" I asked happily. Frank's hand was slowly sliding down my jacket's arm., a slip of paper in hand.
"Hrm, good." Frank tipped a hand from side-to-side undecidedly.
"It's your 17th tommorrow though!"
"Yeeah but I wonder what Gerard has in store for me." I felt myself sink unintentionally. I was hoping to see him too, maybe.
"Oh." my face seemed to have said it all.

"Do you want toome over? Gerard's over at 9pm so I could se you say, 7?" Frank suggested. I nodded but pictured the two of us sitting on a sof, staring into space.
"Sounds good." I confirmed. "Let's sit?" I pointed to a picnic bench. As we sat I was all too aware of our feet touching.
"So you hooked up yet?" Frank asked excitedly.
"I'm keeping my options....Open."
"An open mind's a better one!" Frank got hold of my wrist. "Until then, I could meet you up more. HEY! You could meet Shane!"
"Shane? You and me? What about Gerard?" Frank shrugged.
"Did I tell you about Shane?" I shook my head.
"I met him a week ago..." Frank told me of this guy he met in a grocery store. He was about 19 with dark red-ish brown hair and he had 'slight stubble'. He had literally bumped into Frank and knocked him over. Frank had a bag full of things like eggs and jelly etc. So Shane said he'd make it up and took him for coffee! Apparently they had loads in common so they exchanged numbers. Frank also mentioned he was bi at some point.
"I'm going to the bathroom." Frank waited outside the small building for me. We took our seats again and talked until I noticed the time.
"See you!"
"Bye Frank!" And we went our own ways. As I got home it dawned on me just how close Frank and I were! He was right - we should meet up more, if I could convince Gerard.
Later on that night I found a piece of paper in one of my pockets. It was Frank's, most likely.
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