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Dance in the Dust

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The night draws to a close and then thier lives begin all over. Sorta.

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Gerard: The night was awesome but sure dragged on. I enjoyed every tipsy minute until I decided to head home before a search party was sent out to get me.
I lay across the bar's counter top as only a few people were left in the club. Plus, alcohol was close at hand. I finished off one last bottle with a quick sip to lap up the dregs and put it down assertively.
I was telling some guys and gals a story. It was total bullshit, but who were we to know. We were so shitfaced, and I being the most sober was a pretty bad sign.

"So. In the end, I found him, under the ... the cabinet!" I finished. I leered into the distance at a digital wall-clock. 3am it read.
I slid off the bar and I told Frank I had to go home. I cuddled him and licked at his ear longingly for attention. He came outside with me but he went home on his own, promising me he'd be fine. I wasn't one to question him and my mind was on many other things.

Mikey was there, right outside the door! He had his phone in hand and wore and exasperated expression. I wondered how long he had been there.
"Gee! Ray phoned me and... Gee?" Mikey sounded less concerned than a little accostomed but he came over to give me a helping hand onto the street, down the jagged steps in the dim lights.
"Mikey!! Why're you... Oh god, don't... see." I shuddered, feeling as if I was going to be sick. I gagged and clutched at my throat wildly.

Mikey rushed over as I bent over at a dumpster and threw up. Mikey stood behind me and held me up, wrapping both arms across my stomach to no doubt get the worst of it out. He knew how to take care of the drunk. Mikey sure learns fast.
I wondered how much I had hurt him while drunk....

He wrapped an arm around me and kept me walking home those 2 miles. God, why there was no car to pick us up, I had no idea. I couold feel my steps getting a little more grounded as we went further and further under the silver lit sky and periodical orange spots of street lamp-light.
"Brother bear? How are ya?" Mikey looked at my face, he was worried but managed to keep up the humourus atmosphere.
"Good, fine. Why, are you not?"
"I'm good." Just outide the house he asked me how I knew I loved boys. I shrugged. "You just..... Y'know. Drunk." With his free hand, Mikey pointed at me. I shrugged, grinning, still able to understand the brotehrly love and all.
Mike's took care of everything, right up to tucking me in to bed. I grabbed hold of his shirt. "Love you." I muttered. I really did. I really do.

"Love you too, Gerard. I'd sleep with you but, you stink!" He sat on the edge of the bed, rolled me over into a safer position and sat observing me for a while. Mikey ran his hands through my sweaty hair and smiled kindly down at me. He was making sure I was okay before he got some well-earned rest himself. After my eyes slid shut, though I didn't sleep for wuite some time, my bedroom door creaked shut, the chink of light from the hallway shrinking down to nothing.

Mom was already asking about jobs and careers, and cars and apartments. I was getting driving lessons soon, starting them in a couple weeks. I had applied for a waiter job in a localcafe to scratch together some cash, hating having to ask for my loving parents to cough up.
I had virtually no money myself, I was in no need to move out yet so I took the unconcious decision to stay at home until I figured something out for myself.
Besides, I knew Frank couldn't move out either, and he was one of my biggest priority. I wasn't going to let him just move away from me.

The Summer and the rest of my life had began. Oh if only I knew what it were to bring...
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