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Jack Off Gerard

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To save your Frank's virginity...! >.>

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GERARD: I tailed Frank closely up to his bedroom. He rushed on his way up and I was going crazy inside. My jeans were getting a lot tighter and my mouth was salivating at the mere thought of things I promised myself we wouldn't do.
If something didn't happen, which I hoped it wouldn't just yet, then god dammit, I'd finish myself off in his bathroom if I had to.
I really fucking would! If it took 2 minutes to make a whole night so much more beautiful then why not?

I slammed the door behind me, vowing that I'd not fuck dear Frankie. But hell, there was nothing wrong with getting close. I threw my jacket across the room, where it rattled on landing.
I backed Frank onto the bed and peeled off his T-shirt. I wrapped myself around him in a frenzy. My jeans were choking me by then.
Frank got up pushed me up against his door but I flipped us around. I wanted to be in control this time. I laid kisses up his collar bone, unable to stop myself thrusting into him with my hips as I went, moaning happily all the while. Frank held me to him and uttered curses and delighted squeels that I longed to draw out. I crushed his lips with mine for a short moment and resumed decorating him in kisses all over, wanting to make things progress slower.

I opened my eyes though and saw Frank was not as into it as I was. He was staring across the room.
"What?" I turned around. It was a purple and orange box on the floor, beside my jacket. It must have fallen out. I didn't take much notice though and carried on. Frank's hands found thier way down my body and I gasped when he slid down to my crotch-level.
I took enjoyment out of grinding my hips against his head though but oh god, I began to panic. Once I tipped over that fine edge I'd just let him have it, take it from me too early. Taking it too was something I didn't want to ha[[en to me first.
"Let me handle this." Frank said, a trace of sinister glee shining through.

This would be the right time to go. He was not getting any action yet!
"Wait here." I commanded. I bakced off from Frank, not bothering to explain where I was going. Frnak hot breaths still seemed to linger on my body, enticing me more and it took a while to consider just how clsoe I was to letting Frank have me. I sprinted into the closest bathroom, leaving a confused Frank in his room.
If I finished myself now then it would be less tempting to let Frank do it for me. I leant against the bathroom door, locking it and got down to business.

I pushed down my jeans to around my ankles and then leaned against the cool wall and shoved my underwear down, utterly unashamed of what I was doing. I didn't bother to look, I just did what I was used to. PLacing my warm hands on my attention-starved member was only the start of it. I gripped myself, already feeling the anticipation build and my body shudder happily. I tilted my head back, controlling my soft groans as I shuttled my hands up and down, slowly to start but tehre was no point in doing a 'good job' of it, I had to get in there and get out as fast as possible.
I picked up the speed, careless about getting too fast too soon and groaned away until I climaxed. My eyes rolled back and I felt that ghostly wave wash over me like I was choking. This was it now.... And hell did it feel good jacking off while thinking of Frank! It really was not the first time, masturbating to his image but when he was so close was something else, knmowing he'd be back with me body so soon.
I pinched myself to snap out of my sexed up daydream. I had to quickly was my hands too. I planned an alibi, one that revolved around an undercooked meal and an upset stomach though it was probably Frank might have heard me.

As quick as I had came I rushed back to Frank, desparate to be back to what we were doing wihtout worrying for a little while. Being able to do things without not being albe to finish them.

He was holding that box that was near my jacket. I padded over as he amde no move toward me.
It read:
"Ribbed condoms: For extra pleasure." He stared at it, wide-eyed as me.
"Frank, I have no idea...! I swear I don't know why..." I tried to think up a reason. The only person who I hoped would have them in the house was Mikey. So... he didn't want me to.... what?

*AN: If you guys want ill add as a sort of extra scene in the Prom part.*

GERARD: The club was full and I knew about half the people there at the afterparty. Someone had taken over the bar and drinks were on the house, thank fuck! Frank and I sat on swivly stools and I swung to look at him.
His tattered jeans were crazily tight on him and his dark t-shirt was really long. He pointed his feet inwards towards each other, looking inpossibly cute. I didn't want to dance around for a while, looking at my Frankie. I was contempt draining beer after beer with him by my side as always.

"Hey, lets go find Ray." Frank concluded, pulling me through the crowds to search for the 'walking afro'. We finally found him, chatting up some scantily dressed girl. She walked off when we approached them both, giving a sweet little wave as she went.

"Ray! My man." I went to high-five him but stopped myself.
"Hey guys. Take it you got to the bar then?" he laughed. I was fine, just beginning to feel woozy. I can have limits when I want the night to end decently which I sort of did.
"Haha! So how was your Prom-night? We had to properly dance..." Frank tucked an arm into my folded ones.
"Good, good. Yours?" Ray asked in reply.
He took us round to meet some of his other friends, some from Carolina even! Devoted or what? Ray really has some fans and music-buddies. Well connected.
"Mhmm." I nodded at a group of people while drinking some Carlsberg. It was so easy just to grab a bottle, drink it down then grab another, on and on. Eventually it was I guiding Frank around the place though. He was not a guy to hold his drink very well once he got going.

We we in the middle of the dancefloor, in amoungst many friends and adversaries when his drunken-ness shone through. He slid behind me to rub his hands down the sides of my chest, chanting something unintelligable and thrusting his hips into me. I happily lifted my arms up, lapping up the rare display knowing there'd be little memory of this from many around us.

Frank nibbled on my shoulder for a moment. He then got on his knees and shuffled around to my front and undid my jeans zip with his teeth. I grit my teeth, nipping myself to remember some self restraint.. His birthday was close, I couldn't ruin it now, I couldn't let him have the first shot.
I pulled him up quickly where he stood slouching. He said something but I couldn't hear his voice, so I went in closer. My ear was pretty much on his lips.
"I don't think we in Kansas now, bub." he pushed me away, giggling sweetly. I laughed at his attempts to stand straight as he stumbled over invisible object, swervig and diving while mumbling appologies to passers-by.
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