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Grace - We have none

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What it says on the tin. Frank has never had to dance like this.

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FRANK: I had no gym kit with me so I simply slipped into the vast room, sliding onto a bench, trying to work out why there was dance music. Formal dance music. That stuff makes me nervous.
"Glad you came Frank. Take it you don't read noticeboards?" Mr Ren said, clearly displeased.
He was right though - I miss every notice on the boards. Emergency meetings, calss changes - the whole lot. I guess I don't do stuff by halves.
There must've been one about dance practice as well. I waved at him and smiled childishly to anger him more.

After an explanation of how to do a certain waltz we had to choose partners. Bear in mind that I had never even expected we'd have to do proper dancing at the prom, I thought it was all spontaneous shit, so I was bombarded by all these steps and totally confused. Choosing partners - that meant a girl, I safely assumed.
In the end I was unfortunately paired with Jane Dewbury. You'd never believe strange and stuck-up she is! It's not as if she's part of the popular heirarchy, she's just bossy and egotisical with her ugly self.
She's real tall as well and she laughed at every step I did wrong. Fuckin fat hag... Just to shut her up I did my best and managed doing okay believe it or not. I looked over to Gee across the circle of couples.
He was with this Samantha and had to stop himself laughing at me for my bad luck. I pouted but maintained an eye on Gee, ending up smiling darkly, trying to put him off. I managed to get him to bump into the couples infront by giving my insane seductive slow-motion daring grin accompained by licking the corner of my lips. He stumbled and after he appologised in mumbles, glared at me.

Her hands were so sweaty, worse than Gerard's usually are as well! I danced okay, compared to ol' Jane who was clearly too busy laughing at mistkaes to stop herself makig the same ones herself.

It was infuriating to get it wrong so much!
Our year was actually so shit at Dance lasted until lunchtime, even then we only had 45 before 4th period. We had to do all these waltz types and group ones and Scottish ones too! I was never going to remember them all so I let myself be literally danced around as everyoen sselse had a vague idea of what the fuck was going on.

"Gee," I whined in English, "I'm stiff! Can we something to help it?" My arm muscles were aching all the way through from being towed aaround by that towering teen.
Gerard stared at his work intently, eyes widening for a few seconds, a grin scrathcing the surface.
"What?" he looked up.
"I'm all stiff, do ya think we could get out and do something, like in the toilets or somewhere about it?" I'd usually go to the toilets if I felt ill, Gerard looked achy as well. It wasn't uncommon for teacher to let out 2 or 3 pupils in one go either.
"Oh, well... No, that... Sorry."
"Huh?" Maybe Gerard was sleepy like I was and wasn't functioning right.

I waited for Gerard on the street corner as he realised he left something at school. I bided time by counting cars and Gerard was back on the 37th. I asked, pestered, for a piggyback multiple times but was turned down, so I settled for holding hands.
"Ah, my arms feel better now." I sighed happily, swinging ours between us.
"They were bad?" said Gee obliviously.
"Yeah!" I frowned. "I said they were stiff as hell in 5th period."
Gerard sort of sank a little. I had noticed over time he was changing, or that I was noticing his life wasn't perfect. As was mine. But it felt like we were each others remedies.

GERARD: I never knew I'd actually want to go to Prom. Let alone with a boy. Sure I knew I preferred guys, hell 'made-it' with a few. Jimmy Rossham as my main example. I kinda got around, getting the odd kiss from both gay and straight guys. Some were just because they let me, some because I managed to get them to and some simply because it made them mine for a while. Yepp, Frank was the first in a long time I had felt fixed on to and this time for a whole lot of right reasons. Jimmy was like ~ I was his. I loved him because he was the only person who could overpower me, even when he didn't know he was. Believe me, that was such a delight, to fight like that for power but beign the one to give in was so... Good. I think he's the only person I could ever let to do that to me. Maybe Frank in time but I think he prefers my usual role. It's even better when you each get what you want from the other though.
Compared to everyone else though, like Jimmy was, Frank's different to me.

But the one thing I knew from the start of everything, was that I would have Mikey. Always. I made sure of that.
On Thursday he helped me get my ass over to Frank's. He watched me almost guiltily as I stuffed cash into my long black jacket to make my way over there.

Frank greeted me with a takeaway pizza in the lounge. Fear from me beign in that room with his Dad flashed across his face but I made sure to calm him down.

"Hi Gee. Watch the game?" he got up from his armchair. I sat down on his seat and he sat on me because unmoving Jerry sat on the 2-seater sofa, eyes never moving from the screen.

"Pizza please." I requested. Frank boldly stuffed a slice into my mouth and let me lick his fingers clean. He was hard to resist, and I was admittedly getting hard from all this. He sat on top of me too so he could probably feel it.
Frankie sat facing me and my hands crept loosly around him. We put our foreheads together.
"One kiss." Frank asked of me. I kissed him quickly, tasting that sweet tint of sugar from the contact.
"Two...Three." I counted as our lips inevitably met again. "To your room?"
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