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Owning up as Innocents

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GERARD: This would be the first time Frank would have seen his father since thier argument. I wondered what to expect but mainly worried about what to say and how to come off. Frank explained his Dad would definately be up at that time and I only worried more.

Jerry Iero was sitting on the beige couch watching football on TV when Frank and I entered the lounge. His eyes darted over the screen to watch all the players and made no exception to look at his son.
"Dad, listen please." Frank turned the TV off - a very bold move from him by the looks of it.

"Who's this, boy?" Jerry showed little interest in me and only pointed to me quickly.

"I'm Gerard Way? Hi." I reached out a hand and Jerry stood up but didn't shake. He was repulsed of me, I could easily tell by that look on his face. I had seen that too often.

"Dad, I'm... I'm gay." Frank sighed and scuffed the carpet.
His dad scoffed angrily and never once took his red bloodshot eyes off me.
"Gerard is too and we're together..." Frank took the plunge and said it all. I was surprised by his bravery.
Jerry came closer to me.

"This true?" Jerry asked.
"Yeah, Donna, my Mom, thought I was going out with someone I barely know." I shrugged.
Jerry was looking ferocious now. His dark blue eyes were the colour of a raging sea and teh surrounding red veins didn't ease the look.
"Why Frank? Why 'him'." His eyes didn't leave me and I found myself backing away. Jerry spoke my name like it was a curse.
"I can't help it!" Frank whined.
"It's not natural, to go for men! Let alone to go for a..."
"Love is natural!" Frank argued back. It was a sweet, yet cheesy, yet very true line.
Jerry scowled at me.

"A useless piece of corrupting trash!" he finished his sentence, jabbing a finger my way.
"He's not!" Frank begged, appraoching warily.
"Both of you are. He's worse. No respect for anyone! Lying -" Frank virtually flew into Jerry, sweeping him aside, and the look on Frank's face after he leapt away one more was one of pure fear and he looked mortified as well. He instantly regretted taht move, it was clear.

"Leave!!" Frank's Dad was controlling his anger surprisingly well."Both of you! Before I throw you out!" Jerry rubbed his face on his hands. They were plae compared to his red cheeks.

Frank took me outside by the arm and in a hurry to, yelping at his father's angry barks.

"You see? He won't accept it!" he began, trembling all over. "I'm sorry he was so horrible." He was looking at the sidewalk, arms crossed.
"He will accept us." Frank remained quiet. Then I heard a hiccup that often accompanies tears and took action.
"Frank." I touched his arm but was shrugged off. "Frank, give me a hug." He fufilled my request and I saw only a few had rolled down his cheek. I swear, if anyone hurt Frank like this again, especailly his family like that... I'd finish them. If they laid a finger on him....
I could see myself, just letting all the anger go, all in one, and not just over Frank. Over every excuse I had.

"Ray and Mikey accept you." I reminded him. "We'd never do anything against you, you know? Your Dad's just a bit shocked." At least my parents had a faint idea about my situation, a few years ago, but nonetheless they had a hint... I rested my head on his shoulder.
"Hmm?" Frank wriggled and loosened my grip.
"Will you help me break it to my parents too?" I asked kindly.
"...You sure Gee?"
"Yeah." I kissed his cheek. "It won't be too bad, I promise."

It was okay, I just said it quickly, merely confirming any thoughts Donna may have had. She didn't get angry, she seemed kinda... Happy that I knew 'where I stood'. I figured she'd tell Dad for me as well. Frank reamined quiet, shying away from my Mom and hiding behinf the door as I gave a brief explanation. She was half listening but I could tell she heard by the little 'Oh?!' she emitted halfway through.

"You going home now?" I asked sadly. He had to stay with me! "Or..."
"Yeah, I'll have to get into contact with my family someday." Frankie sighed.
No! This wasn't fair. "Bye Gee, see you soon, Sunday?" I wanted to pull him towards me but let him slip away.
I turned around, knowing Mikey was about the place. Mikey had emerged from the Cellar putting his luggage bag away. He looked at me and I said I wanted to talk with him.

Mikey swung his beautiful long legs distractedly as they dangled from his bed. His golden-browny-blonde hair falling over his face. I couldn't quite make out the expression on his face but it looked like a little gron from where I sat at his feet, resting the side of my head on theside of the bed, watching his legs happily, the hypnotic rhythm was somewhat calming.
"I'm happy you came out GeeGee." Ah, GeeGee, I loved being called that. I got hold of his ankle gently, his jeans were a soft cotton but I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing. I was lulled into a peaceful state by then by Mikey's adoration. He let me run my hands down his shin. Letting me do stuff like that when I feel half concious like that was so... rewardling. As opposed to being yelled at or shook off.

I played with a dark suspicious looking hair I had found on the floor and ignored his legs.
"Thanks.... Uh, how close d'you think Frank and I are?" I smiled up at him now, "Did he mention wanting anything more...?"
"Well, Frank did seem anxious about wheather you two... You know, had sex in the hotel room." he said it so simply and without a trace of shame in it too. Mikey gets to the point like that. Sometimes he fumbles and stutters over such things but when he's calm the words pour out.

"He seemed pretty, caught up I guess."
I could tell he wanted to mess with me more. I was 18 and he was nearly 17... I'd wait until he was 17. Maybe he'd end up begging for something from me. That would be adorable! I loved the idea.
("Gerard, pleeease! C'mon!") ah... That's weird but that's just how I go. Yeah I can go about such things 'normally' but indulging in a little fantasy now and them never hurts, even when I don't carry out such fantasies in my head.

Unpacking my suitcase was gonna be one hell of a ride with Mom watching. She'd usually pick each item up and examine it and say, "Does this need a wash?". But she didn't. I knew from waking up it was gonna be a rough weekend. I wanted to go out but never got the chance and I just wanted them to stop hating me as fast as possible so taking a runner would only enrage them more.

Every time I pleaded to go out, my parents found another chore for me to do, very conveniently.
But they were such things as mowing the lawn, hanging up the washing to dry etc etc.
Then my knight in shining armour arrived. Well, it was Ray but it still brightened up the incredibly dull day.
I opened up the door.

"Hey Frank." he greeted.
"Hi Ray. What's up?" I hardly speak to him so it was surprising to see him.
"Well, seeing as it's Prom on Friday me and a few other guys are throwing a huge party. Your year, mine and some other people I know."
"Cool, when is it?"
"10pm until, whenever, at this club kinda close, The Joint." Ray explained.
I was semi-hypnotised by his afro. It was coming along well.
"Oh, there? Yeah that's great. Have a nice Prom then."
"Same to you. Bye." I waved him off and shut the door, remembering that I had prom to go through before leaving. I hadn't even been to the junoir prom held for the 2nd last year so I only had other stories to rely on and common knowledge.

This is it. Prom, marking the end of High School. For-fucking-ever. No more...Shit-tastic times anymore.
Although I have no real career, anything would be better than those god-awful places!


Stuck at home, house arrest style. This time Mom forced me to get things together for Prom, which made sense but being told to do things over and over just pisses me off.
Dad was in a terrible mood, asking why I was going if I had no girl to go with. Thankfully Mom defended me a little.

She got me a proper tuxedo and white shirt for me. It was okay, just the jacket made my shoulders look huge and pointed.
The girl in the tailors taking my measurements kept looking up at me as she took my inside-leg meaurements. It made me feel really uncomfortable, for obvious reasons. She was really pretty and all but the fact that she thought she had me all riled up... It was funny too.

Mom's budget even stretched to some new cufflinks, although I'd never use them again.

Something funny was going on. I only realised it when I walked into the homeroom. Nobody was there. No teahcer, no Gerard, no other people.
All other years were in thier classrooms though. That was when I heard the faint murmer of dancing music down the hall.
I glanced through the gym-hall windows. My year was in there alright.
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