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Finger suckin' goodness

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No. I know what you're thinking.

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GERARD: Next up was big Thunder Mountain: classic runaway-mine-train ride. It was pretty good and the photos of us were funny. Mikey was snapped conveviently in the act of blinking, I was pulling an insane face per usual and Frank had Joe giving him a noogie.

"Right." Mrs Buckley said, chaffing her hands as if it were minus 2 degrees out, "One more ride before lunch?" I hated how the teachers were assigned to meet up with us before lunch. We stuck in out group but the teahhcers were free to come and go.

"Splash mountain?" Star said in her squeaky little voice. It didn't look like much, apart from a big drop you could all see. Mikey pulled out his map that he had stashed away.
"The 'bottemless pirate cave' looks better and is closer." he pointed out. It was just a bridge away. Most of the group agreed.

"Bottomless my ass!" Frankie giggled and pushed his way to the front of the group. I wanted to say something but prevented any smart comment. We half ran our way down the spiral, dimly lit staircase for a couple minutes. Being mainly some sort of plastic compound our footsteps were loud but it felt really odd to be running, hlaf falling down them. The rest of the group was way behind now. It was getting darker and ever so slightly creepier. Maybe Disney had the money for a bottomless, infinate pit? I seriously could imagine that. Then they loot the people where they stop...

We heard a loud thump below, then a moan. Frankie grabbed me and held me close, feighning fear once more. The thump happened again. Our bodies were glued to each other and I tickled his chin, grinning slyly.
"We're near the end!" I advanced ahead.

I stared at the open area. The stairs leading out had a huge treasure chest that was closed. I went over to touch it when a zombie-pirate guy jumped from behind and stared chasing me and Frank. It looked like a nice day job but I still yelled; "SHIT!!" at the shock.
We ran back to where we came from and collided with our group. They gave us a 'look', went down then came jogging up after, laughing at each other. It was so funny to see their faces.

FRANK: For lunch we went to a cafe called "The Dancing Teapot". The name was so random and odd I went into a fit of giggles, being in a tired and very excitable mood aynway.

"Chocolate surprise?" Gerard suggested in my ear at the counter.
"Mmm, yeah one of them." I pointed at the overhead menu.
What we got was a huge glass with about 7 scoops of chocolate ice-cream.
Drizzled in sauce and topped with marshmallows and cherries! Holy shit!
I dug in my spoon then tried to shove it into Gerard's unsuspecting mouth. What? I like feeding him.

He wouldn't let go of the spoon and began moaning really fake-ishly, "Oh, yes! Ungh, So GOOOOD!!" He got us lots of embarassing attention but I was determined to set it right.
Mikey then joined us with a waffle, not caring much seeminly or our display.

"I shall feed you no more." I pouted.
"One more?" Gee pleaded. I pretended to be persuaded and sighed, dipping the back of the spoon in the sauce then smeared it on his chin.
Gerard pulled a pissed off face for a picture Mikey took of him. He licked his chin clean quite happily.
"I'll do it this time! Promise!" I put ice cream in his mouth as promised, no tricks. But I was planning some.
"See? Want sauce?" Gerard nodded enthusiastically and shot that odd look at Mikey again, murmuring something and I missed what his feet were up to under the table.
Mikey's eyes widened, "Toilet..." he excused himself. Gerard chuckled at his brothers' uneasiness.
I took a look around then covered my index finger in sauce.
I circled it around Gerard's hungy mouth, then he lurched forward and sucked my finger as I suspected he would.
His cold tongue traced lines down it to the sensitive skin between my index and middle fingers while he sucked my finger in and out.
Gee opened his mouth wider and I automatically pushed in another finger.

I chuckled then hissed an intake of breath, "Fuck." It felt so great, it made me really hard as well, I was torn between helping myself in the toilets and letting it continue and ignoring my absolute raging erection.
Gerard licked between my two fingers, doing well not to gag or anything! I wasn't suprised at his skill.
I was tempted to shove some more fingers in his mouth but that might hurt him maybe?

He pulled back slightly, the tips of my fingers on his lips. "That was yummy." Gerard's biggest understatement yet! Before I drew back my fingers completely, he kissed the very tips of them.
We carried on eating the ice cream, but I was thuroughly shell-shocked and aching to get up as I was feeling more than a little self concious at what was going on with me.

For my pants' sake I tried to avoid watching Gerard eating the cherries very seductively.
Mikey got back to us and noticed my fingers were chocolate-saucy and so were Gerard's lips. He's not dumb.

"Hey, don't tell me you two ... finger-fucked?" he asked in a hushed tone. His expression didn't let on anything but a slight tired realisation. He's a very good actor, mind you. He glared at Gerard though. Gerard laughed darkly at tehir untold joke.

"It's called tha-" Gerard draped an arm around my neck and put a hand over my mouth.
"He's kidding." Gerard explained, smiling gleefully at Mikey, doing a terrible job at hiding his victorious tone. I playfully kissed his hand but still wanted to speak.
"You did!" Mike accused.
"We didn't, MikeyMouse." Gerard sounded stern, but MikeyMouse?! Well we were in Disney but that sounded too natural.
"You're lying! What's Frank doing now?" Gee slid his hand off my face and I swallowed my laughter.

Our group decided to go through 'Fantasyland' next.
There, as a joke the 3 of us went on the carousel and spinning teacups, taking ti seriously to be spinning fastest.
As we passed the Peter Pan ride Gerard sang a few lines from a play he did in year 1.
"I don't wana grow up." he said in a twerpy voice. "...God, my grandma made me wear green tights." He laughed.
"I'd love to see you in tights!" I nudged his ribs.
"No you wouldn't!" Mikey warned.

GERARD: The best part of Disneyworld was 'Futureland'.
Me and Mikey especially loved the robotic-space theme!
At the end of this 'Alien Experience' I saw Joe and Fifi, sitting on these railings in front of everyone, kissing.
I wished Frank and I could be so open without being heckled or attacked even in some places.
We went on the space rockets then. They were narrow and squeezed 3 teenageers in. You sat on the bare floor with your legs around the person in front.
I, of course had my legs around Frank and not Mikey to sort of rub it in, who had his around Mikey. Frank also had the tilt-lever at his disposal.

As soon as the rockets went into the air, Frank tilted us back to press himself into me. I brought him closer and kissed his jaw. It was obvious to me he was trying to resist. I knew I'd get him though - I pretty much owned him now.
"Frankie?" I purred, licking him. Frank shivered, then I trailed a hand down his shirt. He arched into me, letting the hand go further.
I bucked my hips ever so slightly as well.
"Frank, stop doing that to my back!" Mikey complained, the camera in hand again. I'd let him get a good look now. Make him see the way Frank played into my hands so easily.
Mikey realised what had been poking his back when he saw Frank's hands were pulling me in. At my nod, took a picture of me and Frank. It was a really good picture too.

FRANK: The last thing we did before we left was watch this massive fireworks show. I mean, like it was the fucking 4th of July! Gee told me how sweet I looked while watching the explosions in the sky. Red dust shimmering in the night sky, floating down lazily...
On the way out I was finally allowed in a candy shop as well. I stocked up well, lets say.

The bus took us straight back to good old N.J and Mikey woke me up. I had been dreading facing my parents again. It was about 2am in the morning but sine I had slept relatively well I felt awake enough to be scared to be back home, especially since I know jerry will be in the lounge at this time.

"Gee." I said at school, collecting bags, waiting for parents, "What'll I do about Dad?"
"I dunno... I mean, I think you should tell him the truth. I could come too." He took my hand for a moment, held it tight.
"Really? Please come Gee!" I had to tackle the problem, or at least get it out in the open.
"Mikey, tell Mom I'll be home soon and I'll have something important to say." Mikey nodded and didn't question a thing. Mikey is impossibly loyal to Gerard.
I looked up at Gee. He wore a rather grave expression.
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