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Gerard Way

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In case you haven't noticed he is a slightly odd teen, here is some mental profiling going on, by long gone friend Jimmy Rossham

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*not necessary for plot but if you wanna understand Mikey and Gerard from and insiders point of view then read away*

Gerard always was, and enjoyed being the master, 'one on top', the one with all the control anywhere, at home, at school, the mall. It was seldom seen for him to give in to anyone, unless they were extremely close, even then he would be tough to win over at times.

Gerard's main way to use his control was on his little brother Mikey. At it's worst, Gerard would make him do all sorts of crazy and pointless tasks for him, to show 'how much he loves his brother'. It brought a smile to his face when Gerard called for Mikey in the house and he'd come bounding towards him.
The main problem with this though was that Mikey knew nothing else of Gerard. For as long as he could remember Gerard was this master figure to him and if Mikey pleased him, Gerard would please him back tenfold. Mikey never picked up on the fact that what Gerard saw as a deadly mix of love and control was in fact bad for him. He had been forbidden to leave the house without Gerard it was that bonding.
The school was well aware of Gerard's obsession after thier parent's expressed concern for, which got worse after Ray and Jimmy left school. Gerard would demand to be able to be with Mikey in younger years or find ways to make a demonstration if he didn't get his way. The school never caved in though. Teachers were made to ensure that the Way brothers' couldn't meet up during class and Gerard was generally seen as a dark and threatening boy, as well as a lost cause.

This seemed like an over protective love to most outsiders to the family but barely noticeable once you were used to seeing them. They just looked like best friends who adored each other. Neither of them ever truly recognised the extent of the damage tehy caused to each other. Even their Mom and Dad turned a blind eye to Mikey's increasing cuts and bruises. If Mikey ever made Gerard dissatisfied he would be punished in some way privately, usually in Gerard's room. And Mikey honestly would believe he was at fault, that he was so unworthy of Gerard that it could take hours of Gerard's sweet words to perk him up after a beating. To Mikey, words easily hurt more than cuts and burns. Especially when the words came from his brother.

Now Gerard had two close friends, and a love being one of them. He still retained his power but his bursts of anger drastically cut down. Frank managed to do sso much more to Gerard than he realised, and Mikey noticed the change.

Another odd thing about Gerard: he liked manipulation and control but found being told what to do a real turn on, and trust me, when you demanded something of him he'd be there in a shot. Getting your way with Gerard meant so much and was so rewarding. You could switch roles in minutes if you played your cards right.

Now do you see them different? I never did. If I knew this, all my past memories would merely have been concrete evidence. Being so close to one of them let you see a small part of their yet smaller world. It gnawed away in the back of my mind and when I asked Gerard what was going on he simply diverted me, time and time again. I was lead to believe it was nothing.

He's not bad believe me. But if he understood what others saw I have no idea what could happen. Maybe he'd denyit all. You see, to him, all of this is normal. To both of them I suppose.
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