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Most weird place on Earth

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Oh god, here we go. Two very varying but mostly immature (yet racy) boys in 'that' place...

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FRANK: "But what if I'm locked out?" Mikey might've dozed off, or maybe he wouldn't let me back in because of my cold rejection. Gerard and now Mikey, I can be really bad... But I had a feeling if Gerard ever found out, he'd hate me. He would get violent, I bet. Just like when I was teasing him in the Kitchen. Something really freaky would show itself in Gerard. I accept that but it's something I really don't want to see in him.

We'd been hugging, my hair being stroked and smelt for 10 minutes. My drowsiness caught up with me and I fell limp in Gerard's arms, trsuting he'd keep me up. I was so tired my vision got blurred.
"Mmm, I wanted to sleep in your room Frankie. Joe is still fast alsleep, I'm sure." His breathing down my neck slowed and his chest heaved upwards. His clutch tightened on me.

"You and Mikey are my favourites." he whispered. Favourites as in...?

"C'mon, lets try my door." I suggested lazily, then yawned. I closed my eyes for longer than I had expected to yet again. "You could carry me there..." I joked.

"Arms around my neck then." Gee offered. His serious tone and odd suggestions are sometimes too unreal though I'm never one to pass being carried around. Wanting to travel in style I linked my arms around his neck while facing him, pressed right up against his 'sensitive' area of course.
Gerard picked me up straight away to my surprise.
He held under my thighs, tilting me back to push my hips into the dips above his.
It felt comfy but strange as I travelled backwards, bobbing up and down. I could see Gerard's face get redder and redder, an occasional sigh escaping his mouth.
I nuzzled his cheek happily, dozing off already. He stopped at my room door and kicked it to get Mikey's attention.

"Hmph... G and Frank... Crash here, I don't care."

"You will care and you'll be quiet. Frank's tryn'a sleep."
Gee laid me down on the bed and I sighed. "Nnngh..."
Gerard kissed under my ear, "Stop Gee." I wanted to sleep, more than anything.
"No." he replied playfully, positioning himself above me, licking up my jawline, trying to get me to do something to quence his no doubt raging thrist I had cast up from within him. He's a sucker for hip grinding. Gerard soon gave up and sighed unhappily.

For a while he curled my hair around a finger, idly lulling me into blissfull sleep.
I'd take 100 bullets for him and he fucking knew it. He knew I couldn't go a day without needing to see him.

If I had known what Gerard did as soon as I had drifted off I might've givin him a lecture or giggled at his expense. He hoppped off the bed and Mikey got up to see what was wrong.
"Nothin', just... Toilet." Gee explained, making sure to keep his back to Mikey, desparate not to let his erection show. That would give him a weakness if Mikey had seen it like that in that situation. Gerard ememerged a little flushed only minutes later into a room of two peacfully sleeping boys, side by side. He stooped over Mikey to run his hadns through his soft hair, kissing randon strands and took his place beside the already dreaming me.

That night was scorching hot, being sandwiched between two guys.

GERARD: I awoke to a feeling similar but different to those of a wet dream. It wasn't yet morning, and I was awoken by another drop of something landing on my PJ pants in exactly the wrong place. It was Frank. In laziness, I rolled him over to Mikey.

-What Gerard missed-
Mikey pulled him over to have Frank lie across him, his head near Mikey's ears. At home Mikey used to be quite the sleepwalking-acrobat, once or twice getting out the house. He hardly remembered doing things but gradually it occured less and less so pulling someone wasn't really too odd for him to be doing.
Mikey was now half awake and Frank shifted to remain on Mikey's cheek. Mikey turned his head and his parted lips touched with Frank's. Frank was still drooling and Mikey was made pretty much awake by saliva dropping into his mouth at an odd angle.
MIKEY: I was jolted awake by some odd liquid oozing onto my face. It was Frank, was he kissing me?! I puckered my lips to his, taking my chance. His lips acted on mine. He slid his tongue briefly inside my mouth but withdrew it quickly. I was glad, there was no way I'd let him do this to big brother. Gerard would kill me for a start, and he'd kill Frank too. I only really want him as a friend so it wasn't fair I was experimenting my sexuality on him. I pushed him off, feeling a little defeated.
"Whaaat? Geez..."
GERARD: Had Frank only just noticed I'd rolled him over? He got hold of one of my arms. "Fine. 'Night." he grumbled unhappily, cuddling in so tight I thought my arm would fall off.

MIKEY: I now felt so guilty; I let Frank kiss me and kissed back, let alone that phone call! I hoped neither would be mentioned again, to anybody. I also felt a bit sad: we were going home after a 'mystery activity'. Another museum?
I checked my watch and nudged Frank. I nudged him again, harder.

"Ow!" he cringed and nudged Gerard, whom he was lying beside.
"Get up guys!" I turned the lights on.
"No, you get up." Frank sounded disgruntled.
"Gerard, go." he put up little argument and went.
Frank and I carried out our morning routine - clean teeth, dress, make bed. We also packed our suitcases. It was a nice sunny day. Like it's supposed to be in Florida. Surprisingly, Gerard was down for breakfast before us! "Gee!" Frank gave him a very public hug.

FRANK: very little of us had any idea where we were heading or why we had to be ready earlier than normal.
Mike sat with us and used the spare seat for my rucksack(hoodie, wallet, camera etc.). I really liked the way the coach's seats were laid out, two seats facing forward then two facing back at you. So you sat in squares of four almost. I let Mikey mess around with my camera. He pulled various faces, from freaked-out to perplexed as he looked through the library of my photos, but I didn't mind.
He took sweet shots of us all. Including one of each of us pretending to lick the camera lens. Don't ask why, I had nothing to do with the idea.

40 minutes into the journey Mrs Buckley, seeming stressed and on-edge, told us our destination: Disneyland! Fucking, Disneyland! I mean, what are we? 5?

Most were pleased yet bemused but some were bummed out. It's a theme park anyway so us 3 were happy enough. But I had no IDEA what to expect. I'd never been to a theme park, only the carnival with Gerard.
When we got there, through the turnstiles and main gates onto 'main street' I was so excited, it was so different to anything I had seen before! We had to stay in our groups and Joe was happily fitting in with the girls. Gerard had to physically restrain me from jumping through windows of crazy colourful candy stores. I felt like and was happy to act like a kid. And Gerard and Mikey were the unlucky babysitters.
All the merch and bright scenery! People dressed up as foamy random characters.

MIKEY: Frank was such a 4 year old at Disney. He was really sweet and I bet he knew how vulnerable and easy it made him look? Yes I mean easy, he was dangeroously clingy with Gerard, clutching onto his arm and giggling away.

GERARD: Frankie was just too cute!! He gasped at all the candy buffets and things going on, but only half genuinely. It was one of my favourite acts by him, the innocent, easily impressed kid. So irresistable!
"Wait." he ordered sternly. "Gee, I'm getting a balloon?" he asked sweetly in a still serious tone, almost his normal voice but that hint of childishness made me reach for my wallet to pay for it. I rolled my eyes and got him a purple one. It didn't matter that he only really wanted one for his little act, I had to pander to such sweet needs.
The first ride we came to on our long tour was the 'Haunted Mansion'. Frank had to wave off the balloon though. On the queue in there were gravestones and angels, staring questioningly into space.
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