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My hero! (23/10/10 edit)

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Trees. Hilarity ensues. And also, Mikey gets a bit affectionate.

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GERARD: "Sing? Nice, I try to do that." Frank chuckled, "Sing for me on our 2nd date!"
"What date? We're not doing anything." I argued, not wantiong to burst into song on the spot.
"A walking date!" Frankie said, inspired.
"What planet did you move from?!" I rolled my eyes and thought of a song, browsing my internal library mentally. "Just one touch of my burnin' hand, astro Frank's will rape the land." I sang him slyly, hoping he'd get what I was hinting at. Some passers by, a lot, overheard me and looked at me strangely.

I sighed because it didn't sound too great. It was one of his favourite songs and was semi-relevant to our situation.
"Hey! That's unfair, I'm no sadist or something!" he laughed. "Awesome singing though."
I shook my head but smiled.
"No, honestly!" He insisted. How kind of him, I was afraid he'd laugh.
My hands were sweaty so I wiped them and thrust them into my pockets.
Frank was humming, looking into the overcast sky, it's clouds thick and grey. More rain soon?
The sun tinted surrounding clouds a caramel colour somewhat similar to Frank's eyes.
I was only a little interested, but looked on. It was pretty nice, just stopping and staring into the sky for once.

FRANK: Gee watched the sky for a sec too. I was barely over his talking voice though, let alone singing voice! That was just.... something else.
I wanted to cuddle up to Gerard but we could meet anybody right now so I abstained myself.
We went to a smallish park across the road. The kids (even though they're about my age, 16) we were sat opposite to on the bus were with a few others sitting on the ledge of a fountain, chatting away. They took no notice of us so I wanted to get up to something different, something fun.

I found a big tree and asked Gerard to help me up. At first he shot me an odd glance and I insisted I nkew what I was doing. He bent down and I sat on his shoulders.
He got up shakily so I clung to his jacket and he held my legs.

I grabbed a branch, pulled myself up but ascended to a higher, thinner branch with plenty of cover.
Gee just managed to get up on his own and sat beneath me.
"So what was this morning about?" Gerard asked.
"I was joking about the thong!!"
"Not that, in the alleyway."
"Nothing!" Ugh, stupid, stupid me, I'm really too impulsive sometimes... I clambered onto the next branch over. Gerard moved to the branch I had just been on, stretching and leaping onto it.
"I don't wanna say." Gee edged over to me so I pulled myself up higher still where I perched, enjoying the game of catch-up but not enjoying having to eventually tell him.

"Aw come on Frank, don't make me sqweeze it outta you!" Gerard reached over and

I was surely red all over. I heard a cracking noise under me and Gerard shouted for my attention, "Frank!! Branch!" I left no time to move and mustered some engergy to reach up, combatting my usually slow reactions to such things.
When I boosted myself up to an even higher branch the rotting wood snapped off the tree. All these branches were thinner as well. It was only a matter of time until I fell... And there were no branches on the way down eitehr. Just my luck to pick a crappy tree. Should'a gone to boy scouts after all.

"So, come on, I sang for you." Gerard reminded.
I figured we'd share even more someday so I took a breath and declared,
"I just wanted to touch, to make you - SHIT!!" I was ashamed up until I saw my branch was bending down like hell.
It was going to break! I was petrified still.
"G-Gerard!?" He jumped down down and I thought he was going to run or something. But he knelt down, arms open.
No way! No fucking way! He wanted me to...

"Jump bitch!" he prompted. I didn't want to hurt him from this height. Or I could fall...
"I'm coming!" A leap of blind faith. Cheesy, yes. Scary, hell yes!
The pain and thud of me hitting the ground was much lighter than I had anticipated. I opened one eye.
I was lying part on top of Gerard and he was pretty much hugging me.
Holy shit! We were alive, but equally winded. He'd have a huge bruise from my head on his shoulder I bet.
"....Thank you?" I said sincerely unsure how real it was that we were both in such good condition.

GERARD: Thank god I at least cushioned his fall! I let the topic that got him there drop. We got up and he kissed me once on the lips.
"You're superhuman!" And he's some kind of childish animal, like when he bites me or growls at dogs on the street! Sometimes he even sniffs at me. I'm still so curious about him though. I know there's so much more to Frankie.

"'Night Frank." I said as we stopped at my hotel room. I gave him a quick bear hug and unlocked the door.
"'Kay! 'Night." Frankie replied cheerily. It's nice that he's at least with Mikey I suppose but god... I'm one to get jealous.

FRANK: "Do you know what happened today?" I said proudly upon sliding into bed.
"What?" Mikey got into bed. I turned to face him.
"Gerard saved me from falling out a tree! A high one!"
"Really? Yeah, he does nice things like that."
"Hmmm. Oh, y`know how we were gonna porn-call Gerard? Can we call a teacher instead?" I asked casually.
Mikey lit up, "Yeah, but, porn-call...?"

"Yeah, like we're fucking. Like you suggested. So squeek the matress and moan. We gotta work as a team." Ilaughed at my immateure choice of words here and there. I laid out the vague plan. "You're the guy because your voice is lower." I added, nodding, not taking anything as seriously as I pretended to. Mikey honestly thought I was that bent on doing it right though.
I dialed 401, Mrs Hartley's room number and put the yellowing-plastic phone between me and Mikes. No backing out now.
"Hello?" I sprung into action.
"Oh, ohh! Mike, give it to me!" Mikey creaked the bed and made a really...manly noise.
"Who is this?" she fumed on the phone.
"I'll drill a hole in you!" Mikey said, full of angst. I began to go crazy,
"Yeah, right up my ass boy. Ungh, ugh!"
Mikey started laughing as he spoke.
"Slide it girl!"
"Slide what?!" I mouthed at him, bursting into laughter.

He was sitting up and I took both his hands and tried wrestling him for sound effects, like grunts etc.
It was just too funny at the time though.
"You're so..." I gave up talking and laughed myself to pices. Mikey hung up for me, red all over at the spontaneous immature display.

"Aw, that was awesome!"
"But so gross!" Mikey added.
"No, gross is:...Mikey, tonight I'll spoon you, and I'll be cupping your balls in my hands afterwards."
He just stared at me. Hurt almost. A tear really wouldn't have looked out of place
"No, I don't mean I never - you're not unattractive! I think you're cool and...Sorry." Did I confuse him? He lay down an looked at the trusty ol' white ceiling.

"I'll friend spoon you!" I got down beside him, hugging him by having one arm over his chest and the other between the joined up pillow. I was reminded of my bad judgement of situations and how I let people walk all over me.
"Tell me about you guys." Mikey asked vacantly.
"Well, he walked me home in the rain and likes to spoil me a bit." I assumed he meant me and Gerard.

[23/10/20 edit]
Mikey turned over to face me but I carried on gabbering on about my sweetheart despite the fact he was his brother.
"He's so kind and sweet, he sang for me. But sometimes I feel I have to please him, because I'm so crazy about him...I ...Gerard's the best, you know?" I concluded with a huge but sleepy grin.
"Do you see part of him in me?" Mikey asked, out of the blue.
"Uh, yeah I guess. But you're a refreshing difference I suppose."
I compared them in my head. Considering he was so cuddly and stuff he is similar but there's a lot about both I don't know. The fact that he was so clingy made me a little supicious. The way he seemed to me was that he was maybe not quite sure where he stood, he seemed a little unsure about himself. The fact that he could sudden;y push himself onto you made me wonder if he was going through a phase of not being sure about his sexuality.

"Mikey, are you... are you gay?" I pondered aloud, hanging on every word of his answer.
"I-I ...... Do I need to know myself?" That hit the nail on the head, right there. He was doubting himself as I suspected. His murmer was almost inaudible, "I experimented I suppose." as his head was planted on my collarbone. I pushed him onto me more. It would only be his 'experiment' on me if he so wished. I wasn't intersted in him like that but it was all open to interpretation. If I was doing Mikey a favour by clearing up some self-doubt issues then that's fine by me. I'll do anything to help a friend.

A pair of lips touched my skin, leaving a wet residue behind. I shut my eyes and tensed. Then again. For longer. It had more confidence from my first reaction, that I didn't push away.

Mikes knew where to get me, the exact spot. I pushed his head further onto me while arching my back. All my rules and thoughts were thrown out the window at that point. It was just, 'screw it - I can just let it happen. I can easily deny it to myself after.'
A tongue lashed at the end of my collarbone delightfully and I shuddered.

How did we get from talking about Gerard, to me on my back? I had my legs open and Mikey lay between them in our odd embrace.
He was different to Gerard. Constraining and trapping yet gentle with it. No angst there.
I stopped him as I realised we were both enjoying it too much.

Trying to encourage disgust I focussed on the face he was my boyfriend's brother. I grew off the idea of cheating on him swiftly.
My attention snapped to elsewhere when I heard someone knocking one another door outside. I stepped outside to see Gerard in his PJ's, who had obviously just rushed back and was trying his door feverantly.

"Gerard! Hey!" I said in a hushed tone. I pretty much bounded into his arms, wanting to rid myself of Mikey and guilt.
"Frank...Hey, was all that true? I went over about the laughing but your conversation was interesting enough." I almost laughed that he had actaully listened in on us, it didn't dawn on me as being just a little bit protective.

"Pretty much true, but the friend-spooning." He hugged me tight and I stood on my tip-toes to nestle in better. I love the warmth of other people. the closer you can get, the better.
"Mmm, sorry for making you do stuff to please me." he kissed the top of my head. I rested in his embrace for some time.
"You should go back." Gee said.
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