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In the Center

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What goes for this couple in the city center as they are let off the leash?

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GERARD: Yes, there are many things I will regret. Kissing Mikey being so-so, but for sure not higher than getting totally pissed in the first place.
I woke up slowly on the rough carpet with a banging headache and it took no time to realise I had a horrible hagover. My top with it's coffee stain suddenlt seemed oven more appealing, the faint scent wafting up to meet my nose but doing nothing that the real product could do to my system. I was lucky I hadn't thrown up actually. God that would have been ugly.

FRANK: (What did I do last night?)
Because I can remember something alright. Yeah, I begged drunken Gerard to fuck me, or let me fuck him. Something along those lines anyway that I deeply regretted.

The funny thing is at first I couldn't remember if we had done anything like that.
It took just a look at our similarily clothed bodies to tell he was still virgin, assuming Gerard is a good boy. That's a huge if.

I made a massive sigh of relief. It was one thing to ask a drunk guy, another to let him do it.
Joe was gone, away with most of the evidence of alcohol, but Gerard and Mikey were there on the floor, Gerard being the most obvious evidence of drink lying around.
Thier breathing sounded rough and fucked up. I went down to see if they were alright.
Mikey was fine, it was Gee whos breaths were sounding laboured. His hangover was clearly in full swing.
He got drunk for real, whereas I stopped at the point of being tipsy. So I took the chance to see if he'd screw me or not. Not the best of decisions, I was only really playing around but I would've been really surprised and upset it Gerard did screw me.

"Gee. Gee! Aww, baby..." I whispered. I hauled him up to lean on me and stroked his cheek, careful to not be too loud.
"Ohh shit." he murmured groggily and rubbing his eyes. Mikey got up too.

I remember Mikey whispering he's only pretend to be drunk, to fit in or something. Mikey sauntered over in a convincing fashion and said clearly, "I'm stayin' sober tonight. Don't wanna look stupid though. Just play along."

He stretched and looked out the window.
"No beach trip guys; pouring down, Florida style." Mikey announced, then taking a long yawn.
(Good. Less sun will be better for Gee.)
Gerard hid his face in my shoulder at Mikey's voice, cowering. His breath positively stank.

"C'mon, It's...7:20, breakfast's in 20 minutes. Gerard! Lazy ho, get movin'!" Mikey can be a little grumpy at times and this was one of them. Probably ashamed that Gerard was in sucha state.
Gerard hugged me and I helped him out the door to get changed.

Mikey and I took turns to change and brush our teeth in the bathroom.
"Mikey," I started, changing underwear.
"Yes?" I heard back.
"I didn't...Do anything um, dirty or sexy with Gerard last night, did I?"
"Don't think so. Why?"
"I can't remember for sure."

Good, I wouldn't be able to face Gerard knowing that we'd done 'it'. Not that I don't want to have sex with him. Thinking of us two having any kind of sex made me stumble back into the shower, I was taken aback by it I suppose. Sex. With Gerard. Scary but I can't deny it's something I wouldn't ever want.

I shook my head, hoping to shake off those thoughts before I went to fantasyland with them.
Outside the bus, and Floridian rain is chucking it down on the 2 year groups. People were talking and Mr.Brown was trying to be heard above them all.

"Quiet!" he yelled. Gee let out a tiny but cute yelp and bowed his head. I took his hand and clasped it tightly.
"Now as you can see, the beach trip is well and truly off." Everyone moaned. "So instead we are allowing you to go into Orlando, on the terms of being back by 6pm, and not on your own." he instructed. The beach would've been much more fun in my eyes.

Gerard tried to sleep on the way there and Mikey enjoyed trying to keep him awake, as did I.
"Poor baby, can I kiss it better?" I cooed jokingly after he spent 5 minutes groaning and spitting out the odd verb or adjective.
"Kiss what? My balls or fingers, 'cos that hurt last night." I snickered as I remeber punching him, only for fun but nontheless...
"Kiss your face silly, that frown." I moved in to do so but Gee pressed his head back away from me.
"Let me help?" I pleaded. Grinning with an idea, I put a hand on Gerard's hip and reached up to trace my tongue along the edges of his mouth. He let me in in no time, but it was really short.

"Better now?"
"A bit." Gerard couldn't help his lips curling up into a pretty stupid grin, his eyes lighting up a little bit more.

GERARD: Frank always knows how to deal with me...!
We got to the fashion orientated part of Orlando where all the main shops were, but that wasn't all - the red light district/s and drug alleys you get in most cities were close by as well.
I couldn't believe the staff were letting us off the leash for so long! Nobody but me and Frankie in a new, interesting place? Dumb staff tut tut...

I made a contented squeel very unlike myself when the bus stopped.
Ignoring everyone else I dragged Frankie outside having found new strength and put away the pain in my head and stood against the bus' side where the staff waited to remind us of rules.
We hid at the back of the crowd and I noticed my damn shoelace undone, getting muddy so I knelt down did it up.
I could feel Frankie's presence behind me and fumbled in doing it up a couple times.
The two years started slowly dispersing so we did too, but in a completely different direction to everyoen else.

The majority of the shops we came upon were girl's ones. Something in a lingerie store caught Frankie's eye.
"Uhh, why are you staring at a women's black frilly thong? You gone off me?!" I questioned, tugging on Frank's jumper sleeve.
"You're right." he sighed. His lips were trembling to stop insane laughter. "T-They wouldn't hold... it." He snorted then resumed holding a straight face.
"Okay Frank, sure it won't." I gave him a soft noogie. Frank's really short! He's about 5"2! But Perfectly fun-size for me and my... nice (wicked) ways.
"We'll see about that. But for now, I'm taking you my way." He got behind me and pushed and shoved me until we were up an alleyway.

I felt his arms leave my waist then he nudged me up close to a wall.
"Frankie? What are you doin'?" I went with his game and kept my head down, facing my shoes.
"Nothing." he answered playfully.
"Close your eyes and imagine a... sock?"
"What?!" This was past bizarre.
"Okay, no sock fettish... A thing you like then. Lots?"

I closed my eyes, just missing Frank's hand stroking over my crotch. I took this as a mistake and dreamed on.
I knew it was no mistake though when the hand slid down my pants.
"Aaagh - FRANK!" I twisted around.
"No way, not here!" Inside I was kinda chuffed he wanted to do that. "Not..." I pushed him off me lightly.
"Uh..." Frank froze, a look of terror forming: He thought I was outraged. It was mainly becuase he was advancing on me. I don't usually allow people to do stuff like that, I'm so used to being the one with the power you see.
"I mean, not here, or now Frank." He must've felt humiliated so I was desparate to show I was interested. "Later, when.. When we're ready, okay?" I smiled and observed his face go from pink to scarlet.

"C'mon Frank, lets go." I held his hand as we re-entered the main street. I could feel his embarassment from miles away, absolutely radiating off him. He'd tried something and it had gone completely wrong. But it was alright, he needed to know that.

The important question popped into my head and I asked it before considering Frank's feelings :
"Um, last night, did you mean it when you said you wanted to uhm... Do me?"
Frank paused before answeing with a possibly fake smile, "Well, I don't know. I was drunk."
"Yeah, it's fine since you were. Easy mistake I guess?" I laughed. "And if you weren't drunk..."
"Yeah. Hows about that lunch then?" Frank replied. It was so sweet, he was blushing like mad still. I probably was too.
Frankie seemed a little anxious, he had his hands clasped on the table and was looking all over. The rain hadn't let up so it was nice to be dry and warm. I paid for my carrot cake and huge bottle of water for my brain and his milkshake after much debate.
"Want some?" I offered a forkful of cake up to his mouth, circling it temptingly.
"Uh, what is it again?" He leered at it cautiously, like it was drugged.

I pointed at tthe tiny icing carrot. "Carrot cake. It's the shit." I explained happily, daring him with me eyes to take it. I extended my arm closer to Frank so he could take the fork. He took a sniff at it then leaned over to eat it off me. He looked unconvinced and stuck out his tongue after he swallowed.
"Meh, it's okay." he concluded politely, his mouth twisting unhappily at the odd new taste. I was glugging down my water the rest of the time, even if it doesn't help a hangover, it sure felt like it.
"Then what cake do you like?" I asked out the side of my mouth, leaning over unintentionally.
"Birthday cake. Chocolate cake. Ooozin' with sauce and with yummy strawberries on top." Frank licked his lips and his brow deepened in a naughty grin.
"Sounds like heaven on a fork you got there." I added, supressing some laguhter at Frank's attempt at verbal food-porn. I finished off my modest lsice and ate up the streaks of white icing left behind. I love almost all cake. Unless it's lemony. Ugh. I hate lemons...

We continued our wandering-around togehter and we realised that it was getting pretty boring.
"There's nothing to do." Frank complained, slumping on a bench. He was right. No good clothes shops or music stores or anything aimed at our age. There was a music instrument type shop though.
"Hey, what about that place?" and we went over to check out the window display. Keyboards, drum-kit and 3 electric guitars.
"How about that white one?"
"Can't affort it." Frank looked at it longingly, almost standing on his tiptoes for a better look at the stratocaster I picked out. "Do you play?" he asked, turning back to me.
"Not very well. But I sing." I trailed off modestly. Apparently I've always been great at singing,my grandma Elena would tell me that all the time. Elena's the best, she taught me how to draw as well. She's like an inspiration to me and Mikey, so kind and nice.
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