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What a way to appologise to Gerard...

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FRANK: It was probably morning because I could feel my dream breaking up.
But no, I wanted to stay asleep. Being with Gee. He had arms around my neck so I did the same back to him in my vague state of conciousness.
There were some soft groans as I slipped a leg between his, closing the gap between us.

MIKEY: Hey, this is nice. Wait, who's at the door? Where am I? Hotel... with Frank, who was intimately hugging me. Dear god that was a sudden one.
I opened my eyes. It was dark and hazy as it always is when you wake up late and you've been tired for days on end.
"Aaagh! Fra-ank! Open up! Mikey!" I shook Frank awake, untangeld ourselves and opened the door.
"What? Gerard? Geez, what's the time?" I scratched my back lazily.
"Joe's got some chicks in his room and it's... Weird! Let me in!" I stood aside to let G in and shut the door loudly behind him.
"It's 5:50" Gerard finished on entering

GERARD: (Yes, I'm in!) Mikey sat himself down on a chair and I took to the bed right away.
"Hello." Frank greeted happily. "You sleeping here?" He writhed around, not seeming to care how low his undies seemed.
"Yeah." I was exhausted. I'd had no sleep. Too tired for anything. Joe was having his fun with some girls. He offered me to join in lets say. I refused and plain wanted out, I didn't want to watch any of it.
"Hmm, that's nice." Frank replied tiredly, rolling onto his side. "Hug." He murmured, signalling for me to come join him. I made no refusal to that and covered his tiny cool body with mine from behind. He's the cure to everything.

For breakfast alone I spent $12 on coffee. It kept me awake enough for the city tour and 'awesome' energy museum. I was sure we didn't have to learn anything since we weren't technically in school.
God was it boring! There were no good picture opportunities, no nothing! But it was great to be away from home nontheless.
I was really looking forward to the next day though - we were going to a massive beach for the most of the day.
On the way back to the hotel Joe appologised to me for what he had put me through.
"Gerard, hey, sorry for freaking you out last night. Let me make it up, where'd you stay?" I was happy of his kindness.
"320." I pointed at Frank.
"Kay, catch you guys later then." he waved twice, at me, then Frank.
I wondered if Mikey would be happy with the mysterious plan.
Joe was one of those guys who wanted to be popular, but was too nice for it. On the exterior.
Although a lot of girls dig his na´┐Żevity nad I guess that's how they ended up in his matress?

I wanted to tell Mikey in advance but he was at the front of the bus - the usual carsickness. He'd recover quickly enough.
At the hotel we were offered risotto or pasta, which looked pretty nice surprisingly. Joe sat with us 3. It was so odd, hte tiny hotel was occupied mainly by our school, not that it should be a super popular place to go.
There was little talk but I could feel Joe's friendly vibe anyway.
"So what's the plan for later?" Mikey asked timidly.

GERARD: "Just leave the door unlocked and I'll get you later with any goods I can muster up,'kay?"
Jay smirked.
Goods? Is Joe the type for drugs or cigarettes? Well, he did have those girls wrapped around him so it's pretty probable.
I put that to the back of my mind and prioritized my hunger for Frank.
We took ages over dinner but once it was over, the 4 of us split to our respective rooms, be it slightly mixed up.
I went to Frank and Mikey's to wait for Joe. Mikey looked nervous, crouched over on the bed as we chatted away, well, the occasional guess at what the hell Joe had planned.
Mikey pushing up his round glasses. A sign I recognised as him being in deep thought or consideration of something. I grinned over at him.
At last, at the quiet time of 11:48 Joe burst through the door.
He noticed how silent everyone was and softly shut, and locked, the door.
"Heeey!" he was clutching cases worth of beer and a good bottle of vodka.

Jesus Christ he ruled in my book now! He handed drink out and started drinking.
I shot a glance and Frank and opened my first with a 'crack'.
It was to be my first binge with these guys and I was to love everything about it.

I drained it in an instant and helped myself to some trusty Smirnoff. I loved how it tingled and burned on the way down, easy to drink though.
Mikey was the last to try any, with his cautious attitude and all.
The drinking soon picked up and instead of becoming scary, it was crazy fun!

About 3/4 of the time, my eyes were on a can of some sort.
When we finally ran out of beer we sat down wherever and talked weird shit.
"No, to really get a girl goin', you have to feel her tits." preached Joe.
"What, like this?" Frank made a grab at me, but completely missed.
"He's a he stupid! Fine, to make out with a girl you need to flatter her like hell! Make it allll up."
"Yeah, but im using Gerrrard as a - derrrmonstration." Frank hiccupped and rolled most his letters.
"Pfffft fine, but Mikey's miss out. Make with Mikey." Joe missed some words carelessly.

Frank crawled over the bed to his target. Joe laughed and watched and I did too.
"Hey, Mikey m'man." Frank sniffed at Mikey's nose, licking the bridge curiously. As if he'd submit to that! No, the get Mikey to submit you have to just breathe lightly on his neck or just shove yuorself into him. Hopeless to that.
Mikey snorted and pushed him but only pushed himself off the bed.

"Fallin!" Mikey moaned, contently smoothing his washboard stomach. Frank returned to me, on a new mission. Mikey looked so stupid, hanging off the bed like that but he was the lazy sort of drunk.
He sat on me looking dizzy.
"Would you fuck me sweetie? Cos I'd do it. To you?" he asked brokenly, shuddering with nerves.
I let him undo my jeans and he laid me down. I wriggled my top off, in no intention to actually go anywhere. My head pounded with the flow of sweet burning wasted-ness and my fingertips tingled in that way I treasure.

He took of his jeans and knelt over me.
"Y-yeah please?" He straddled me and took my hand.

Then he started shoving it in his mouth, swirling his tongue over my fingers. I arched my back at the sudden attack of his mouth and groaned in delight.
"How about it?" he asked again, nipping at my fingertips with his little teeth.
"No, no man." my hand flopped to my side. Frank slid up my body by a fraction.
"Whyyy?" he rolled off, now begging Joe for my answer not noticing the whole change.

With him gone I checked up on Mikey. I hung with my back on the carpet, hanging on with my legs exactly like Mikey was. He was deathly silent now, staring at the ceiling, smiling faintly. He didn't smell as bad as me and still Frank only smelled like his first can. I guessed Mikey had more in hte end than Frank and Joe really had gallons where I had enough to put me in a slo-mo happy pace.
"Hello?" he drolled. He sounded so happy. Mikey had his eyes shut and was clumsily twiddling his thumbs.
I drew near to get a good look at him and nudged him for attention.
I knew I was too close, even though I was drunk.

He turned to face me and while the side of his nose ended up on the tip of mine, his lips just touched mine.
This came as no shock, but it confused me, through all the dizzying headache. How long had it been since he advanced like that? So so long. It was usually me. Not that I'm about to go into anything like that.
I went in for a real kiss, not sure if I wanted one or not. I got one alright.
It hit home I kissed my brother, but slowly. it wasn't the kiss, but the fact it meant nothing because we were wasted. I've kissed him before, at most a peck on the lips and we wer blsuing and saying hundreds of sorry's for that.

At the time it didn't seem anything, right nor wrong. It was just empty, clear moistness inside.
Empty hot breaths on skin that meant nothing.
At the time.
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