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15 Transport to our Paradise

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The trip that started it all in a way. Oh, and we discover a little of Mikey's odd ways.

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Frank came in after feeling sick on 4th period. The only time they got to speak was after the last bell. In fact, it was lucky enough Frank was allowed to get out the house at all, or even felt up to it.

GERARD: As soon I was out the classroom I hugged Frank. "Frankieee! Why were you off?"
"I was sick, duh." he replied casually, tapping his head."You hand in the cash?" He asked. I was so anxious, one more night and then we'd be together. So close and... In a bed and...

"Yup! Oh, and while you were off I made sure we're roomates!" I told him, excited as hell.
"EH?!" I grabbed his wrist and pulled him along because he had stopped walking whoatsoever.
"We had to make a list of names to share a room with and, y'know, everyone else is pairing up!"
I explained happily. Mom wasn't in the parking lot yet, so I kissed him quickly. His reaction was kinda weird. He sorta twitched.

FRANK: Three nights, sharing a room with Gee? Sure I love him and all but he's horny 24/7! Horny and overpowering! It'll be interesting. And with Mike's year coming too: anyone could hear us. But hey, I'll sacrifice some eavesdropping for some lovin'.
...But not more than 3rd base. 3rd isn't sex right? I just know it's far enough.
"Cool or what sugar?" Gerard basically squealed. Very excited.
"Totally. There's your mom. See you 1pm tommorrow." I smiled at him getting onto the other side of the road to walk home.
Thankfully Mom and Dad were out working, apparently they didn' feel like lecturing me again.

GERARD: Tuesday:
The two years gathered in the gym hall and the teachers read out all the rules and regulations and the day and night groups we would travel in. It was a huge operation and we had half of the teacher with us. the rest of the school had constant PE or art because of us.
Frankie sat on my suitcase at the time they read out the names, happily bouncing his foot.

"Miss Henley's group," announced Principal Barker, "Stacey Howard, Fifi Buckley, Jenny Cranes, Joe Chung, Micheal Way, Gerard Way and Frank...Iero. Night rooms, Stacey, Jenny, and Fifi. Joe and Gerard. Micheal and Frank."
I spat out my (then cold) coffee to-go while facing Frank. His head was soaked! Everyone looked at me.
Shit! I thought only I would ask for Frank on the list! Oh yeah, Frank, soaking Frank.

I took him to the back of the crowd for a complementary clean-up on me. I was planning my little telling-off I'd give Mikey, he knew how bad I wanted to be with Frank! He really fuckin' knew!
"I thought you said we were sharing a room." Frank was puzzled and equally pissed off.
"Shut up." I mumbled, "Kneel." Frank did so without thought and I pulled my top over his head.
"Gerard!" he moaned unhappily. Despite the odd person watching, I rubbed Frankie's hair with my top to dry him off., my top lightly stained a creamy coffee shade at the bottom. I'd hate for his lovely hair to be all horrible. not that I could play with it tonight but still..

Frank emerged, hair puffy, but dry. Best of all, he smelt of yummy coffee!
"Thanks, I think." he muttered.

On the bus there Frank and I sat togother, opposite 2 newbies from Mikey's year. He was on the second bus which was a shame (Frank stealer). They looked terrified of us, it could come in handy. They were also avoiding looking at us, probably because we were so giggly. Well, I was.
Uncharacteristicly so.
The only thing I had with me for entertainment was Frank, and he'd have to last me about 8-9 hours. This would be fun. Very much so.
And it was, for the first 5 hours. Then we ran out of ideas. Playing too much 'I spy' with Frank really drained you, even when he was being cute all the time nad kept saying 'tree!' or 'road!'.

I got to thinking about our destination, and the bedrooms. No, hotelrooms. There's a difference.
God I wanted to share with Frankie. It tugged at my heart to see him still pumped up though. He didn't seem half as bothered he was with my brother. I know they're friends but I'm Frank's boyfriend I guess.I just wanted to have him all to myself.Just us two. Instead of Frank and Mikey, just sitting there, doing... Whatever. My thirst for Frank was indeed getting more dire by the minute.

At around 9pm Frankie curled up in his seat and rested his head in my lap. "9pm? You must be tired." I remarked, threading my fingers through his hair dreamily.
In his little nap he moved around quite a bit, and seemed comfy with his face dangerously close to my crotch. I would've been more comfortable if we didn't have to fucking owl-kid staring at us.
I woke him up some time later, but he didn't move. He twisted around and leered up at me teasingly.
"Mmm, Gee, fuck you." he darkly chuckled, obviously still half-asleep. His eyes had that frosted over look.
"Really? Fuck ME?" I tickled his chin in adoration. So so cute.
"Yupp. Haha, you'll never guess what you did in my dream!" Frank laughed and pushed my hands away.
"Some crazy shit huh?" I guessed.
"Yeah, pretty much. I'll tell ya someday!" he winked. Frank sat up again and rested his head on my shoulder, his wamr breath heating me up all over again.

"Hey! Can I nibble you into submission?" Frank asked sweetly after a while, pushing my head to face him. He walked his fingers along my cheek and held back a little giggle or two.
The game I loved but hated. Frank loves to try and make me do something embarassing in public. He just never seemed to care what others saw.
I had barely agreed when he was biting down on my neck, licking in between as his bites got harder. The freaked-out couple opposite froze up at the sight of us.
I just tried to focus on keeping my hands on the seat instead of anywhere else inappropiate. I was really straiing, I wanted to hold him on at some points or push him back.
"Oh, Oh god Frankie stop, I don't wanna hickey." I begged.

FRANK: At last the bus stopped outside a solitary, 2 star hotel at 10:05.
The staff handed out roomkeys and these dinners-in-doggiebag dealies. Me and Mike were room 320 and Gerard was 313. The three of us crammed into the tiny lift. Gee stopped me outside his room, dragging his feet unhappily on the green carpet.
"Bye Frankie." Gerard droned sadly.
"Goodnight Gee. It ain't a big deal you know." I sighed, glancing up the hallway in agitation. I was really nervous, more nervous than Gerard seemed sad about the room arrangements. Mikey's so open and nice but sharing a room...

I caught up with Mikey, he turned the key in the keyhole and the door creaked open. I almost pushed him through the door.
"Where's my bed?" I asked. The room was sparce: 4 shelves on the wall, a small table and chairs, en suite but what dominated the view was the double bed.
"That's your bed, and mine. You're sleeping with me." I wish I saw Mikey's face when he said that. If it was Gerard that would have been a wry little grin.

"Cool." I sat on it. It wasn't too bad really. Neither of us ate the dinner thingy. If it wasn't for the bed I'd of been fine. I was mainly embarassed about it all.
"So, we sleeping now?" Mikey said, slapping the matress in an odd little way.
"Yeah! I'm tired."
"Travelling by bus sucks... Hey, you okay?" Mikey smiled, about to get up.
"Me? Sure." I bluffed and quickly undressed into my boxers. I'm way too easy to fluster!
"Aren't you changing?" I asked, pointing at him, holding my jeans over my body.
"You're tense aren't you?" Mike accused. He stripped down as well, keeping sure eyecontact. "Sit facing the other way, I'll show you something I picked up."
"What?" I questioned the command, droppping my jeans in the process.

"Just sit in front of me." I sat on the bed, shoulders hunched up and wound up with deep hidden stresses. "Yeah and close your eyes maybe? Breathe in real deep." I shivered as he placed his hands on my shoulders.
"What... What're you doing?" I asked shakily, unsure of what to make of this.

"Relax." Mikey then rubbed my shoulders."Is it working?" he asked after a few moments.
"Aaah, yeahs." Why did he have to be the one massaging me? I mean why massage me?

The room-phone rang. I picked it up and signalled to Mikey to keep going with a fast hand.
"Frank?" It was Gerard. Of course.
"What is it Gee?" I groaned blissfully.
"You happy? Got the double bed too?" I let out a sigh.
"Yeah, what's the problem?"
"What's up Frankie?"
"Ungh, Gee... Just thinking of you. Miss you, bye ans see you tommorrow. Need some sleep."
"Huh?" I put back the reciever. He was being silly and clingy anyway. Besides, having teh phone to my ear disrupted Mikey's insane hands. I wondered if erard was blessed in the same way.

"What was that about?" Mikey's thumbs pressed harder on a sweet knot.
"Gerard checking up." I replied, droppping my head.
"Oh right ..... So you feel better now?" he slowed to a stop.
"Way better thanks. Hey, where'd you learn that shit?" I lay down but propped myself up on my elbows.
"Uh, I was just giving it a shot, kinda." I stared at him a while. "Well Gerard taught me ages and ages ago. He's great." I nodded wearily in reply.
"Well, night Mikes." I flicked off the light. Silver moonlight shone in on us in it's place. It was boiling hot so I lay on top of the thin sheets.

"You know, Frank, sometimes you need to forget about him sometimes. Just enough to kick back." Mikey invited, looking at the ceiling. I was begining to catch on to what he was trying to say. Perhaps.
I giggled, "Your brother makes me laugh! Especially when he's angry. He goes crazy for a sec, then blanks out." I admitted. "But I love him. He becomes an animal when he's pissed. But sexy, and he knows it." Mikey made a hum of agreement.
"We should phone him and make him think we're making out like fuck!" Mike suggested.
"What?! Well... If you really want." I picked up the phone and pulled a questioning expression

"It's only a suggestion! I mean... It can't sound fake if we were to phone but -" Mikey muttered.

"Just sound real?" I challenged. "I want real sexy Gerard to turn up." I pretended to dial Gerard's room-number and put it on the pillow between us.
"No! I was kidding!" Mikey grabbed it off me. The reciever made the beeping-ringing noise.
"You kissed me before." I reminded slyly, teasing too far. Pretty mean though, because Mikey pulled a regreting face and put the phone back.

"Practice makes perfect." I taunted him. Mikey shook his head and I laughed. He reached over me to put his glasses away. He couldn't quite reach so I put them on the table for him.

"Were my scars okay?" I asked I asked after silence.
"I think so." He lay beside me, our arms touching.
"Sorry for teasing you and if I'm a bit weird." I appologised.
"It's fine Frank. You're not weird at all.."
"Thanks for everything that night." I added. I gave him a hug - an awkward one 'cos I was on top of him. He pulled me closer before letting go."'Nite." he whispered.
I think it's fair to say nights with Mikey are different to those with Gerard. It went cold in my sleep so I shifted to a heat source, and there I settled.
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