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My Angelic

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Frank is confronted by his parents. Gerard is forgetful.

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FRANK: I was welcomed back by my unhappy parents. Unhappy being a huge understatement.
"Sit." Commanded my father. I took a seat opposite them at the dinner table, keeping a cool expression as best I could.
"We just got a call from Donna Way. Care to explain?" I looked at the floor, hoping it'd open up so i would fall in. I bet Gee would've been there too around that time.

"You are making Gerard and his girlfriend's relationship crumble, by.... By seducing him?" Dad asked - no it was fact to him already. "That's disgraceful! You're both boys for a start!" Dad pounded the table with a strong fist out of anger.

"What?! That's nowhere near true! He isn't dating a girl he -" I stopped myself saying more. If I said Gerard loved me too, my parents would despise us both, forever and he doesn'td eserve that. I would take the bullet for him. I'd pay for them to like him.

"Don't lie, Donna said herself that Gerard has a girlfriend. And they are so close!"
"You need to be responsible, and for gods sake Frank, a boy?!" Mom sighed and hid her face on her hands. I hate it when people shout me down, I just can't stand up to them sometimes.

"But, he's not!" I choked, tears welling up like hell. Dad stood up shaking whereas Mom just frowned at me unhappily
"So, boy, are you forcing yourself on him like a desparate tramp?!"I'm gonna have to say it myself! "You, grow up! Be a man! Men go for girls, leave that boy alone! Beofre I sort you out and separate the two of you!" Dad was crazy. I sunk further into my chair now clenching my fists, desparate to conjure up some courage of somesort.

"Gerard doesn't 'go for girls'." I said simply, so quietly I doub Dad heard. He probably didn't listen in the first place though.

"And what are these?!" Dad slammed the roses onto the table. The card was there too. My throat tightened.
"Sorry, never again, love G xoxo?" Dad quoted. I started to cry uncontrollably.
"Dammit, you letdown! All you do is cry! And get beat up, attacked! Grow a pair boy!" Dad spat at me. I reached for the flowers but only got a handful of petals as he snatched them away. I wished Gerard was standing beside me now. The velvety lump of soft petals slowly dteriorated in my fingers, wearing holes through thier delacate texture.
Anger built up in me though, this would be the day I'd finally stand up for myself.

"I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me dad if you don't even respect me." I stared at the tabl, not daring to meet his gaze of daggers.

"Don't you speak to me like that!" He got up and pointed at me, "I raised you! I spent money on you and had hopes for you! Now it's all down the drain, you're worthless to me now!"

"You never had hopes! You never even noticed me or gave a crap!" I protested, anger taking over me now, desparate toi fight for my cause now I had got going.

Dad appraoched me and slapped me right across my face. He's huge compared to me and it felt like a ton of bricks had been smashed into me. I growled at him, the tears had stopped momentarily and I simply met his eyes, full of hate and disgust.

"Don't you even think of doing that again. You will fucking regret it." I promised, squaring up to him despite my tiny size comapred to him.

"Don't you even give me this shit." Dad glared down, his voice laced with acid an burning rage. "Or you'll be out of my house forever."

I smiled a twisted grin, tears streaming yet again. I had prepared to say this form the start, just something I knew would annoy that control freak.
"Fine. But that won't stop me loving Gerard-fucking-way."

I had enough, I shoved Dad away and ran outside. I knew where Gerard would be, even if he wasn't, it was a good place to retreat to. Of course, my little smile had disappeared completely, replaced by and angered and miserable grimace. I had to be in his arms again...

GERARD: I had some shelter under the cluster of familiar trees. The soft pitter-patter of rain was soothing as I mulled it all over.
Mom phoned Frank's parents but after I managed to pursuade her I'm straight and me and Stacey 'drifted apart' she was cool about it. It wouldn't amke me 'coming out' any easier but it had to be done for the moment. So I snuck out there to consider what to do with it all, how to explain.

I still felt terrible though. I've always had the impression Frank's family might not be as kind about 'shady goings on'. Or that Frank might not be as good at compulsive lying.
I leaned on a small notebook whick I brought for absolutely no reason. Then I heard his angelic and broken voice. Frank?
I turned around, and there he was! I dropped the book to hug him.
He was crying, tears staining his beautiful face, red all over nad only in a tee shirt in the freezing cold.
"Sorry." he sniffled, picking up the notebook. I hugged him tight, he pretty mcuh fell into my arms.
"What happened baby?" I asked, putting my chin on his shoulder, rocking us slowly.
Frank really was in a fucking state.
"Awwh..." I stroked his cheek.
He shook his head and started crying some more. I held him close, desparately wanting to cheer him up.
"Everything'll be fine." I whispered, swaying us gently.

"He fuckin' hates me, my Dad! He stole the damn roses and fucking accused me a-and..." He let out an angry and frustrated huff.
I really loathed people that would make others feel this way. His Dad should just accept him. Not tear him apart like this. I felt bad too, naturally.
I didn't know how long it had been, but finally Frank calmed down.
"You done?" I murmured. Frankie nodded, a smile gracing his blotchy face. He must have cried out all of his pains. And to me as well...

"I'm so stupid - I said I loved you."
"But you do...?" I laughed a little, perhaps from nerves.
"Yeah! Anyways, it's school and that Florida trip soon, so..."
"Crap! I haven't packed or paid yet!!" I spun into panic.
"It's on Tuesday, how did you forget?"

"I dunno!" I shuffled nervously. What if Mom and Dad wouldn't pay for me and Mikey?
"I have to go home!" I blurted out. "You better now?" I checked on him anxiously.
"Yeah I-" I silenced him with a kiss.
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