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A doubt or a thought

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Our favourite couple deicde to go on a real date and Gerard discovers an old friend is back in town.

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GERARD: I had been so close to punching my Frankie! I had the impression that his trust in me was broken down. All because of Mikey too! I must've scared the shit outta Frank. I was so stupid! But, at least he wanted to see me the day after.
As I tidied the living room I was wondering how I could make things up to Frank. Paranoid-edly so.
There is a florist nearby and I do have some money built up from my occasional newsagent job.
I had to figure out what we'd do on Sunday later.

That day I worked on some comic book type sketches. I based a character on Frank. I tried my best and used my best resources at my disposal. Taking care to make his cheesy grin extra cute. I drew another of what we look like kissing in charcoals but I wasn't too sure. We looked kinda lost in each other.
I worked for hours on various sketches and almost missed dinner time! Then I showed Mikey the pictures I had worked on so hard.
"Wow! This one's great!" he tapped the charcoal-kissing one, and examining the textures in the black carbon.
"You think?" I've always respected my brothers opinion about stuff like that.
"So what are we doing tommorrow?" I asked, unable to formulate a plan by myself.
"Mmm, I think you should make 'it' up to Frank to be honest, I won't need to be there."
"Oh, right, thanks man." That was too kind of him!

The next morning I burst into the florists at exactly 12:30 dressed in 'better than casual' clothes. I checked my wallet for cash and the 2 Frankie pictures.
The shop was suprisingly big. It was maroon and the shelves vere black iron. It didn't take me long to find what I wanted. 12 red roses. It'd be about $30, which I could afford.
"Just wait sir." said the clerk, picking up on my extreme impatience. He organised them into a bouquet, wrapped with a white bow. I scribbled onto the small card words I meant with all my hurried heart, "Sorry, never again. Love, G xoxo" then placed it amongst the flowers.
"12 roses plus wrapping... $38 sir." I forked out the cash and fled into the rain with my prize.

I held one of the roses in my hand while I waited at Frankie's front door anxiously. Even if he didn't like flowers he'd get the gesture. I hid the rest of the bocquet behind my back.
Frank opened the door, his Dad just behind. Frank timidly took the first flower, then I brought out the rest.
"G-Gee! Holy shi-!" he was astounded, "For me?"
"Yup, for you Frankie." I beamed. Frank let me inside, holding the bunch proudly. His Dad slinked off. He held them as I went in search of a vase.

"They're...Awesome!" Frank whispered in awe.
"Just like you." I said softly, putting the flowers in the blue and white vase I had picked up. Frank read the card and smiled, eyes smiling too.
"And I'll show you these." From my wallet I produced the black and white picture of us. Frankie looked lost for words, which was so sweet!
"Thanks." he breathed, hugging me. "You're the best." Frank took me to his room where he carefully stored away the picture. His face was red but maybe more than just blushing.

"So, you wanna go do something today?" I asked, playing with his fingers curiously.
He gasped, "We should go on a proper first date!" Frank said, "Go to the movies!"
"Yeah, there's a cinema only 10 minutes away. What d'you want to see?"
"I don't mind." He shrugged.

I had just enough money for the tickets when something weird sprung to mind: "Which of us is the girl?"
"Dunno." Frank giggled, "We don't need one."

The movie we chose was an action-thriller and the place was almost full. Luckily we found a less crowded row nea the back.
"Sure is dark." I muttered. I did the classic, 'move', when you yawn and stretch your arm out behind your date. It was so cheesy but it totally worked.
"Hey I'm not a girl!" Frank chuckled. He moved the armrest to be closer to me. Apart from that I managed to keep my hands off Frankie for a long time!
Until he began stroking my neck that is. He looked up at me with adorable puppy-dog eyes, begging silently.
"Frank, people from class are here." I moaned.

Frank tried to get close enough, but I was pushing him away. "Frank!" I hissed.
"Just one?" he begged.
"Fine." he made it last ages and I muttered "I'm not enjoying this." Although I really was.
"You are!" Frank replied.
"Mmmm, maybe I am." Who could NOT enjoy his sweet soft lips?
Even if I had my eyes open, I still wouldn't of seen people looking at us. And if I did I would have stopped distainfully. I was gleefully boring a hole into Frank's mouth with my tongue.

?: I heard a funny noise from my right, like a moan. A couple were smooching. Some girl with weird hair and the guy who was facing me looked just like Gerard! Man, I hadn't seen him since last October! I'm so happy to be back in NJ, even to the same old house. I had to catch that guys attention, after the movie or thier kiss: whichever was shortest. I didn't watch the two for very long but from the corner of my eye I saw the girl go, leaving Gerard looking happy and starstuck.
I had a proper look at his hair. It was him! I moved down a few seats to greet him, not caring what everyone else on the movie thought.

"Hey man, I'm back from Maine!"
"Ray? Ray! Sweet, lets talk outside." The movie was drawing to a disapointing close so I followed him into the silent hallway outside.
Gerard hadn't changed much in months. He still wore eyemakeup, wore the same clothes and was still into the same music. (wore his Misfits belt) He had lost a few pounds and his black hair was longer, to his shoulder almost.
"Ray, so glad you're back!"
"Me too, we all hated Maine!" I laughed. "Oh, so who's the girlfriend, or is she just a random girl you picked up?" I teased, but interested. I nudged him. Gerard looked worried an anxious.
"....Stacey. Uh hey, when the movies over come to mine. It's real close and -"
"I remember where to go." I butted in.
"Now though, I gotta piss." He's so frank about that stuff. Which, I gotta say, I love him for.

GERARD: I ran into the toilets as Frank was zipping up. He almost fell from the shock. The only guy missing from my old life was Jimmy now....
"One of my closest friends Ray is back, so run to my house and wait in my room pleeeease. I need to introduce you and we're close, but I don't know what he'll think." I felt anxious and worried. It gave me a rush though.
"Anything." he ran out, not washing his hands.
A minute or two later I walked out to see Ray.

"I need to leave now 'cos Stacey's ill but can you get there?" I asked. My excuses are real crap! Most people seem to get them though.
"Yeah, cool, I'll phone my Dad. Catch you up later."

I raced off at full pelt one I was out of his sight. Such desparate measures...? Why not! I was running like a psycho, pushing my way past anyone, dancing across the roads.

I slipped into my room panting then proudly declaring:
"Honey Im ho-" Frankie threw himself into me, topless.
"Suprise!!" he said happily, my head landing on the soft pillow.

meanwhile: Ray's dad had offered to pick him up, so was currently dropping him off at the front door.
"Lucky I have a photographic memory!" he waved Ray off, grinning.

Things were hotting (and feeling) up on the bed now. How was I to know Ray would arrive so quick?! My hands were all over the place but I had decided to plant them firmly on Frank's ass.
Ray paused, hearing the dodgy sounds and entered. Frank's head snapped up and I followed his gaze and nearly choked. I removed my hands from his ass slowly and he removed his off my face. It wasn't meant to happen this way!

I swallowed, "Ray, this is Frank, AKA Stacey." I uttered. "Frank Iero, Ray Toro. Frankie's my..."
"BOYfriend?" Ray finished. He grinned slyly as if he knew all along, which he probably did. He knew vaguely about Jimmy, or had suspicions at least.

"Uh huh, sorry you..." I didn't want to say it.
"Yeah." he pulled a face. "Hi Frank, I'm no competition by the way." He held out a hand and Frank shook it shyly.
"Nice to meet 'fro." Frank giggled chilishly.
"Thanks." Ray nodded and his many curls bounced up and down.
It's been ages since I last heard his slightly high voice. He had told me beofre he left he wanted to grow an afro, and it was coming along well.
"So this is what you wanted to chat about." Ray sussed out.
"Uh, yes, you? Okay with it?"
"There's nothing wrong but... Keep that to night time." Frank snatched up his top and pulled it on, Ray laughed.
Phew. We're still friends.
"So you live round here again?" I asked.

We spent a long time catching up, exchanging anecdotes and shit.
"How's guitar?" I asked.
"Great." Frankie said.
"Pretty good." said Ray modestly.
"Frank, you play guitar?" I asked confused.
"Didn't I tell you?" I shook my head.
"Not meaning to intrude but... How long have you been...Going at each other?" Ray muttered, pointing at us, drawing an invisible line in the air between us.

"A few weeks." Frank grinned at me.
"Oh, so how'd you get together?" Ray continued cautiously.
"Well first I put my arm around him walkiing in the rain so at a carnival I asked 'are you cold?' and... We kissed...." I replied dreamily.
"I saw him looking at me with his hazel eyes and something clicked in the back of my mind." Frank lay his head on my shoulder.
"Cool." Ray said slowly, the cheesy memories obviously failing to penatrate his heart.

RAY: 2.06 pm. I told Frank and Gerard I'd see them around, when I went down the staircase Donald spotted me.
"Ray? How long you been back?"
"A couple days." I shrugged.
"Well, you're always welcome here."
"Thanks. I'm going though. I only came in to say hi to Gerard and his boyfriend. 'Bye." I said cheerily, leaving. Donna overheard.
"Boyfriend...?" The anger turned to suspiicion. Or was it vice versa? Wither way: Frank. He was no doubt who Ray had reffered to.

FRANK: "I better go soon too." I stared out the window.
"Stay pwease?" Gee whined, pulling my arm.
"Gerard!!" called Donna. We both went down to see what was up.
"Frank, you mind going upstairs dear?" I hid at the top of the stairs behind the corner, curious. I kinda nosy that way but I figured it wouldn't be anything monumental.

"Do you know what I heard Ray say?" she said, "'I just saw Gerard and his boyfriend.'" I peeped over to see Gee cringe a little.
"So? He meant that as a joke." Gerard shrugged it off suprisingly well.
"Really? Well apparantly you and Frank were lying on top of each other in the kitchen yesterday." She didn't give timefor Gerard to respond, "What ARE you playing at?! What about Stacey?!" Donna was past loosing it. "He's so much younger too!
"Frank!" I padded back downstairs.
"Could you come back another time?" She asked kindly
"Sure. Bye Gee." I tried to keep it together and smiled sympathetically at him before I left. The door was slammed in my face.
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