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The Other Side to Gerard

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Frank goes a bit too far too soon and Gerard breaks. Only slightly.

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GERARD: "It isn't what...Hey, I was going to fuckin' suprise you by coming back topless so I left it outside Mikey's room!" I couldn't be sure if Frank was telling the truth though. Mikey is one subject I get extremely paranoid on.
"How'd Mikey know and..." I trailed, frowning.
"He must've found it and gu- I told him I was going to suprise you." Frank smiled weakly. His sweetness overcame me anyway. I placed my hands on his hips.

"Well, since it's so early, you could surprise me now." I suggested. I held him to the wall and let him nibble me.
I started to rub us up and down. His black boxers leaving a faint mark on the white wall.
"Woah Gee." he eased me off perhaps uncomfortable at the time."What about some Breakfast?"
"It's 6am!" I was puzzled.
"It's 8 silly!" he tapped his watch.
"It is?" When I tried opening the door it hit Mikey. He had listened in. He got out the way and I held the door for Frankie.
"Promise you told the truth?" I asked sternly.
"Promise, sweetie." I took his hand.
Mikey cringed when we entered the kitchen.

FRANK: We sat at the table still holding hands. Something stupid and fun would lighten the mood?
"What you want guys?" Mikey offered.
"F-Berry." said Gee.
Mikey reached up to the highest cupboard. He was even skinnier than Gerard. Gerard's built was... Well he's got fine long legs compared to his body and he's not falbby, just Mikey is skinnier still. You could see his bumpy spine and ribs poking out slightly.Not in a grotesque way, it looked natural on him. Were were all still in underpants actually. I probably wouldn't need to tell him not to mention last night to Gerard.
Mikey set out milk, bowls, spoons and sat opposite us. I had a fun idea in my mind, mean but hopefully forgiveable. I was in a stupid mood today. I whispered my plan to Gee.

"Mike you look great I gotta admit." I purred.
"Eh?!" I put my hand around his that held the spoon. Mikey was shocked. Gerard did the leg rubbing and I licked the spoon longingly. "You know, nice body."
"Ah, uhm..." I stroked Mikey's hand.
"Too much to handle?" I giggled. Gerard and I moved to sit beside him, closing in on the confused boy.

Frank:It wasn't meant to go as far but I took the lead and sat on Mikey's knees. We were only gonna embarass him a little but I took it too far. Gee gave me the evil 'what the fuck you doing?!' stare.
"Frank, get off!" Mike said uncomfortably. I tickled his chin. This was to wind up Gerard too, only a little.
"Frankie get off him!" Gerard warned.
"No." I giggled, now having my legs on either side of Mikey.
"Get off Frank!" Gerard growled once more.
"Or what?" I replied wrapping my arms around Mikey. Gerard looked angry but I assumed he understood I was only playing.

"Last chance!" Gerard hissed through his teeth at me. I moaned then pretended and pretneded to ignore him though fully intending to jumo into Gerard's lap next to make for it. Before I got up though Gerard flew into me, taking me to the floor yelling. No words made sense, he was out of his mind.
"Get the fuck off! He's mine!!" He slapped me, but lightly, maybe loosing his rage.
He held up a fist before pressing it gently to my chest. I yelped and squirmed in fear at this sudden outburst but stared into his eyes. His breathing was heavy as he knelt above me. But I saw his eyes filled with fear and regret.

"Gerard! Calm down!" I heard Mikey plead. I didn't take my eyes off him.
"Sorry I -" Gee was stopped in mid sentence by noticing a haggard Donald Way enter the kitchen.
"Guys, shut the hell -"
His eyes nearly popped out thier sockets when he saw me and Gerard. We both got up.
"Dad! There was a little disagreement." Mike improvised. Donald nodded, looking at us 3.

Gerard fiddled with a box of cereal "Yeah things got too far." He still looked a little agrivated and Donald left witout a word, uttering and cussing to himself. I backed away from Gerard into a corner.
"Sorry Frank...I, I really am." Gee held out his arms but I was afraid to enter them at first. He could easily overpower me... I hadn't forgotten how easily I had been floored.
"Sorry." I appologised, giving in and hiding in Gerard's arms. There's nothing to do but forgive. He's all I have right now, he really is.

"Frank... I really didn't mean to - I can't control myself, I'm so sorry." He muttered into my ear. It struck me Gerard wasn't exactly average. Literaly taking me to the floor over me tesaing his brother was only a little out of the ordinary. I wasn't scared though if that was the case.

At the end of breakfast I made a suggestion, "Tommorrow; we going to the park?"
"Yeah I'll pick you up." Gerard nodded, sighing.
"Mikey?" I offered.
"Uhm, sure!"

... "I just lost it." Gerard started before I left.
"It's okay, see you tommorrow." I kissed his cheek and promptly left the house.

Note to self: Don't tease Gee using Mikey. He's too strong....
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