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Thier first night [in a bed]... So soon?!

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Frank: Awh yes! I'm staying at Gee's tonight, you COULD call it abducting but, we're both happy about it. More than happy...

He set up a double sofa bed in a great rush. My jaw dropped. We were gonna share a bed!! We sat on it and Gerard put his hand on my knee once more. I almost laughed at his eagerness. Eager for me though... I was close to shaking, having no idea what Gerard expected us to be like in bed after we had only known each other for such a short time.
"Ah Gee." I sighed shuffling up closer to him. I held his face in my hands to kiss him but remembered,
"Fucking waste of space."
"Why were YOU born!?"
"I hate you for the freak you are!"

I drew back for a fraction of a second before closing my lips on his. He was warm and made me feel better and safe.
"We're not sleeping now are we?" I asked - it was only 7:30.
"No. I guess we could watch TV or a movie?"
"Yeah, with Mikey!" I replied happily.
""What?" I queried. Gee shook his head and went upstairs to get Mikey, bedcovers, movie and candy for me.
The Way's have lots of candy...

"What we watching?" Mikey obviously oblivios to my movie tastes. He lounged beside me, I was in the middle of the two.
"It's pretty funny." Gerard remarked, put the video into the player then sat on the other side of me, a crooked grin betraying his smugness
We settled down and Gerard turned off the lamp. Gee had an arm around me and Mikey shuffled into the cushy bed. We were pretty cramped but it wasn't bad, they were really the only people I had been with in school anyway so we were so close, like being adopted into a family so soon.
We were watching another horror and Mikey picked this up from the atmospheric dark, gloomy opening scene.
"G I thought you said this was a funny movie."
Gee chuckled, "It is just watch real closely.....Now."
Mikey peered at the screen when a madman screamed out of nowhere.

The poor guy yelped and cuddled in close to me although I was freaked too.
I calmed down and sucked on my strawberry lollipop, but was Mikey was really freaked out! He was like me when me and Gerard watched the X rated movie at my place. But worse.
Mikey got hold of my arm and to comfort him I stroked him with the back of my hand. At one point he nestled into my neck which I allowed. It's easy to forget that it was Mikey as he was being to cuddly.

"It's fine Mike." I murmured, transfixed on the screen though letting only half of my amusement at his funny display show through. I touched his neck. How could he be that scared....?
I held him closer, his lips perilously close to mine. I looked down, his face tinted blue from the TV light that was battling the shadows. We stared.
What was I doing? Should I be encouraging anthing?
But then, why would it matter, I wasn't interested in him and I doubted he was in me.

MIKEY: My heart was pounding, it shouldn't have been because Frank was holding me in this way, he's with Gerard.
So why is he hugging me?
Nevertheless I snuggled in closer, so much closer.
I looked over to Gerard. He was fixed to the flickering screen as well.
Against my last ounce of better judgement I let Frank tilt my head up to face him. He looked away though, as did I. I turned my head away so I was only looking at the screen.

FRANK: What a wrong selfish moment! I held Mikey still, but more loosely now. After an interrupted love scene Gerard scooched up to me too and I naturally put my free arm around his waist.
It was funny, I felt like a pimp or something with these two guys.
Mike slowly detached himself from me. I took one of Gee's legs and pulled it out to me. He looked at me raising an eyebrow.
I moved to sit between his legs. Gerard picked me up a bit to sit me on the crotch of his jeans.
"Sorry Mikey." I appologised, turning to concentrate on Gerard. I was concious of our hips sort of grinding.

GERARD: I tried to make it a short kiss, I really did. I don't think it was that bad. I stuck Frank's lollipop back into his mouth and turned him around; Mikey had watched us the whole time!

"Im going guys." he said sleepily, waving us off.
"Nite Mikey-boy!" Frank hugged him before he left. He hugged him like a cuddly doll, the way he does to me.
"Is it bedtime now?" I asked getting up. He nodded shly, but made no move to change.
"You can change now." I prompted, trying not to sound perverted.

Frank took of his shirt revealing his body that I only saw really at PE when we changed. When I saw him undo his fly I had a surge of excitement. I held out a hand.
"Frankie what you doing?"
"I was gonna sleep in my underpants?" he replied guiltily.
"Let me help." I said softly, kneeling down. I undid his button while my hands trembled.
"Gee let me do it." he touched my hand. He knelt down too, "No pressure."
Then he tensed up and his caramel eyes widened. "Um, I need my shirt, it's cold anyways." he snatched it up and put it on. I got onto the bed again.

"Won't body temperature help?" I hinted. But Frank didn't respond, only sorta... convulsed for a tiny moment.
"Come onto the bed Frankie!" I whinged. I was nervous but still, I was used to sharing smaller beds. Mikey's bigger as well!
"I'm coming my baby Gee." I grinned at this. Even though I'm older and taller than him he treated me like a child.
"Now what is it?" he took my warm hand.
"Hmm...Cuddles and kisses Frankie!" I giggled.
"Same as me."

FRANK: My baby was not as innocent as he sounded by any means! He likes hip action a lot. If his hands weren't on my hips he'd be rubbing his against mine. Gerard's great at sexualising stuff. I moaned and though I liked this attention, I was still embarassed to be doing such things, especially in only our boxers.

We must've got noisy, as Gerard's father was knocking on the locked door feverantly. Gerard padded towards the door while I pretended to be asleep.
"It's pretty loud down here, what's happening?" I heard Donald ask in his deep voice.
"Nothin', Frank's asleep now." Gerard bleightantly lied.
"Okay but just keep it down." The door shut and the lock was back on before I moved a muscle. I chuckled happily.
"Must we shut up?" I pleaded.
"We better sleep anyhow." Gerard got under the covers beside me. He hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. He held tight and locked our legs together, pushing our erections into each other. I gasped aloud and stared at Gerard's face to see if he had intended it to be like that. I hardly believed it at first, so put a little distance between us.
"It's just natural." Gerard murmured. It felt good but so embarassing.
"I know..."
I laughed, sensing his tension and insecurity, "You know, we don't have to get up to anything dirty Frank. We're only sleeping together again."

GERARD: I was so happy with Frank in my arms. We lay awake for ages it seemed.
"Umh..." Frank struggled. I let go in case I was hurting him.
"Can I go to the bathroom?"
"Yupp, end of the hall upstairs." I rubbed my eyes.

FRANK: I had to check my scars. If I was goinng to make Gerard happy I'd need to know wheather my scars were visible still. I'd need to tell him, to excuse thier ugly presence.
I undid the lock on the door and crept upstairs throwing my shirt off at the top.
I couldn't help noticing Mikey in his bed. He was tossing and turning, barely sleeping. He looked cold too in his underpants and the duvet on the floor.

"Man you could freeze." I whispered mostly to myself, tucking him in out of sympathy. I touched his forehead. Cold as I suspected. Mikey stopped moving beneath me.
I carried on to the seafoam blue bathroom. I examined my white streaks on my back. At least the ones on my front had gone. But what if they never healed...?! On my way out I stubbed my toe.
"Fuck!" I gasped, hopping out into the black hallway. I looked up from my big toe and saw a creepy figure before me.

"Gee...? You okay?" It was Mikey.
He rushed up to me in the darkness and got hold of my arms lightly.
"Sure." Owww my toe!
"Oh, hey. You didn't have to put me to bed Frank." he continued, smiling. Shit! He was awake all the time! I blushed, feeling the hot surge through me. The Way's just have that knack at making me feel embarassed it seemed.

"Oh, it's nothing." I replied dumbly, regreting that in seconds. Mikey laughed. I realised he was topless. "Oh! You're topless." he mumbled in an appologetic way. His eyes were clearly used to the dark.
My mind cast back to why I was there and I hoped Mikey wouldn't find my scars either.
"I...Uhm, bye." I flustered, shuffling around Mikey, squeezing through the gap between him and the wall. His arm dragged across my back when he tried to stop me.
"Wait Frank." he said softly. I sighed unhappily and turned to face the wall. "I um, wanna say... I'm so happy we're friends."
"What?" I asked incredulously, unsure if my ears had decieved me.
"I'm glad... Anyway, goodnight." He pulled me in for a hug, his hands placed on my back.

Mikey felt around the ridges of white on my back, leaning back a little to look me in the eye.
"What are they?" Our bodies were still touching and he lay his chin on my shoulder.
"Uh..." my voice trembled.
"They feel nasty." I teared up at the thought of 'why'.
"Frank, what happened to you?" He took my wrist and led me into his room and switched on the light. I slumped against the door.
"They're cuts." I said simply trying not to cry.
"Wha-? You?" My first tear rolled down my cheek.

A couple more tears followed as I went on.
"In my old school I was attacked" I gulped going into mild hyperventalation. "And I was held to the wall," I gulped air, "And left..." I shook with crying and messed up breathing. I felt my self being pulled up for another hug. Then I sat on Mikey's bed and told him everything. Even how I thought everything is my fault. It felt so easy to tell him. Mikey's a very genuine, trustworthy person. Whoever Gerard was loyal to, he was loyal to as well. I just let the words trip off my tongue, being the first time I admitted to being such a victim.

"That's...Oh Frankie! You've been cut as..." he gave me a big long hug and I calmed down. He was upset by my story.
I had been about 10 minutes or less so reasoned I could tell Gee I was 'having trouble'.
"Mike, thanks so much I have to go." He gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and I left. Kiss, on my cheek. What?! Mikey's weird.

GERARD: "What took you so long?" I pulled Frank in by the waist. "I missed you!"
"I was shitting." he said matter of fact-ly. "Any more baby-Gee requests?" Frank teased lying on the duvet beside me, laying aside his first, blunt comment.
"Sleep in my arms." I said hungrily. We took up that same position we had a little while ago. I listened to his steady breathing, enjoying his scent once more.

Morning 8am...
I opened my eyes and looked down at Frank. He was latched onto my neck painfully. He bit me inbetween kisses over and over.
"Frankie!" I heard his muffled giggle and he kept biting.
"Get off." I pushed him off carefully. I saw the time on the the clock. 6am! (Gerard's clocks are always wrong though) I stuck my face into the pillow, hoping to sleep more.
A few minutes later this happened:

"Frank, let me in." The weight on the matress shifted.
"Mikey." Frank yawned, having opened the door.
"You left your shirt from last night."
"What?!" I half-screamed into my pillow. Frank keeps his shirt on for me but not my little BROTHER?
"How, what?" I slammed the door behind Mikey. I'd deal with him later and confronted Frank.
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