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Dinner date with their first tongue frenzy

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Frank: My scars. I had forgotten about them! I prayed Gerard hadn't seen them...

When I saw him in the morning I snuck in a kiss on the cheek for Gerard before 1st period.
"Mmm thanks!" Gerard giggled happily and was no doubt wary at teh same time incase anybody saw.

For Frank to come in and give me a random kiss - it was gonna be a good day, I could tell. Mark and Eli caught up with us for a minute though.
"Hello Franklin!" Mark said in a geeky voice. Frank bowed his head.
"Just go away guys." I put a hand on Frankie's back as we walked.
"I was talking to Franklin."
"Tell them to piss off!" I whispered, "Go on! It's not like they'd hurt ya." I said frustrated.

"Leave me alone." Frank finally muttered. They did just that and branched off, snickering.
"You gotta fight them." I reminded him.

At lunch we even had to plan our seating plans for later on that night. Yes, we can be that sad and tactical. Oh yeah, we just went there.
"So you sit together and i'll go opposite Frank?" I confirmed.
"Yep." Mikey nodded, confirming our previous ideas. Frank merely stared at us, probably wondering why we were bothering dicussing such a thing.

I felt all hyper as I got into the back of the car with Frank.
"Where we going?" I asked.
"This new Italian. Serves lots of vegetarian stuff Frank!" Donna looked back at him.
"Dad'll meet us there but we're not going till around 5:30."
That made me even more hyper because on Fridays mom is always busy and Mikey already knows about me and Frank...!

The 4 of us split up, Mom: kitchen, Mikey: his room and me and Frank; my room obviously.

"It's been ages." I whined, super-wantingly.
"Since?" Frank sat on my bed.

"This." I got on my bed beside Frank and pushed him back to lie down before kissing him. He pulled me closer with his hands on my neck, licking my lips and nibbling at them. I brushed back his hair and cupped his face in my hands to plant kisses on his face and lips. We're just so close so soon, like we had been like this all along, stealing kisses in the bathrooms and holding hands under tables.
I virtually melted when I heard his sweet little hiccupy giggle.

"You're tickling me again!"
Pushing things on a bit I lay completely on top of him and bit his throat like on the rollercoaster. I kissed below his ear and moved one of my legs between his. I felt him shudder like he was going to moan. Frank snatched my face back and slowly smashed our lips together.
His tongue slipped into my mouth and began the 'fight for domination' that I so enjoy.
It resulted in a make-out frenzy with me pushed to the wall.
I didn't care what was in my hands, as long as it belonged to Frank! We got crazy tangled up. He was all to myself, although he was less experienced than me. Still breathtaking, the fact that he granted such things between us. I mean, that's huge considering how I'm usually such a 'sexually-demanding' person.

Mikey: I only really went into Gerard's room to shut the door but... Him and Frank were going at each other like hell! It was almost mesmorising how they moved from side to... - I shut the door, for everyone's sake. After a steadying breath I took another peek inside. They were still going. I had never seen Gerard like that. His love for me is different from his new love of Frank. I felt a little jealous... Gerard didn't kiss me like that at all, he didn't take as much positive notice in me.
Gerard had found his 1 in a billion love already it seemed. He's so lucky to have someone like Frank, that it wasn't hard to tell if you loved them, or tell them you do.

But I did feel kinda happy for my big brother, he's the best person I've met in my whole life. Even when he hits me and swears at me, I'll always love him. We have an odd realtionship compared to most brothers, only becuase we're so close.

Frank: Gerard is so tasty! Speaking of taste, all the tongue on tongue mouth-fucking made his sliva drip onto my face and yes, into each others mouths of course. He's drooling like...A drool machine? But it didn't bother me, it was a sick pleasure of mine. It just showed how close we were already.
In the crazy scramble we inevitably fell of the bed with a big thud.

"Awh shit!" I complained, being the one on the bottom at the time. Gee swept my messed up hair from my face and sheepisly helped me up. He slung his arms around me and I looked at the tall mirror opposite me. Gerard grinned back at us. Our hair was all tangled and my face looked weirdly shiny in parts from the slober-fest. I saw us as the two star-crossed lovers. We looked happy. I looked so different standing with Gee. He stuck his head in my hair playfully.
"Time for take-two?" He asked expectantly. I shook my head.
"Huh? Really?"
"I feel dizzy because of you!" I explained, trying to steady myself. He appologised and slid his hands onto my hips. "One more kiss?"
But I felt his whole body on mine and his hands and felt more dizzy. I fell backwards and further into Gerard.
"Woah." He eased, stopping us. I sat on the floor wearily.
"It's not just me that made you dizzy, is it?" Gerard sat beside me, speaknig slower as he probably was analysing it all.
"Maybe." I mumbled.
"What is it?" Gerard placed a hand on my knee.
"I cant' sleep well right now, is all." I admitted, though that was only half the problem.

"Right, well we have an hour left so you can take a power nap?" he suggested kindly. I was tempted. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and let my head fall onto Gerard's lap.
"You need the rest." he said. I kept my eyes shut and to my surprise, he lifted me up! I felt him about to put me down again but I held on to his tee shirt. "Don't want to." I clawd at his back in weak protest, desparate to fuffil his needs over my rather stupid ones.
"You do Frankie."
"But......" Gerard put me on his bed and my grip loosened. I automatically curled up on my side.
"Fine, I'll sleep but you'll get bored!" I warned. I could feel myself drifting off.
"I'll get you up soon." he whispered, kissing me to sleep.

Gerard: Poor Frank, why doesn't he sleep well? At least he could catch up now. Plus, he looked adorable lying there. I left him to go see Mikey.
He was reading Hellboy and didn't take his eyes off the page.
"Hey." I began.
"Where's Frank?" he asked.
"Sleeping in my room." there was a pause.
"Okay, why?!"
"Because he's real sleepy!"
"He's sleepy? But, you two were kissing like -"
"Ohh. You saw that?" I smiled vacantly, looking down on Mikey happily.
Mikey just shrugged. He was getting me frustrated.
"What's up?" I noticed his slight bitterness.
"Mmm nothin'" I took his word for it, returning to my room.

Frank was still on my bed, to my sursprise.
"Can I join you?"
"....Mhmm..." I clambered to the free space next to Frank and sat beside him but he got up quickly.
"I can sleep later Gerard."

It wasn't too long before Mom called up that we had to leave. The restaurant was only 5-10 minutes away and looked pretty nice.
Dad was already sitting at a circular table and Mom rushed over to sit next to him. Mikey sat next to her then Frank, and I was at the end. The seating plan seemed irrelevant at a circle table, to me and Mikey's dismay.
Mom and Dad thankfully talked amongst themselves. While we waited for the mains to arrive, I felt Frank's leg brush up and down against mine, just like Mikey would do as a joke so I brushed back. I looked slyly at Frank and both him and Mikey grinned at me. I drained my drink and realised I needed to take a leak.
"'Scuse me." I went off in search of the toilets.

FRANK: It took me a few moments to notice that somebody was still rubbing my leg. I faced Mikey and it stopped immeadiately.
"Mikey, what the hell?" I hissed.
"I felt someone doing it to me so i thought it was you?" he replied innocently. I burst out laughing, regardless of how loud I was.
"When Gerard comes back lets be doing that, he'll freak!" I urged, ecstatic.
Soon enough, Gerard came back, looking satisfied until, of course, he saw me and Mike.

"Mmmm." I went as Gee sat beside me. "Oh yeah..." I made sure it sounded really fake.
"Cut it out!" Gerard snapped. I pretended to ignore him.
"I said..." He put a hand firmly on my right knee. I stopped and met his eyes. Oh shit, what's gonna happen?
A look of excitement crept onto Gerard's face as he moved up my leg, bit by bit. If only his parents weren't there dammit!
I stopped him before I was taken over by want, putting his hand on the table.
What nobody else saw was that me and Mike's feet were still subconciously going on as before.

Gerard: I felt so horny for Frank right then. I needed him alone again, before the feeling faded...
"Mom." I said on the drive home, "Frank's got no parents at home again, can I adopt him?" I nudged him gently.
"Yeah, got no keys." he added. "I'd be allll alone ~"
"Please? I'll put up the bed in the living room!" I begged.
"Well, I suppose he better stay over! But be quiet..."
BINGO!! I knew the meal would have put her in a good mood!
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