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Mystery Girl

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I wrote this one about someone I used to be very close to; it may not be in my normal style, but I still enjoy it.

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This world is an interesting place
We're all raised to live a certain way,
Taught to stay close to home,
So we never know the wonders that await us
Once we break free

Three miles out, you meet a stranger,
Thirty miles out, you meet a friend,
Three hundred miles out, the unknown awaits,
And if you tread softly, you may find,
Three thousand miles out, love blooms

Untangling the thoughts that block my mind
I find that one line leads me down the last path
Buried deep within lies emotions unforseen
Odd to say, but euphoric to feel
Red-faced from three small words

How does it happen?
I ask out loud
Though it never fails
A smile, and kiss of the fingers
I fall to putty in your hands

Who is this mysterious girl
That holds me in my deepest dreams?
Be them dreams, or fantasies?
All I know; the girl who's hand I long to kiss
I love her, and want only this
To meet the girl with the bell on her wrist
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