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Plays with the idea of Good Dream vs Bad Dream.

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When the darkness fills the sky, I saw a light that led the way
The way through the dreams of hellfire and nonstop carnage
To a place where fantasies are born, and dreams are reality

Stigmata covers cheeks in a stinging color
Asymmetrical dots line the road behind
Rainbows and goblins consume my line of sight

To find the good dream in the bad
The light served it purpose
As ocean waves tickle my feet

Fade in, fade out
Tsunami rages against me
Shattered bones fall like shrapnal
Lungs fall victim to asphyxia

Burnt clouds float overhead
Thunder cracks and lightning flares
The boat is engulfed as I fall into the whirlpool.

Clouds below now, weightless sensation
Blistering stars fall from Heaven
Aimed precisely
Prepare to evacuate body

Eyes open upon a tranquil lake
Vicious monster erupts from it's depths
The sky turns ribbed as I'm chewed alive
Prepare to evacuate mind

Gaze longingly upon myself
Heated debate occurs
One turns on himself, the other on himself
Who is allowed to suffer?
The two finally ask, ready for anything
Prepare to evacuate soul

The light once shown bright
To keep the horrible night's curse away
Cynical grins and sadistic words of false sympathy
In one final night's dream I learn
Maybe insomnia is the cure
Good night, sweet light

Darkness has descended upon the skies once more, but that guiding light has left me in the clutches of the night again.
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